Success/Success Mindset


“We have to be careful not to fuck this up…” (initial response from 8-figure marketers on hearing how freaking profitable my business is despite me following hands down NONE of the rules)

I’m going to try and outline for you how I REALLY make my money online, how it is that I have a#KatCult tribe so loyal I damn well KNOW they’d walk through fire for me (CHARGE motherfucker, fuck walking!), how it is my sales ‘process’ delivers daily cash on REPEAT and how in God’s good name I manage to create SO much freaking content.

Yep. It’s a lot to cover, but I love ya and so I’m gonna go ahead and give it ALL to you!

I’ll get into it in just a moment, first let me tell you about the last few days in which I mapped out a 100 mil EMPIRE plan!

I was in the hotseat at Frank Kern’s recent private mastermind. Six high-level entrepreneurs including myself got to spend 2 days with Frank at his house getting into the FINE details of what we each need to do to level the fuck up, ALL the way.

It was my turn for an all-round analysis and PROCESS creatin’ session, basically the pinnacle of everything we’d done on my biz up until that point. Long story short, Frank asked me a simple question and about 20 minutes and 49 tangents later I was still going. Anyway, he’d already tried to get me back on point a few times and I HAD tried, but hey! I had a lot of shit to explain! My business has tangents WITHIN its tangents within its TANGENTS! Figure THAT out!

The thing is, every time I try and explain my business model to someone I come off just sounding kind of DISORGANISED.

It’s kind of embarrassing to be in a room of such high level people and really have NO tangible answer as to what your most effective sales and creation processes are. I decided to just go with BRUTAL HONESTY, ’cause no point trying to hide the truth right?! And the truth is things are pretty MESSY up here in my head, and that certainly mirrors over into my business!

So I gave the only answer I could:

“I just make shit up basically, then throw it at the internet”

Of course my explanation from there was a little … well … convoluted, hence the eventual (and obvious) outcome of the weed. More about that in a sec 🙂

As I talked through the 200+ online products and programs I’ve made and launched these 9 years online, and the fact that my income is now about to consistently crack 300k per month, AND the fact that it really is just me making up what I feel like doing day by day I definitely felt a bit foolish, but at the same time you know what I was thinking?

I’m really not doing so bad for somebody who just does what she feels called to, day by day, day in and day OUT! I mean look – I love a good system and a sales hack as much as the next person, but there’s a pretty cool feeling to be gained from knowing that you DO in fact have the answers already inside of you and that you truly can create whatever you decide!

Clearly I’m not the only one who felt this way, as Andy Jenkins (Webinar Jam founder, who’d popped in to visit and was also presiding over my hotseat, alongside Frank) made the following comment right before the two of them got started with breaking down the best NEXT level strategy for me:

“This is pretty impressive dude. We actually have to be careful not to fuck this up.”

Which basically I took as affirmation that I do in fact have superpowers when it comes to just KNOWING how to connect, grow a cult tribe, build a freaking EMPIRE, and all on my terms.

The truth is that every time I connect with fellow high-level entrepreneurs, and those who are higher up still than me, I walk away feeling somewhat dazed at how much different STUFF they all use!

So many apps and programs and so much software I’ve never HEARD of, and the processes. By God, the processes! Just SO.much.stuff. I honestly don’t know how anyone has time to worry about all of that stuff! I have to admit I always feel a little bit of FOMO, or bright shiny object syndrome, and start worrying about whether I need to add all this stuff IN, as clearly they love it and SWEAR by it!

Especially as they’re generally a mixture of shocked and appalled when they find out that what I run my entire multi-7-figure business off?

Consists of a textedit program, a small handful of Google Drive files for sharing purposes, and project management via emails saved as draft.

I use no apps to manage or track my stuff (aside from social media).

I use no fancy software; just the very basics.

I don’t even KNOW about most of the shit that everybody SWEARS BY and says you CAN’T make it to even 6-figures without, let alone 7 or multi-7!

But here’s the thing:

When I see those shocked and appalled looks, and quite frankly also the LAUGHS, I also see something else:


And maybe even – maybe! – a little WONDER.

“How the hell is that even POSSIBLE?!”, I can hear them thinking.


You want to know what comes to mind for me, even in the midst of feeling the dreaded FOMO of all I might be missing?

“How can you need all that?”

“Business is ultimately just about relationships. Conversation, communication, closing”.

I do things in this really old school way which apparently the entire rest of the internet deems NOT POSSIBLE, because (and this is going to shock a whole bunch of people, so watch out!) there was a time not so long ago when all this stuff didn’t EXIST, and PEOPLE STILL MADE MONEY.


Fact is, I’ve done it this way for 9 years online now, because I started this way and I’ve just kept going. I HAVE added in some stuff along the way (WordPress, Infusionsoft, Leadpages … that’s about it!) when I’ve deemed it helpful, but I’ve definitely deliberately NOT added stuff in just for the sake of it, or because it’s the latest “must have”.

How can all this stuff be “must have” to run a 6-figure online biz (or any online biz) when I myself am running and GROWING, FAST, a multiple 7-figure biz off the back of a GMAIL DRAFT each day?!

It’s NOT must have.
And so I don’t have it!

Now don’t get me wrong – I am definitely NOT against evolution. I don’t want to be the guy still insisting on taking his horse when everybody else is cruising in their new T-Model! But I also don’t see the point in using thing that complicate my life or my team’s, or just add more NOISE.

I just make shit up.
Then throw it at the internet.

What I DO see the point in, is anything that SIMPLIFIES and improves OUTCOMES.

The stuff I use now is as simple as simple can be, and my turnover is growing MONTHLY – I’m on track for a million a month by this time next year!

The advice I got from Frank and Andy the other day was EXCEPTIONALLY on point for me, and what I loved about it is that it created more simplicity. But I also appreciated THEIR acknowledgement of how effective my existing process is, and loved the fact that all of their advice was premised on me KEEPING ON BEING ME and continuing to do more of what WORKS. Just with a big-ass motherfucking engine, basically!

Occasionally when I meet up with other entrepreneurs I do actually check out the stuff they recommend.

Most of the time, I don’t deem it necessary. If I find it annoying or it in any way limits ME BEING ME, I definitely don’t deem it necessary! Fuck you Evernote, Asana, Basecamp, et al! Not to mention nearly ALL the other stuff!

But do you want to know why my stuff really works so well?

***I mean the truth is I DO do a fuckload more than just make shit up, and throw it out there. That’s a good way to sum it all up, I guess! If you dig into it a little more, or if I reflect for you and tell you what I REALLY think works, here is what it’s about:

I know my fucking tribe.
I LOVE my fucking tribe.
I know what is a HELL YES for my fucking tribe.

MAGIC, baby, for real.

And I love me some GROWTH systems as much as the next time, but I’ll tell you something for SURE. I will NEVER take the magic out of my business, and the magic is me being ME, giving myself full permission to do so AND to be the crazy-ass creator all day every day.

I mean all I ever wanted to do, really?

Make shit up.
And share it with the world aka – for now! – throw it at the internet.

And they say you can’t have a business on your terms 🙂

So get ready for BIG, because baby you can HAVE it, and it’s NOT going to be just from STRATEGY. THAT – and knowing your SHIT – is critical, but you know what’s even more NONFUCKINGNEGOTIABLE?

Keep making shit up.
Keep throwing it at the world.
Keep being YOU.