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Grab a coffee bc this is a story and a half.

I’ve always been a believer in PROVISION and being wholly taken care of, aka everything just somehow working out and I don’t need to KNOW about it, if only I just follow what is TRUE.

I would turn my back repeatedly on ways that I SHOULD market or sell …

I would defiantly refuse to WORRY about what would happen if I didn’t work my ass off to try and fix my financial struggles …

and I would just relentlessly do what I saw inside of me as RIGHT to do, even though it made no sense.

This habit, cultivated and practiced, and oh, also by the way there was a covenant I made with God right before the time my business really blew up, resulted in me truly WALTZING my way out of nearly 150k in debt and almost – what felt like – overnight ‘switch flicking’ to a business that made millions of $ per year consistently but meanwhile I was doing NOTHING I was ‘supposed’ to be doing and EVERYTHING I was being SHOWN to do.

I’m amazed and will never stop being amazed at Gods grace and mercy, because I was still living SO much in my own will, selectively choosing what I felt was right or required for my life, I was a Christian who desperately needed a salvation check STAT, but I wasn’t available to know THAT!


God blessed me

brought me increasingly ONLY the right people

poured creative flow through me

and, no doubt, watched in absolute dismay as I then used much of that to NOT walk fully in Him, to wittingly and unwittingly worship false gods – idols in my life I mean, not named gods, I didn’t do THAT and so I thought I thought I thought … it’s okay? LOL. AS IF I DIDN’T KNOW.

Because I used PRINCIPLES that are according to God’s law though, and I also walked in the supernatural and spiritual gifts He has given me … albeit a limited and counterfeit version which is the only way it IS without Him …

it worked.

In other words, I created one of the at-the-time and in-many-ways-still most successful personal brands out there, and I did it without following the rules. My work empowered huge numbers of people, through my 300 or so courses (yes I like to create!), to unapologetically back that they get to be ALL of them.

In purpose in passion in flow in God in identity in truth and in every last bit of business money and life.

Oh how I WISH I woke up sooner to realising though that God is the WHOLE conversation not a part of it!! WATCH HIM RESTORE ME FULLY IN THIS NOW AND THANK YOU AMEN HE ALREADY HAS.

Anyway …

For years I spoke of this as ‘saying yes to soul’. I had it tattooed onto my right-side rib cage in my own handwriting and everything!

“When I say yes to soul, life says yes to me.”

Funny, it never sat right with me even at the time.

I knew something was missing.

Yep yep yep that tattoo is definitely gonna have to get changed hello and sorry GOD.

The truth is, even how I taught it, if you break it down, is more about being SPIRIT-led. I talked about soul, but soul is mind, will, emotions, and God knows you best not be following those most of the time! lol! In fact I have taught MUCHLY on not doing so. So really what I should have been saying is SPIRIT-led.

You have to understand that supernatural principles designed by God and to be used for His glory will work EVEN WITHOUT HIM.

Your gifts aren’t being taken away because you don’t love or follow Jesus.

Your magic is REAL. Yes yes yes you know and see the things you know, and yes yes yes you can deploy these PRINCIPLES to watch life and money step up for you.


But yeah, it works still if you don’t. Until it falls apart. Which you better HOPE is in your earthly lifetime and not only once you leave it. #WakeUpCallAmen

My POINT is …

’cause this here is getting even more random rambly than usual …

I was PROVIDED for financially, my needs always taken care of, everything STRETCHED beyond what could have ever possibly made sense, and then it became INCREASINGLY AND EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANT …

because I figured out principles of ‘follow what is truly in your spirit and ignore everything else even if it makes no sense’.

YES I made a covenant with God, which was to write and speak only what I was meant to no matter what and even if I never made money again, and to do so with the rest of my life.

But I don’t believe that is why my business blew up. It blew up because I deployed true supernatural principles, which many in the New Age / ungodly / ‘spiritual’ world teach. AND THEY WORK.

I believe my COVENANT offered me protection and is also ultimately why I was snapped into full conviction thank you JESUS. Because I had DEDICATED my work and my life to God in this way and God just basically started tugging on that thread, and then I decided – head based – to be convicted.

After which I basically fell through the looking glass so darn fast I’m still spinning and here we are.

This morning I was reading in Deuteronomy –

Chapter 29. Verse 5-6. The Lord speaking to Moses.

“For forty years I led you through the wilderness, yet your clothes and sandals did not wear out. You ate no bread and drank no wine or other alcoholic drink but he provided for you so you would know he is the Lord your God”.


Lately God has been speaking to me in so many different ways to remind me He is my provider. He will ALWAYS provide for me. Specifically He has also sent me reminders that He is providing for me EVEN WHEN I DO NOT ASK!

Matthew 6:26 talks about God providing even for the birds of the air and they don’t do ANY work. They just be birds! God is saying – I’m providing for you just because you are you!

(PS the birds still be birds. They fly, etc. What do YOU gotta do to be you?)

When I read that first verse above, in Deuteronomy, my mind straight away went to all of the years in which money was just always there to meet the TRUE desires of my heart, and then it grew exceedingly, even when it made LITERALLY NO SENSE and I was not doing ANYTHING I was ‘supposed’ to do to make money or business work.

This is why I was so magnetized to teaching on it! As so many are.

But MY GOLLY GOSH GIRLFRIEND. Do you know how much better it is when you let all of this be in GOD, the way He designed it – and you – to be?


the world is beautiful in many ways even if you don’t see God.

But the thing is,

He is seeing YOU, and maybe it’s that reflection that the beauty is in, hmm?

When you become convicted, and you start to let principles which have excited you in your life have life breathed into them through Him, I’m telling you –

you will wonder how you thought the previous was the real thing when now you have suddenly seen it brought to life and jumping off the page.

And how you never saw that before.

I don’t know what you got out of this message, but I hope it wasn’t just the reality that (EARTHLY!!) provision can be yours when you follow your truth.

Imagine today was the day,

you just woke up.


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