Success/Success Mindset


I’ve never been very good at making the right decision from a logical standpoint.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve made stupid or just plain WEIRD – heck, let’s be honest; reckless! – decisions in my business.

What am I talking about, business? In my LIFE!

I always wanted what I wanted and I wanted it regardless of whether it made any SENSE. Once I’d made up my mind there was no turning back – I didn’t care how much it cost or what extra sacrifice had to be made I was going to have things MY way and woe betide anybody moronic enough to try and tell me that maybe I should be more realistic.

I haven’t grown out of this trait, the older I’ve become.

A few years ago, I made the decion that it was time to start flying business class not economy. I didn’t have the money to do that and in fact was still paying off debts relevant to EARLIER choices of going against logic in my biz, but yet I stubbornly refused to back down on the issue and literally started paying for business class flights before paying my tax bills.

I know – HOW IRRESPONSIBLE, right?!

The most recent example of ‘unnecessary spending’ is from a few weeks ago, when I bought my new car. The salesman (!!!!) tried to question if I didn’t want a lower priced model; commenting that the average spend was on around a 70k model. Well honey I’m not average and when I SAID I wanted the 130k CLS and that you should set the paperwork up I wasn’t just talking! Set it the fuck up!

Did I NEED to buy the most expensive option from what I was looking at? Well, since you ask YES because it’s the one I wanted so it wasn’t even ABOUT the price. I mean let’s get real – the main thing is the way it looked not what it DOES (I may be an alpha chick but I still don’t care about what a car DOES: I’m gonna assume it can drive since it’s a Mercedes!) … and the way it LOOKED was like the car I wanted. Price, irrelevant: give me my car.

But also, as far as need? I believe you NEED to follow your gut when it comes to making decisions in business, in life, with money, ANYWHERE. And for me it has been a deliberate CHOICE to step into being a VIP in certain areas of my spending, even though on the surface it makes me appear plain foolish at times. I’ve certainly questioned these choices myself, don’t worry. But I’ve just never seemed to be able to back away once I want something. For a long while I thought this was a BAD trait of mine, but now I look at it and I realise:

I would never have made it to HERE had my approach been to make decisions based on LOGIC or what’s right.

I think in the end, as an entrepreneur, you have to embody the ‘screw it, let’s just do it‘ philosophy, you ARE going to be someone who wants – has always wanted! – things YOUR way, and if you try and avoid these natural leanings of yours then basically what you’re doing is saying success must come from LOGIC and one step at a time.

I can tell you I’ve CERTAINLY not found that to be the case!

It’s not just with money, either.

LOGIC would tell me that it makes no fucking sense to launch multiple offers at once, to literally be selling 5 or 6 new programs at any given time, to launch one thing on top of another on top of another … but yet it’s now not only not a DISADVANTAGE it’s become an actual SELLING point that gets me to where I want to go!

LOGIC would tell me not to email 6 freaking times a day (or basically whenever I feel like it!) … but yet it’s the most effective filter EVER and so people who follow me truly do ADORE me and buy all my stuff …

LOGIC would tell me that my blog posts sure as shit shouldn’t be over 2000 words long, and what’s more DAILY … but yet that’s how I’ve carved out my BRAND by being true to my ART and it’s also where so many of my sales come from!

LOGIC would tell me that I shouldn’t let people just ‘access me’, when I’m at THIS level, by PM and actually respond to them personally … but yet I have the most loyal tribe EVER who buy again and again and again and from day ONE of meeting me, because I actually give a fuck and have a real relationship with them.

LOGIC would have told me not to reach out to Gary freaking Vee for an interview because MAYBE WE WEREN’T AT THAT LEVEL …

LOGIC would have told me not to hire out the $3000 a night Cosmopolitan Penthouse for my event when I could have spent so much less … but yet that environment allowed me to upsell into SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS not to mention expand my overall VISION for the entire fucking year …

LOGIC has told me SO many damn times not to spend that money to go to that event, work with that person, do that thing, take that trip, but yet I’ve ALWAYS just done what I wanted and thank fuck for that because all of THAT stuff carved me into THIS person ….

