Success Mindset


Okay, so I know you guys totally GET the reality that success is not about following a series of steps, right? You know that if you look at someone else’s –

Business fame
Rockin’ launch

– that it’s never going to be about looking at every PRACTICAL action they take and then trying to replicate it, because something working for ONE person doesn’t mean it’s going to work for EVERY person, and even if a particular approach works for a LOT of people still doesn’t make it automatic that YOU will get those results!

We all know people who ‘follow all the rules’ from a practical standpoint, in order to lose weight / make money / build their biz / etc, and yet they still don’t have the results.

In short? Mindset matters and is in fact the HIGHEST level priority in terms of where your efforts to create new results should be focused, regardless of the supposed complexity of achieving said result or of how much ‘work’ it’s supposed to take.

As far as I’m concerned, and I know many of you agree with me, the REAL work is the work from within.

This is why in THIS community we focus FIRST (not exclusively you understand; physical ACTION definitely is still a BIG part of what we do!) on:



Following your path from the heart

Being intuitively guided

Doing the work that MATTERS to you before and sometimes even fully instead of the work you think you SHOULD do

Giving ourselves permission to fully BE ourselves

Actively cultivating a success mindset, treating our internal work like the discipline and daily practice it should be

Focusing on who we need to BE before what we need to DO

And so on.

My favourite sort of stuff to talk about, journal about, think and live and dream and even breathe about!

You too? Cool … probably why we like each other so much!

And make no mistake, if you’re new to this community or to me, this is a‪#‎tribe‬ of women who get. shit. done. We do more before breakfast before most people manage in a week, a month, heck a lifetime if we’re being perfectly honest about it! We move so fast even our shadows can’t keep up, we do WHAT it takes, no MATTER what it takes, for as LONG as it takes UNTIL it takes and then we just. keep. going. We spin the world on it’s head DAILY and then dance on top of it naked for good measure.

We are, in short, superwomen incarnate.

And completely modest about it.

Anyway … where was I?

Okay, so yeah. You and I, we GET that it’s not about the STEPS. We GET that it’s not about following a SYSTEM.

But tell me honestly now:

Somewhere –

In the midst of all –

The alignment searching –

And flow lovin’ –

And journaling –

And figuring out what really makes your SOUL sing, and what your True Work and Art actually IS –

And learning what makes you tick, your community tick, and perhaps even what makes you MONEY –

Have you or have you not created a sort of a SYSTEM for yourself?

Now there’s nothing inherently WRONG with systems, oh God no! I LOVE having my team use various systems to market my work, pitch me to the passes, maintain order and great service and so on!

But living your LIFE by a system?

Well, here’s where it becomes a very fine line to walk:

For ME, the system I want to live by is essentially the one I outlined above. You know, the whole alignment / flow / tap into your natural guidance / cultivate a success mindset / focus on who I want to BE not what I should DO sort of a thang.

So how do I follow that system? Well, over time I’ve found particular activities that really WORK for me.

Journaling. Writing my daily blog. Writing more for my books. Creating loads of cool stuff and launching it in a fairly random manner online. Making selfie YouTube videos. Doing some Periscope streaming. Working out. Spending time in nature. Doing yoga. Reading cool stuff. Learning cool stuff. Eating a certain way. Thinking a certain way. Spending my time on particular activities and not on others.

It’s the path I’ve found by paying ATTENTION to what works from an alignment AND practical result point of view.

And it’s become –

Slowly –

But surely –

EVER so fucking boring.

It’s become a repetitive freaking system! I’m a chick who talks about getting out of the fucking box and living life on your terms, making up your own rules and not being afraid to go WAY against the grain and yet I’ve essentially created my OWN PRETTY LITTLE BOX to hop around in!

To the point where if I don’t JOURNAL or I don’t WRITE a certain WAY or it gets to a particular TIME of day and I haven’t yet done my daily video I start WORRYING.

Worrying that I’m not doing what I SHOULD do.

Worrying that if I don’t do ALL THE STUFF I’ve assigned to myself as ‘my true work’ and my ALIGNED work then, essentially, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

The underlying belief here?

If I do THIS, then I’ll get THAT result. In my case it’s been about if I do my true aligned work, create in a certain way, be a certain type of person, take care of my body, my health, my mind, then I’ll be rich, hot, happy and free. Or you know, I’ll do okay.

And therefore if OH MY GOD I don’t DO that stuff, or I don’t do it in a certain WAY, then I won’t get those results and the entire fucking thing (aka my life, my success) will come CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME!

Have a think about this and how it applies to you.

Do you have certain things, things you do essentially LOVE and that come naturally to you or that you’ve cultivated because you fully BELIEVE in them, that you’ve somehow –

Unwittingly –

Over time –

Turned into your very own pretty little system in a box?

And if you have, are you willing to explore a different way?

I can tell you that ALIGNMENT and FLOW and leading from WITHIN and doing your TRUE WORK doesn’t ACTUALLY work – ever – when you make it about conformity.

And honey even though YOUR brand of conformity might be so freaking different and AWESOME compared with what the rest of the world is doing if you’re jumping through hoops?

You’re jumping through hoops.

You know?

So here is what I’ve found:

You can actually do ALL the stuff that you know works for you.

For me everything I listed above is still my PERFECT FUCKING DAY and the foundation of my perfect fucking LIFE.

But it’s about the place it comes from.

It’s about whether you’re saying, within, ‘if this then that’, vs if you’re being truly LED from within, from alignment.

Like I said … a fine fucking line to walk.

But one that you KNOW when you’re on the right side of, vs not.

So today your challenge is simply my love:



HEAR what you’re listening to.

And step back, once again, into doing you.