Success/Success Mindset


I don’t feel like it today, not really. I’m tired, I’ve gone from Australian time to LA yesterday and now on way to New York gearing up for a big and pretty freakin’ awesome weekend where I’ll be speaking onstage alongside other top women entrepreneurs.

And right now there is (as always!) such an insane fuckton amount of stuff to catch up on, do, follow up with, essentially pull out of my ass at the last minute because that is what we DO as creatives and chaotic entrepreneurs, right?! Leave everything till the last minute, bitch and moan about the pressure, somehow STILL keep ignoring the task list despite being flat out busy doing SOME sort of shit, but secretly know that if we actually were on top of everything and had nothing to do we’d probably pass out dead from the sheer boredom of it all.

Yet RIGHT NOW with the pressure of how much there IS to do, and also the available time to do it (6 hour flight just begun) I really just don’t FEEL like it.

I feel like having a nap.


And then maybe I’ll be inspired and ready to go.

Well, guess what?

The fact that I don’t feel like it is just too bad, and it’s really got nothing to do with anything. What MATTERS, no matter how you feel about it and whether or not you’re inspired is RESULT BASED ACTION.

Nobody said it would be easy …

In fact we definitely know that success is NOT easy, that doing what others won’t in order to live as they can’t means DOING WHAT OTHERS WON’T.

Which means that if you WANT it, you really fucking want the business, the money, the life you dream of and to be able to have it all your way, then no. You don’t get to sit back and close your eyes because you’re tired. And no. You don’t get to WAIT until inspiration comes to you.

You have to keep on showing up every fucking day and you do not GET to take a day off or stop swinging, not until you’re actually where you want to be.

What, you think that’s too harsh and that balance is important?

Well, fine then. Go get a job, take vacation time, or build a business on 3 days a week. Do whatever you have to do for the OUTCOMES YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE.

But if the outcome is that you want to be epically fucking successful, make a TON of money and be seriously wealthy, and get famous for being you then NO DAYS OFF FOR YOU.

That’s what being an entrepreneur IS.

Or at least that’s what you do if you want to make it.

You rest when you literally can’t keep your eyes open anymore and have to bow down to the fact that occasionally a few hours of sleep is necessary. You don’t freaking nap because you want to run and hide and not face into the eyes of the beast and the HUSTLE. You take time off when it’s a planned choice to do something with intent, for yourself or with those who you love, when it’s actually an investment into you not just because you’re not inspired and it’d be easy to tell yourself you deserve a break. And honestly, as far as how much time you do take off each day or week or month or year?

How bad do you want those results?

I’ll bet that 99.99% of people reading this are coddling themselves with a bullshit story about balance when they are NOWHERE near where they want to be and should really be spending 99% OF their time in the game.

And you wonder why you’re not there yet …

I mean honestly! HONESTLY now. Can you really look back and say you did the work this past 12 months, that you went ALL in, that you were consistent, that you showed up as much as you humanly could and then extra besides?

I don’t think so.

So you can keep on striving for BALANCE if you like, you can listen to the fat, broke, depressed world out there and take advice from the norm that you need to slow down, cut yourself some slack, be nice to yourself and honey you need to take a BREAK now and then …

But guess what now?

That fight for balance ain’t gonna end ANYTIME if that’s your approach.

You’ll always be fighting.

And you’ll never be there.

And to add insult to injury you’ll have to continue going to bed each night knowing you didn’t go all in.

Which is precisely what’s going on right now, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be just fucking INCREDIBLE to look back over the past 12 months and feel the pride – the exhausted pride, sure, but honestly the FULFILMENT of knowing you went all in?

I’d rather be burnt out doing what I love and living my PURPOSE then nicely rested with fuck all to show for my life and my talents and calling so deeply buried that even I don’t really know what they are.

Let alone the rest of the world.

But most people, when I talk like this, most so-called ENTREPRENEURS out there these days are just looking for a way to set up a system so they can sit back and watch the money roll in. They’re not only SCARED of doing the work they actively talk down on it, talking against hustling and grinding and saying business shouldn’t be like that.


