For how much longer do you think you’ll continue to resist doing the job of being fully you?

The one who accesses her magic, knows her power, knows where TRUTH comes from and what TRUST feels like, and who creates her life accordingly?

Every day you get up –

You do the thing of trying to do SOMETHING –

To climb the hill, ‘get’ there, feel like you’ve done enough to render yourself good enough, fight fight fighting to play the game of life right so that you can get the points, pass to the next level, gold star in place and keeping up with everybody who seems to be worth keeping up with –

Pushing aside the reality that if none of you are actually spirit fulfilled, on purpose, KNOWING with certainty that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing and being all of you, then hey – at least you’re busy and so surely that counts for something –

Meanwhile ALL the while – and this is why you can’t stop to pause, because you’d have to then acknowledge this – at your core you KNOW that it’s just a terrible case of the blind leading the blind and yet here you go, sure, I’ll take another ticket, I’ll jump on on for another go round the Merry-Go-Round, try try trying to pretend I’m not continually ending up back in the same place, and that actually –

There’s a whole world out there, beyond and beneath the one I’m too scared to step out of.

The world of flow.

The world of SUPER flow.

The world where you are tapped in, dropped in, connected and it WORKS.

When you’re in this place, and you have been there before, even though yes you run from it now you KNOW the place I speak of, and when you’re there –

There is nothing you need to know.
Nothing you need to do.
Not even a sense OF ‘you’ in fact.

There is only being and breathing and dropping further and allowing and receiving and flowing and floating and FEELING, with spirit certainty, that all that matters is this moment right here,

That you’ve caught the beat of life itself,

fallen into sync with spirit,

EVERYTHING is unlocking for you and will only CONTINUE to do so when you come from this place.

But oh, what’s that now, it feels too mystical, too not-tangible, you can’t understand it or explain it properly, there’s no dots to join! WHO TOOK THE DOTS?!

And no no NO, says your fear mind, the one which somewhere along the way you gave AUTHORITY to, decided even IS the real you, no no no no NO this can’t be, this is no good, we can’t have all this … FEELING, and KNOWING, and TRUSTING. Not the trusting, anything but that!

It’s too non-sensical.

Intelligent people don’t operate that way.

I’m too academic for that.

All of which, you DO know on a deeper level, the true level, the spirit level, is pretty much just blah blah blah fear fear fear conditioning conditioning conditioning.

The idea that if something can’t fit neatly and nicely into an excel spreadsheet it can’t be real.


Or work.

The idea that letting go and letting FLOW is irrational,

or just ‘not for you’.

When in actual fact it is the ONLY way you can ever shift from the EXTRAORDINARILY limited success paradigm of ‘doing’ into fully being and receiving, into accessing beyond the scope of what fear would allow you to create.

And it’s also the way where the pathway and STRATEGY you so long for is indeed FOUND, created, revealed, DONE.

But yes,

It’s true that if your desire is to fit in,

to win gold stars like the rest of the human people,

to ‘make sense’ in a world that actually makes zero sense at all because it refuses to acknowledge or admit fully 99%+ of what IS,

then perhaps this way is for you.

It’s the road to stay on if it feels comfortable and appropriate to you to have conversations around having to accept things … around life being hard … around how you just need to fine-tune that last little bit of your strategy and then you’ll REALLY break through … (never mind you already said that with the last bit, the bit before that, the bit before THAT, ad infinitum …) … and if at the end of the day it just feels like you’d rather lean on what they’ve taught you is certainty rather than experience the free-falling of spirit certainty, which, even though it literally opens up EVERYTHING to you is, for sure, a little scary (well, not really, but yeah it feels so at first) and so no –

No thank you.

I don’t want to be labeled crazy.


Too ‘spiritual’.

I’m a proper person, me! I make sure to cut off most of the gifts I’ve been given, because the world does not understand or accept them yet and we can’t have that, we can’t have THAT!

I’d like to do it like the other robo-girls.

I can’t handle not knowing all my moves in advance.

And even if it costs me my LIFE,

And ALLLLLL the money and impact-makin’ actually available to me.

It just feels safer, more proper, more organised, more right.

And so –

Off you go.

Firmly closing behind you the door to flow.




Just one thing, yeah?

You can run from who you really are for your entire life if you like, and maybe you will, but you cannot CHANGE the fact that you are not just flesh and bone and mind. That, spirit truth aside, even SCIENCE tells us that fully 99%+ of knowledge comes from BEYOND the mind!

And that if you are ever to do anything truly great,

Create and unleash what you came here to do,

And BE fully all of you,

You’re going to have to let go of the way they teach life to the masses. The way which is literally DESIGNED to stifle creative genius, and keep people trucking along on an even keel with one another. Not causing trouble. Doing the job of keeping the world tidy, proper, neat.

But no,

No head in the clouds creating something that was never done before

And being someone who was never here before

Unleashing genius

Tapping into newness beyond what the human mind can even begin to comprehend

And allowing through a CONTINUAL overflow of abundance and receiving, financial and otherwise

No no

None of that

You can’t have it both ways, you CHOOSE your reality and how unlimited it is through the paradigm you choose.

And look, you get to choose.

You always did, and you always will.

Just know this, as you choose against spirit and into disability, which is what you do when you decide to operate that way

The things you think this will afford you? Safety, certainty, freedom, and more?

These can only be found within.

ONLY from letting go.

And ONLY from letting flow.

Which is really the awful awful rub, isn’t it?

They told you that by choosing their way you get stability, safety, certainty, and choice.

They lied.

These are the things found only inside of you.

Which is not a place that starts and ends with your mind.

You know this already. Question is, will you ever let yourself know that you know it?