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Are you kidding me with how you’re downplaying it?

Are you kidding me with the way you’re making it so SMALL?

Shhhh … quiet down … not like that … BE MEEK!

But meek is a heart posture,
and submission to God,
and in that submission He has given you a voice,
a message to share,
a BOLD spirit,
and one of power,

Guess what a sound mind does?

It gets on with doing the work of the day.

It does not sway or falter.

It is not derailed by false humility, or ideas of what ‘if I were properly righteous, holy, acceptable’ would look like.

It says yes to the mission at hand.


Because the work is not ABOUT the one carrying it out.

And even the bit about carrying it out is not you!

It’s scary to be called.

It’s SO freaking scary sometimes.

It’s scary to know God is leading you to step out, stand up, be a voice in a way many don’t want to hear, may turn their noses up, or will simply think is YOU being too much.

It’s scary to accept the mantle on your life to be THAT kind of vessel for the truth.

It’s scary to think about how on earth it is all gonna be pulled off! Or through! Or done in any kind of way!

Wanna know what’s scarier?

Oh yeah. You guessed it. NOT doing the thing.

“No God. Not today! I’m just gon’ be over here shrinking down in case that was me. Oh, don’t worry. I’ll do a VERSION of what you’ve impressed upon me, in me, GIVEN me. Just, y’know – more safe”.

Every heard of the parable of the talents? The dude with the one talent? Yeah.


Especially when, if you’re honest and realise it is NOT about you, and as my friend pointed out to me recently, YOU IS A PERSON GIFTED WITH MULTIPLE TALENTS.

You’re the guy with 3 my dear. And you BETTER be getting to work on that.

I know.


Sometimes it feels all too much, TIRING, as though you don’t have it in you to even get started. That’s the other issue! Maybe you don’t wanna be this person after all? CAN I CANCEL THE ASSIGNMENT?!



You cannot.

And yes.

You DO wanna be who you are.

Pull your socks up, and GET OVER YOURSELF.

Also –

YOU are not the one in charge of providing the power. Energy. Focus. Knowing. Or provision. So what on earth are you complaining about; what do you want right now?!

No, it’s an honest question –


Oh, that’s right.

You wish it could be this.

You, doing the thing of being the person you came here to be.

Pouring out.





And every day a glorious new dance with God.

So if you feel as though today is a day you don’t WANT it to be today, remember what God says in Hebrews 4:7, LET A CERTAIN DAY CALLED TODAY BE THE DAY ANYWAY.

The day in which you walk forward in FULL faith. Faith which gifts you your eternal salvation. And faith of what TODAY looks like as you run that race.

It’s really not that complicated.

Wake up.

Be who God made you to be.


Now don’t forget – !

Life is Now. Press Play.



I am here for the leader who is the true 1% within the 1% ✔️‍

I am here for the woman of faith who knows what that means for HER. And that what God showed her is REAL.

I am here for the GODLY leader who has always had a vision He gave her.

Has perhaps gone and done the counterfeit thing of building a thing HER way,
and is now fully submitted and surrendered to business | empire | purpose work being HIS, with her as the EARTHLY CEO, and that as such?

There is a thing she needs to do of getting over the bit about worrying expecting | seeing | knowing all that is wrong, because actually?

It’s now just time to do it the way He DESIGNS it to be.

❌❌❌ It’s not wrong to expect (read: KNOW) you are going to be rich as a Christian or a follower of God. Or to walk boldly forward in certainty of ALL you will do.

It IS wrong (and exhausting, pointless, dead work) to try and do these things in your own effort, or not surrender the WHOLE entire way, knowing you do NOT know the fullness of God’s plan at all,

but that is different to deciding the gifts He gave you and who you are is wrong, because maybe you previously did the thing without Him.

I feel SO INSECURE saying some of this stuff. I feel really worried about perceived a certain way by people I respect.

What I have realised though, is that voice of ‘quiet down, be careful, be SMALLER’ is not the voice of God.

I have had to discipline myself to breathe and WAKE UP AND PRESS PLAY AS WHO GOD MADE ME TO BE ANYWAY.

It is NOT easy for me a lot of the time! Like right now! But it is simple.

I am here for the woman of God who knows she was born to make and impact millions, and move at the speed of light in doing so, and in fact that is just the starting point.

That’s the woman I am here for

That’s the woman God-Driven Empire is for.

That’s the woman I want to walk alongside.

There are 2 days left to join me for 8 weeks fully private to DO the thing of building the biz you’re here for. I WILL kick your butt, we WILL be implementing and getting the work done and on yeah we WILL be gettin’ you remembering who you are in God AND BECOMING IT.

Price goes up 50% next intake. DM TO APPLY.


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