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Listening to lies is optional, believing you can’t do it a choice, buying in to an idea that you don’t know how or your brain is just foggy right now, or there’s some valid reason to be mad or sad and just not … it’s all a choice.

It’s all up to you.

And it’s also all ON you, if you decide to be that person.

I’m not being harsh and I’m not NOT considering the realities of life at times RIGHTLY pulling us off path or into attending to something we didn’t plan for.

But the flat out reality is that 99% of the time when you’re not doing the thing?

You’re just not doing the thing. You’re just giving IN to laziness, or lack of discipline, or even lack of know-how. How the heck do you expect to know what a future step is on a path you refuse to embark upon? Answer me THAT!

And here’s what else:

Listening to lies … that you can’t, shouldn’t, don’t feel like it, that would be too bold, whatever … is not only a choice, it’s also a way of life.

Right now, whether you have a million $ a minute business or it’s gonna be a slow milly over your lifetime at this rate, the WAY you’re doing business is either all in on what is IN you,

or it’s not.

The question is …

Are YOU?

Are YOU all in on what is in you? Or – nah. ‘Thought about it! Seemed like a lotta work and effort! So no thanks, Imma be over here submitting to LIES LIES LIES about who I am NOT meant to be and making it who I AM’.

What’s even worse here is that the biggest lie of all is that it’s a lot of work to be just YOU, but ALL of you. The one you’ve not even fully MET yet because you refuse to just surrender to the fact that I’M GOING TO BE HER ALL OF HER THE WHOLE KIT AND KABOODLE AND SUPERNATURAL FLOW OF HER COME WHAT MAYYYYYYY!

It just starts taking OVER YOU! ‘It’ being – your unleashed spirit creating business-ing be-ing the way it was meant to!

It is a LIE that you don’t know how.

It is a LIE you need to conform to ANYTHING about how business or life ‘should’ be’.

It is a LIE you’re not clear, focused, don’t have the motivation, the energy, the pizzazz, whatever!

Yes it may be a current PASSING ENERGY STATE that you’re not tapped in and flying high on the vibe of being ALL of you.

That does not make it REALITY!


Reality is what’s in your SPIRIT


Do you feel me? I KNOW you freakin’ feel me because I KNOW you! I KNOW you know it’s not meant to be this painfully SLOW ‘makes you wanna poke your own eyeballs out with forks’ sort of situation!! I KNOW you know it’s meant to be supernatural FLOW, and you’ve just not been giving yourself FULL UNFILTERED AND UNFETTERED PERMISSION for that!

And so, well, just –

what if you now did?

That’s all.


Life is Now. Press Play.



BIG big big deep breathe and o-m-WHATTTTTTT –




I’ve been letting this one brew up for agggggesssss gorgeous! Whooo mama it’s been tough to keep in, and I’ve wanted to just excitedly chuck it out so many times but KNEW –

there is a time and a season when it IS time, and this is not yet it!

But now –

This is it! This is it! This is itttttttt!

Just two things I will tell you right now:

1) The Identity Switch is my SIGNATURE WORK. Considering I’ve successfully launched over 300 offers in my nearly 2 decades only … and NOT successfully launched plenty more …

that is saying something.

This is the body of work which first came through me in 2022 which reflects just … everything. That I’d learned about success. Alignment. IDENTITY. And truly allowing what is FOR you to show up SUCH THAT IT CAN’T NOT.

My OG Identity Switchers and those who joined since the initial launch have just been astounded. Blown away. And so so grateful for this work. As am I.

I knew that this is the work I will run forever as soon as I created it. And that EVERYBODY in my space needs it.

2) What I thought I knew about success, alignment, identity, money, wealth, flow last year was …

not the whole story. In fact – a counterfeit. Shadow. Or, to be kinder to me I guess – simply the level I’d looked to at the time.

This year my whole life has changed. Everything I thought I knew has gone .. infinity X and beyond. My discernment and ability to teach and share supernatural truth? BLOWN TO AND THROUGH AND FROM THE HEAVENS. Quite literally. And tbh … I was already an excellent teacher on this.

Everything I taught and lived worked.

And now? WE JUST WENT ACTUALLY ALL IN THOUGH. Although in God … in the spirit realm … in the supernatural –

there is no end.

Let’s come find it together over the deepest dive and ALL NEW SIGNATURE FLOW TOGETHER –

The Identity Switch 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Who You Were Always Meant to Be, and Creating the Business, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Lifestyle and YOU Results You’ve Been Waiting For, Now!

$1000 off launch sale on now.


Don’t miss today’s livestream on freaking flowwwwww … it is must watch!

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