LOGIC even dares to say that you can’t make money doing what you love and just by being you and that it can’t just be FUN and FLOW and EASY

LOGIC has a lot to say it seems to me, and is kind of a bastard about most of it, and the truth is I just can’t get on board with because when all is said and done SCREW LOGIC I WANT WHAT I WANT AND I WANNA DO IT MY WAY!

I’m just a big kid, really 🙂

But what I really am? Is somebody who choose to BELIEVE in herself.

See here’s the thing:

Not a single dollar –

Which I made from flow and with ease –

Which was also FUN –

And also springboarded me into the NEXT big idea or project –

And allowed me to FULLY show up and just be me –

And formed the foundation of what is now a multiple 6-figure per MONTH business –

Came from me following the rules of logic!

In fact the only times I DID give in and ‘do the right thing’, follow a PROCESS, play by the rules, I either made NO money or else every cent I earned was like pulling blood from a stone. To add insult to injury EVERY time I have tried to follow LOGIC I’ve ended up so damn out of alignment that it becomes an effort to get up in the morning never mind hold my head up all day.

And I don’t know about you but doing things that way JUST DOESN’T SEEM LOGICAL TO ME!!

So let me ask you a question, if you’re currently in a situation where you feel as though you need to listen to REASON about where you spend your money, or your time, or worse still about how you make your decisions:

Does it FEEL good to do that?

Because when all is said and done, here’s what business should be about:

Follow the fucking flow.

If it doesn’t feel good don’t DO it.

Do what you LOVE and INSIST ON MAKING IT WORK as far as the results you want from it.

The only ‘catch’ I’ll add to that is that sometimes following the flow and doing what you LOVE still means suck it up and do the work, bitch! Okay, a lot of times it means that 🙂 … by ‘do what you love’ or ‘if it don’t feel good don’t do it’ I don’t mean SIT ON YOUR ASS CAUSE YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE WORKING.

Think OUTCOME focused. What would feel good to HAVE done, to BE doing, to make your business and LIFE about? What is the RESULT you want to achieve and what is the flow-based but still maybe you resist it way you’re going to go about it?

But for the love of God, if you’re not SURE of the right pathway to take or whether you can SAY that, monetise that, do it THAT WAY or even at all?

If you feel that CALL to invest in something that scares you, to play at a higher level, to act from where you want to BE rather than to REACT to where you think you’re stuck?

Then SERIOUSLY baby, just think about this:

Does it make ANY sense at all to imagine that someone else or some sort of Rulebook of Life DEVELOPED by someone else is going to have a better answer for you about how you should live your life than what YOU do?

Now THAT’S not logical!

But also, this:

If you can’t fucking trust yourself now, when will you ever?

If you can’t make a gut-based FAST decision with the day to day stuff and the SMALL things (and trust me, even spending tens of thousands of dollars is a SMALL thing as far as where you say you want to go!) then how do you EVER expect to be able to play a big game?

You want to be someone who heads their own empire, leaves a BIG mark, makes millions doing what they love and DOES IT ON THEIR TERMS?

You’re gonna have to start doing things on your terms.

Your intuition is the MOST powerful business and wealth creation tool you’ve been granted. And you just don’t get to call yourself a CREATOR if when all is said and done all you’re willing to create is a regurgitated version of somebody else’s idea of success.

It’s time to stop looking OUTSIDE of you for the answers gorgeous, and this is not just about whether or not you should fly first class, buy the better car, invest at a higher level into your business. This is about whether or not you’re going to PLAY YOUR OWN GAME.

When it comes to doing you, unapologetically creating the business and life you were born for, carving out your own PATH, you’re either doing it FULLY, or you’re not doing it at all.

There IS no grey area.

So today, a challenge:

Screw logic.

Screw the rules.


And instead, quite simply:

Listen the fuck within.

And act accordingly.