When your method of marketing yourself or your business goes against the desires and natural leanings of your soul, is not aligned to the truest frequency of YOU, you won’t be able to go all in no matter how hard you try.

Maybe some people out there (no maybe about it!) are capable of building businesses and lives which actively undermine the very core of who they are and what they believe, but you and I?

Not so much.

Fundamentally, we just don’t have it in us to not BE us.

This is why we seem to ‘always’ end up tearing shit down … failing to follow through … walking away … breaking our commitments … and a host of other things we berate ourselves for.

When in actual fact we should be CELEBRATING ourselves for the fact that in the end, the one thing we followed through on was being true to ourselves!

Of course on the eventual quest to realising we ALWAYS ALREADY KNEW, and to finally giving in to TRUST, we do tend to deviate here there and everywhere, thinking we ‘have to’ in order to get to where we want to go; where we should be.

We build structures, follow plans, implement or begin to implement truly great strategies, developed or honed by truly great people, only to inevitably give every BIT of it the middle finger as we finally succumb back to what’s INSIDE.

Even though it makes no sense.
Even though it seems counter-productive, or like sabotage.
Even though every last bit of our fear mind is screaming that we are fucking shit royally up this time, but truly!

What we’re really talking about with all of this is failure to be REAL.

Doing business, life, money, even breath itself, from a place of NOT BEING REAL.

Telling ourselves that those things which contract us, make us feel less of who we really are, are required.

Just how it is.

How it’s always been.

How THEY have proven it to be!

Refusing to play with the edges of possibility, when we damn straight know that possible is what we CHOOSE, and refuse to say no to.

And what would real be, hmm?


REAL would be that every breath you take, every move you make, comes from the deepest thrum of your OWN truth.




When God created the world, He didn’t then turn around and ‘see that it was okay’. Or ‘see that it was bearable’. Or ‘see that it was just how things had to be’.

He saw that it was GOOD.

GOOD. Think about this word. Chew it over, turn it around in your mouth, masticate on it. Let it become juicy and messy and fibrous.

GOOD is such a simple word, but it is also such a relaxing word.

It is true.
It is right.
It is whole.
It is REAL.

We downplay this word because there are so many more exciting words we could throw around, but GOOD is actually complete in and of itself.

When you look at what you’ve created … what you are working on … what you are pushing at … what you are giving your life for …

does it feel GOOD?

Does it deeply relax you to your core? Does it cause your shoulders to drop and your mouth to turn up and your heart to lift because it is TRUE, it is RIGHT, it is WHOLE, it is REAL, it is so GOOD?


is it okay?
Is it bearable?
Is it just how it is?
Is it just what you committed to, what you said you would do, and what you should?

If you were being completely real,

every last bit of you set free and none of it taken away,

then who would you be,

and how?

Maybe it’s not something to answer in a heartbeat.

Or maybe you already fully know.

But I’ll tell you this –

nothing will work no matter how hard you ‘work it’, until you are being fully real.

Follow that like the treasure only it can be.