And don’t be surprised if a year from now, 5 years from now, when I and the others who actually get it and are willing to grind DAILY, are flying around on our private jets and doing PRECISELY what we please but also doing the work we were BORN for and living like we actually know we’re alive, you’re still bitching and moaning that business shouldn’t have to be so tough.


Suck it UP bitch, or just quit wasting your time.

Quit pretending that one day you’re going to live a life that means something to YOU.

And keep on telling yourself that story that it’s okay to not live your purpose because hey –

You got tired.

And it really wasn’t reasonable to keep pushing that hard.

But here is where you give yourself the ability to keep going, to keep pushing, to show up DAILY and keep hitting those balls. To pull out the laptop and get to work while everyone around you sleeps, plays games on their phone, or reads the fucking news. WHILE THEY WAIT TO DIE SO THEY CAN FINALLY GET TO REST FOREVER.

You REMIND yourself of your higher purpose.

HUSTLE is not about pushing for the sake of fucking pushing!

If you look with pity on those who GRIND ALL DAY LONG then firstly let’s just be honest: you’re TRIGGERED by the fact that you don’t have what it takes, that you’re not even willing to properly TRY, but also –

Wake the fuck up:

Those who grind all day long and never stop working are LIVING for something.

People wonder at me all the time why I never stop, why I have to squeeze something into every minute, why don’t I slow down and breathe?

And I just think –

Oh I’m breathing honey. I feel the burn of EXCITEMENT and EMPOWERMENT and actually having a fucking GO in my lungs.

And I look at them and wonder –

When are you going to wake up and live.

I wonder what it must be like, to be so disconnected from your purpose that you actually think a valid use of time is playing games on your phone or Ipad … or watching or talking about current affairs … or getting outraged about what someone said on social media … or worst of all BEING a so-called entrepreneur or creator but yet actually listening to your own bullshit about needing to rest.

I wonder –

How does it feel, to go to bed each night, and know you just watched the clock for another day.

And I feel frustrated and impotent at times at my inability to help the entire fucking world SEE that life is supposed to be about the push! I wish people would understand what it feels like to actually live with INTENT! I wish people would understand that waking up every day and GRINDING is the best fucking feeling in the world and that the so-called respite you get from resting or delaying … I mean FUCK – that doesn’t feel good! That’s not what you were BORN for! That’s not upLIFTING!

You only have to look around at the physical and financial state of pretty much the entire fucking world and EVEN most wantrepreneurs to see that, but even if you wanna get all uppity about it and say oh, there are more important things than money, fame, power, and a hot ass, you only have to look at the EMOTIONAL state of people who live their LIFE by trying to pass it in the most comfortable way.

That’s not living.

And the reason you’re so fucking tired is you’re not – in a very practical sense now – hormonally, neurologically, emotionally or spiritually feeding your body mind soul what it was designed for.

When will you get it?


To create.

To unleash.


So when you wake up –

Or you face into your day –

Or something feels TOUGH –

Or it hasn’t worked out the way you hoped and you’re feeling the pressure of needing to roll up your sleeves and go back into the fray –

And your mind tells you the answer is to retreat, hide, slow down, or breath.

Will you do yourself this one favour?

And just stop for a SECOND, and ask yourself:

What’s my purpose here?

What do I want to live for?

What is the OUTCOME I want to create and do I actually fucking want it bad enough to keep going no matter what?

Because if you don’t want it that bad, then good news: you can save yourself a whole bunch of effort right now. Half-assed, even 75%-assed, fuck even 90%-assed won’t get you there.

All in.

Every day.

No matter what.

Or all the way out.

The secret that truly successful people who have it all KNOW?

Is that there’s no greater feeling than SPENDING every drop of energy, emotion, and grind you can squeeze out of yourself each day. And that actually?

Giving EVERYTHING you’ve got until you fall on the floor completely spent is what gives you everything you ever dreamed of ENERGETICALLY and emotionally, not just the goodies and toys that people who don’t get it and won’t do it console themselves with thinking it’s all about.

It’s time to wake up and realise:

If you want the fame and fortune you dream of but also if you want to live a life of purpose, wake up each day with a mission and go to bed each night fulfilled, and basically actually LOVE YOUR LIFE and experience your ultimate human potential?

You need to screw balance.

Flick the fucking switch.

And do the freakin’ work you came to this earth to do.