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Success Mindset


When you want to punch the world in the face, everybody and everything is doing your head in, you don’t understand how people can be so damn GRRRRRR, pause, take a moment, and realise –

This is all on you.

When you want to tear shit up, you’re having a moment within a moment within a mofo MOMENT, and it’s actually BULLSHIT, it’s next level ridiculousness, the whole world should sympathise with you NOW, take a moment, and pause, and remember –

YOU created this.

Every last bit of it.


When you just can’t, you can’t EVEN, the world is comin’ at you so damn hard and you’re almost breathless even at the IDEA of trying to keep up, you’re worried about how much you’re totally NOT going to get done today, it’s just too muchhhhhhhh, take a breath,


Put your irritation and fuck err’body vibes aside.

And ask yourself –


^^ There’s always a reason and there’s also always a way available in which you can connect back in to SOUL, and TRUTH, and YES, and you.


The question is –

Would you want that?

If you knew that being present, and calm, and lit up from that GROUNDED place, and certain certain CERTAIN you are making the exact choices you need to make, every single breath unfolding like a dance dance dance with soul, with God, with life, with you, and no doubt no doubt NO doubt at all but that you are doing what you’re meant to do,

being who you are meant to be,

living as you are meant to live,


would you want that?


is it that you LIKE this push, this particular brand of crazy, this overwhelm, this fucccccccckkkkkkkkk(ery) of how you’re doing business, and money, and life, and you?

is it that you ‘get off’ in some way on being caught up in madness, in frenzy, in being ‘busy’, perhaps even in the ego side of fly fly flying through life, fighting your ASS off to keep up, BUT THEN YOU DO BISH BECAUSE YOU THE MAN BISH AND EVERYBODY SHOULD BOW DOWN TO YOUR SUPERIOR BADASSERY AND HUSTLE FLOW.

You know?

YOU know.

Because here’s the thing:

At ANY moment you can put your hand up. (I like to do this physically, like a stop sign).

And you can say –


Whether it’s a way of life you’ve been playing at for years,

or whether it’s just the way this morning got all up in you like some kind of off its rails drunken rollercoaster that’s tryna catch you with octopus arms and pop you up on it,

either way –

at ANY point in time –

You can just opt out.



I mean, look, what do I know? If it’s working for you, that whole dance OFF the beat of life thing,

(and of course it IS or you would be done with it!)

then by all means.


But if you long for certainty.
For stillness.
For lit up high vibe expansive LET ME DO AS I WILL WITH LIFE.
And for it all to come from a place of KNOWING you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, doing what you’re meant to be doing, creating what you’re meant to create, and so on –

Then pause.
And just DECIDE.

– Decide you get to feel connected
– Decide you always know the next move
Decide you can trust yourself to be in the damn dance with life without EVER having to know a single step in advance because THAT IS HOW GOOD YOU ARE,

at being you.

The most beautiful thing in the world is to freefall into the dance you were born for gorgeous.

The BREATHLESS wonder of not seeing each next move til it’s upon you, and yet always being certain you’ll KNOW it and that it WILL upon you.

The most horrible thing in the world?

Living the entire game trying to dance steps that nobody ever actually had the right to tell you you had to learn.

Least of all,


Remember this.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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