Success Mindset


You know, it doesn’t have to rock you when things don’t go the way you want, when you don’t hear from that guy you’re into, when the program doesn’t sell, when your message falls flat, when you wake up and your hair is all fucked up and just won’t seem to do what it’s told, when you can’t seem to get past 1pm without needing to have a nap or a cry or both, when EVERYONE has their shit so much shinier and more together to you and you’re just wondering at what point they all learned to adult and you somehow missed out.

It doesn’t have to sway you off balance when you don’t get the love –

The validation –

The sale –

The follow –

Or even a single like to perk you up and convince you SOMEONE is listening.

You don’t have to get sad

You don’t have to get mad

You don’t have to feel bad

And I guess what I’m really trying to say is you DON’T have to buy into the idea that these things need to MEAN something.

About who you are.

Or about what you are WORTH.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

We don’t hear from him
Or it doesn’t sell
Or our big idea is met with CRICKETS
Or we think we’re ROCKING our look and then nobody comments
Or we can’t seem to stop dragging our feet and just be ON

And we make it to mean something.
We go into all sorts of sorrow and woe over the fact that, essentially, whether you word it this way or not, THIS MUST MEAN I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

If I was good enough –
If I was pretty enough –
If I was interesting enough –
If I was cool enough –
If my hair look right
If I did it right
If I WAS right


So therefore –

I must not be worthy! I’m all sorts of fucked up, I’ll probably die alone and broke and sad and with TERRIBLE HAIR TOO.

Cue tears and wailing and gnashing of ALL the teeth, heck, you’re probably tearing at your clothes too, and resorting to sackcloth because hey, that’s all your worth after all, isn’t it?

When in actual fact –

In actual fact –

In ACTUAL fucking FACT my dear –

Your worth is not dependant on another person’s reaction to you.

So they didn’t message you, so what?

Not the right person, move on. Be GRATEFUL for the space made!

So the thing didn’t sell, so what?

Sure, I get that, uhhhh … ‘I NEED MONEY KAT’, but how is it possibly gonna help you to get closer to dialling in on what WORKS when you let your CORE, your BALANCE, your YOU-ness be swayed by whether or not your shit worked?


It is not.

We can play this out through every possible scenario and area of your life and facts is facts:

YOU get to choose whether or not you are grounded.


Present and fully in YOU.

Your confidence, your self-belief, your stability, your sense of self-assuredness, your inner peace, your CERTAINTY –

These are all things which come solely within and from YOU.

You have access to them always.

Nobody can take them away.

And nobody can shake or sway you unless you allow yourself to BE shaken or swayed.

The thing is –

When you give yourself the gift of being the sole bearer and determiner of your own homeostasis –

You enable yourself to be present and discerning to the now to know what to DO when these things go ‘wrong’.

You are able to then see that nothing is wrong at all anyhow.

It just is what it is.

And that’s all it is.

From a place of balance, from your CORE, you can then decide:

What is the action if any which I wish to take right now?

What would alignment look like?

What’s my next move?

You will not trigger or fear or scarcity or lack react,

the way that most people ONLY know how to do,

which of course perpetuates more of what they DON’T want!

You will be able to connect in to God and soul and higher self,

and you will be able to ALLOW yourself to be guided in truth,

rather than trigger-happy nonsense.

So really –

What choice do you have here?

What choice to you want to give yourself?!

You can continue to believe that confidence and self-assuredness are built only on a foundation of validation and approval by everyone else, something you have to relentlessly and impossibly fight to grasp hold of only to have it then slip right back away –


Step into the Queen or King energy which allows you to be the sort of unshakeable FORCEFIELD you need to be in order to create your life purposefully, and deal with grace and flow with anything that comes along which is less than ideal.

And just on a side note –

I’d say being the latter is PROBABLY gonna make you a more magnetic and attractive person to those you encounter along the way,

ultimately resulting in you, well, getting everything you want!

In the end, it’s very black and white and it’s VERY simple:

You can place your peace and confidence and self-belief in the hands of others,

and wait eternally to one day be allowed to enjoy your life, and feel worthy,

or you can grant it to yourself now,

and fuck what anybody thinks about any of it.

As with all things the choice is yours –

And you’re already choosing.