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One of the most insidious, most dangerous, most destructive, most ‘there sounds the death-knell of destiny’, most IDIOTIC beliefs you can buy into, is that you can’t really have the ALL of it version of your dreams.

That it would be too much to expect this PLUS this plus also THAT and then that STILL, on top of it!

And that really, oh, no really, yes, yes, really, you mean it, you’d be SO happy to just have ‘this’.

After all, it’d be a huge leap up from where you are now – !

And certainly nothing to turn your nose up at – !

And so, even as in the back of your mind you know what your ideal is, THE fantasy, the full colour vision of your dreams, you gradually align your expectations and your COMMITMENT to a lesser version.

A little less bright.
A little less sparkly.
A few bits and bobs missing.
Couple of elements that are not so savoury, but hey hey – you can’t have it all!

The thing is though –

YOU absolutely CAN have it all, you’ve always known this and at your core you don’t doubt it! Yet, almost without noticing it, the bullshit of your FEAR-mind has somewhere along the way taken over, and bit by bit, day by day, slowly but surely, INSIDIOUSLY, like I mentioned –

You dial back the dream.
You dull the fantasy.
You remove depth, and light, and really, anything necessary from your vision, and as you do so, you continually ask your unconscious mind –

“Is that enough? Have I taken off enough of the bling bling, have I dimmed the dream and my own light adequately yet? IS THE PICTURE NOW ACCEPTABLE FOR YOU?! Am I worthy of THIS lesser version? No? How about this then? This? Okay, no problem, I’ll carve off a little bit more!”

Until eventually, the vision of your one day fantasy, your dream life, PRETTY much neatly matches the exact level at which you long ago contracted with fear to play life at.

And you, the fool, didn’t even notice that rather than dialling UP your expectations and beliefs you were always always just matching ’em back down.

All the while telling yourself a story that “oh, oh, no, I JOURNAL. I write my affirmations out! I continually check in with soul, and higher self. I follow the aligned path, and I create my REALITY baby!”

And the devil, who is always lurking, always seeking to get a foothold, always waiting for an opening, a pause, a little moment of doubt, a reveal of possible weakness, just sits back and LAUGHS UPROARIOUSLY.

So cute, that she actually thinks she’s taking charge here!
So sweet, the way she forcefully posts all over Facebook about what she’s creating!
So FUNNY, that she continues to use wording to imply she’s actually expanding into her truth, when all she is EVER doing is settling back down, down down down, into the lower rung places we agreed upon!

Can I tell you something?

The only way to get to where you are meant to be, to drop into DESTINY, is the same as it has ever been:

Hold the actual motherfucking vision.
Refuse to back down.
Refuse to be swayed.
RUTHLESSLY eliminate everything which does not FULLY support that. Either by keeping your blinders on and just ‘la la la’ ignoring it (the la la la is you singing merrily as you cover your ears and your eyes and your mouth from evil and continue on your own damn path) –

or by actively DELETING it.

Oh, what’s that now? You should at least consider, be open to, think about, weigh up?


Close your damn mind, keep it closed in on your TRUTH, and don’t for a SECOND even consider considering jack shit! Except for the consideration that if you simply refuse to be available for less than ALL of it –

Then that is where you will end up!

Oh, what’s that now? Maybe you’re OKAY with a slightly lesser version, because frankly you’re TIRED and you just wouldn’t mind a bit of a win … you can always next level that shit next month … this will be a great stepping stone … maybe you’ll learn what you need to in order to create the TRUE vision by starting with this one?!


Want to know how to end up with NOTHING, by which I mean, sure, you may well have and be a bunch of shit that other people consider the shit, but YOU go to bed each night dying inside –


The best way to have life hold EVERYTHING from you, to feel as though no matter how far ahead you get you are STILL fucking struggling, drowning, softly DYING, is to shoot for something even ever so slightly less than the all of the ALL that you see inside of you.


Manifestation don’t work on anything other than the actual damn thing sister.

And no matter what your FEAR mind may try to convince you and every other poor person you’re spouting off to about it, your SOUL knows the actual damn thing that it sees, feels, longs for, and the thing about knowing is –

There ain’t no un-knowing.

Which is a little bit of a bitch, to be sure, but hey –

What can you do?

Well, I’ll tell you what you can do! You can continue to shoot for a shadow version, telling yourself it’s enough, and NEVER experiencing freedom or fulfilment no matter how much ‘success’ you reach, because there’s really nothing that tastes as vile as the taste of aligning to the wrong fucking life, no matter how pretty it looks on the outside –

Or you can throw your hands to the heavens, decide to finally SURRENDER, and shout OKAY THEN.


I’m going for the all of the ALL of it.


I’m going to give in to EVERYTHING I see inside of me.


I’m going to stop compromising, settling, sacrificing, believing that I’m not good enough to have MY WHOLE DREAM, telling myself I must be making shit up, that it’s ‘too much’, and I’m going to CLAIM WHAT WAS ALWAYS MINE.

When you do this, and MEAN it, the heavens will open, angels will sing, gold dust will rain down upon you, a hot as fuck man will appear from nowhere with a glass of Grange Hermitage, and your every wish will be granted from here on out!

Well, nah. Actually what will happen is you’ll be in the VOID baby, you will have let go of your ‘fuck, maybe’ life in order to all through the fuck YES you know you get to have, and it will feel like the most incredible thing you’ve ever experienced, except also, absolutely –

The most terrifying.

As though you’re just suspended in time and space, you let go of everything that wasn’t quite right, so where the fuck is your dream life? Nowhere to be seen! MotherFUCKER!

Dream life or bust though baby, isn’t that what it’s about?

What, you REALLY want to be able to get to the end and say you won at the WRONG FUCKING GAME?

I didn’t think so.

You NEVER wanted that.

But at some point you are going to have to be brave enough to act fucking accordingly! And by some point?

I mean now.

Because here’s the thing –

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. This whole time, as you’ve been letting yourself shrink down a little with each internal compromise, slowly chipping off chunks of your own soul as you tell yourself maybe you can’t REALLY, you’ve also known –

You absolutely fucking can.
You absolutely fucking will.
The day will come when you’re finally ready to give in to being all of you, and to accepting NOTHING other than the all that you see inside of you, in all areas.


The thing is though –

It really doesn’t matter what you’ve always known, if you’re not pressing play on it right now. When you get to the Gates of Heaven, it’s not going to mean jack shit that you ‘always knew’. What’s going to matter, and what you will RECEIVE based on, is what did you give your life for?

Guess what?

There’s a gate right in front of you right now. You gonna be who you gotta be to get to walk through, and forsake ALL in your life that doesn’t line up, WILLINGLY enter the void and trust you are taken care of the way it was always meant to be?

Or you gonna continue to try your hand at winning the wrong fucking life?

Have it all.
Or have nothing.

These are your choices.

And, as always –

You already chose


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