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If you want to become the millionaire you who you know you can be and believe you are meant to be, there’s nothing for it except to shed the identity you’re walking around with now.

This is not about losing a part of you, and it’s not about having to fake who you are in order to be successful.

So many people delay their aligned and divined next level success because they are all up in a story that they ‘shouldn’t have to’ do this and that and the other thing. They convince themselves that it’s ‘not really them’, that it’s going against their nature to have to act like this, stop acting like that, change even the way they think, and that surely they should be able to do it by ‘just being me?!’.

Well yeah –

That’s exactly what I teach, how to go beyond the only natural world and conditioned 2D / 3D bullshit, remember who you always were, and THEN BECOME IT. Money, body, business, love, lifestyle, all of it!

So hell YEAH you get to ‘just be you’, ‘do it on your terms’, ‘fuck the rules and the games they tell you to play’, of course you do!

But –

Just a thought mind you – !

What if the actual real you is not the same thing as the one you’re currently hawking out to the world?

You’re so damn committed to what you THINK is your identity, that you can’t even see that this girl is what FEAR created!

Fear taught you that you had to hold back like this –

Hide yourself like that –

Protect –

Filter –

Be careful –

Look before leaping –

And show up just so.

If you go deeper than that, if you take perhaps just a little moment right now to step outside of it, and to look way into the CORE of you, is it actually true that who you think is the real you IS?

Notice that when I spoke about what I teach, I mentioned becoming everything and all that you always were in order to automatically have the money, the body, the business, the love, the lifestyle, the all of it that was always divined and aligned for you, AND –

I mentioned going beyond the only natural world and conditioned 2D / 3D bullshit to do that!

Well, isn’t it possible that BECOMING WHAT YOU ALWAYS WERE means changing your current identity, the identity you are PURPORTING to be?!

If we’re gonna talk about remembering who you always were –

And becoming it –

Then surely we have to admit that your current ways of thinking, ways of acting, ways even perhaps of breathing and holding yourself simply CANNOT be your true ones, because if they were then that would mean that your current RESULTS are your truest and bestest and ‘most divined’ ones!

And I just don’t know if I’m willing to accept that for you, are YOU?

You can’t have it both ways sister! You can’t simultaneously walk around shrieking that you were born for so much more, and that you believe you’re meant to be a millionaire who looks like this is loved like that does business like this does life like that, whilst also saying that you get to keep being who you are now!

You have to go beyond that, and drop in to what the ‘you as millionaire badass who is living her dream life’ ACTUALLY looks like, and then?

You gotta face the fear, look into the damn void, and do it anyway!!

Which means?

Shit is going to have to get shred like a motherfucker.

Delete identity. Start again. Set that program back to BASICS. Back to what you actually knew and who you would have been in EVERY sense had you not have allowed fear to crawl all over you for so many damn years like some kind of a nasty rash.

Look –

There were reasons, and may even right now be reasons, why you NEEDED the fear. That’s the thing – it’s not about feeling bad about yourself or that you were in some way weak or something like that, to allow yourself to be led by the devil in that way.

It’s about that you were and are human, and we learn how to side-step, protect, and do our best to move forward and get what we want in lots of different ways. For EVERY person, this includes at some point allowing fear to take the reigns. What is meant to happen though, is that we learn from and through this, and ultimately it strengthens our connectedness to soul and God and to who we always were. By going AWAY from our truest self we eventually learn how to get back there, but this time having seen and experienced the big bad world outside of us, so to speak, and now really understanding WHY we must back ourselves so fully, and so unapologetically!

I’ve often said that I’m so grateful for the times when I’ve invested huge sums of money, or huge chunks of my energy, my emotion, my self, my LIFE, into things that ultimately were not for me. I am grateful because it was a FABULOUS INVESTMENT IN REMEMBERING TO BE ME.

But at some point –


You ARE going to have to give in to being you!

And you’re going to have to realise that part of that is recognising and accepting that you, the millionaire, or you, the badass babe who lives her dream life in any or all areas, would be EMBODIED in a way which is different to the you which fear has had a hefty hand in creating.

In order to become a millionaire I had to notice my broke ass behaviours, thought patterns, and also actions, and I had to ruthlessly delete delete delete, whilst at the same time relentlessly add add adding new thought patterns, behaviours, energies, emotions.

Now, it is NORMAl for me to be a multi-millionaire, and so I embody that. I AM that. It is evident and clear and you know I’m not talking about my possessions. I’m talking about my energy, my mindset, my attitude towards certain things, what I expect and see as ‘normal’ in terms of my own behaviours as well as in terms of how others treat me.

I expect life to treat me as a wealthy and soul-led woman, because I am, and I am because I chose to embody that even when it felt UNNATURAL and like I wasn’t being the real me!

Now, day to day, I often notice little things people say, or choices they make with their money, and it makes me want to screw my nose up in disgust. Scarcity thinking and a lack mindset has a bad smell to me, and I naturally pull away from it. I also find it genuinely bizarre that people don’t realise how what they are saying or thinking or doing is literally RECREATING LACK AND MONEY STRUGGLE IN THEIR LIVES! It blows my mind. But then I remind myself that I had to train this stuff in.

I GOT to train this stuff in.

It didn’t happen overnight. But then again, maybe it did. Because one day I was broke as fuck and well over 100k in debt, and what feels like just a day or so later, here I am, a multi-millionaire woman who does business and life only by soul, only on her terms, and only by being her.

The thing with ‘just being you’ though, is that it’s not going to work for you until you drop the damn stories and the tough ‘this is who I am’ front –

And return to the you who you were actually made to be.

Can’t very well become the millionaire you without embodying being the millionaire you, can you now?



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