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Success Mindset


If the devils’ greatest trick was to convince the world he doesn’t exist, perhaps his next greatest trick has been to convince YOU that you are not good enough yet.

Could it be?

Is it possible?

(I asked myself, earlier this week)


Truly I felt shaken to the core by this.

“You seem to have this energy of … vigilance. It’s like (in this area, at least) you never actually sleep, or fully rest. You’re vigilant. Thinking you always need to be watching, watching out, worrying, worrying over what else you need to do in order to do it right, and be enough. And the message is … stop that. You just being you is already enough“.

^^ I’m paraphrasing. But that was the gist. The download which was given to me. And it was 100% accurate.

Hilarious, too, because – I would NEVER do this in business.

This conversation was about how I parent. How I hold over myself the idea that there are hoops I have to jump through, to do it right. To ‘achieve’. To be ‘good’. To be enough. And that these hoops, well – firstly I don’t really QUITE know what they are, and secondly – I don’t really feel capable of jumping through them anyway!

It feels exhausting.
A continual low-level, ‘silent killer’, energy leak.

I shook my head in wonder, fully recognising and accepting what I was being called forward on.

It was so damn OBVIOUS. So damn obvious that it was really quite HILARIOUS, as I mentioned above.

See in business, and with money-makin’ (allowing!), I decided long ago that me just being me is enough. It would never OCCUR to me, since years now, to entertain even for a second that the way to go to the next level or to know for certain I am on track is to figure out what else I need to DO, and then make sure I do it damn perfectly.

In business, and with how I make my money, I allow myself to completely trust that me just being me is EVERYTHING.

That when I just be me, and am guided from that place as to what action to take, it is always perfect –

never needs pre-planning or deciding –

and, whether or not it appears to make sense, it always gets me to where I’m meant to be.

If I desire a particular outcome, then I simply decide that outcome,

and then I come back to the ‘now’ and do ONLY what I am guided from within to do.

Sometimes this is many things all at once!
Sometimes it is nothing.

Either way –

I don’t question it.

And I don’t worry about tomorrow’s work today.

I know I am doing exactly right to tune in moment by moment on ‘what is this moment for’?

And that doing it that way is precisely how the path unfolds, reveals itself to me.

It’s also precisely how I’ve made over $15,000,000 online – and counting – in a way that most people would never even dare to dream they could have even 10% the fun and flow of!

Yet here I was –

in an area of my life which matters SO much more to me than business –

making myself never good enough, never there.

And continually putting up new hoops I thought I had to jump through, when I hadn’t even conquered the previous ones!

Maybe we do this WHEN something matters more.
When our deepest fears are that we’re not actually qualified.

I suspect that’s precisely why I USED to do it in business.

And then one day, do you know what happened, and how I got to being the woman I now am, as an entrepreneur??

I woke up, and I just decided to be enough.

Just as I am.

And to act accordingly.

It was like the floor of the whole world shape-shifted beneath me.

Worlds within worlds, which I didn’t even know existed, opened up.

And access was granted – a Red Carpet All Access Pass! – to everything I’d wanted to FEEL, and also to achieve, for so long before that.

My dreams and desires just became … done. Poof! Because I gave myself permission internally to already be the damn person I’d previously thought I had to sweat bullets to one day be.

You know …

Whatever the area is where you MOST wish right now that you could ‘do better’, ‘get your shit together’, ‘be more organised’, ‘be enough’?

That’s the area where you have the most to INSTANTLY gain if you just decide to open your eyes and realise you’re already there.

It’s also where you likely have everything to lose if you don’t.

So –

Wake up.

Your permission slip was printed before you even began.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


I decided, once upon a time, to make $100,000 in a month! I kept on deciding! It took a little time … (far less than I thought, actually, in the end) … but it happened.

Since then I have decided my way up to over 4x that per month.

I have produced this level of income at The Katrina Ruth Show for nearly 5 years now. (6-figure months and eventually, starting 9 months after the first 6-figure month, multiple 6-figure months. Consistently!).

I have also mentored countless badasses in the online (and offline!) space who have, during the time mentoring with me, and / or afterwards, achieved this ‘milestone’ income goal as well.

I am known in the entrepreneur world for flicking the damn switch for the called ones.

One of said called ones asked me a week or two which of my existing courses would be most helpful for understanding the mindset of myself and my clients who have hit and surpassed the 100k per month goal! Understanding the mindset as well as the strategy, or whatever else was part of it.

I said I’ll have a little think about that … and then instantly I thought – “huh! Why do I not have a course on that! That would be a GREAT course!”

Guess what?? I NOW HAVE A COURSE ON THAT! Well .. it opens officially tomorrow! But there’s a sneak attack secret-y sort of thing happening already.

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Time to decide freakin’ bigger baby.

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