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62 Things I Learned From an 8-Figure Entrepreneur

62 Things I Learned From an 8-Figure-1

Have you ever wished you could just suck up the mind of somebody who is doing exactly what YOU most want to do and truly pressing play in a way that just takes your breath away?

For me my ultimate dream and goal has long been to be able to make big money and an even bigger difference through my words. Writing? It’s kind of my thing. But writing (and speaking) are just my tools of the trade – what really gets me going is sharing my message.

You see, I believe that you really CAN have it all, and create a business and life completely on your terms, but that if you want it all? Then honey you gotta go on out and TAKE it all. This means- recognise that life is now and press the frick play! Even when or ESPECIALLY when you don’t know how / can’t afford to / don’t have time / your spouse thinks you’re certifiable and so on.

And in now coming up to 8 years online I can safely say –

So long as you DO keep on taking action, no matter how imperfect it may be, and you keep your dreams top of mind, you sure as heck WILL get there.

I believe that as firmly as I believe the sky is blue, and to be honest I’m so certain of my RIGHT to live my life on my terms that if I had to keep on figuring it all out FOREVER myself and knew that everything would take 100x as long as I expect it to, I’d still keep on keeping on.

That being said? Sometimes it sure doesn’t hurt to have an influx of wisdom and inspiration from someone who has been where you want to go, fought the same battles you’re going to fight, and can share with you the gold that will ultimately save you time and money and CATAPULT you there.

My recent 4-day VIP experience with Brendon Burchard in Santa Clara was just such a time.

And here is what I learned …

1. What is moving the needle for you? MEASURE and focus on the things that matter. These are: reach, and revenue.

2. The 3 things you need to consider to get to the top and stand out: articulation, consistency, excellence – ask yourself which level of each you have. Commonsense is not always common practice!

3. Create 5 blockbusters. Stop. Optimise.

4. Connect back to your higher purpose: what are the questions you will ask yourself at the end of your life? Live accordingly.

5. 10X meaning: beyond money, what is the next level of meaning for you? THIS will take you to the next level. The meaning is what will keep you up at night, NOT the money.

6. How to 10X your message: it has to feel alive. It has to be fiery. There has to be EMOTION in it. How can you tap back into the energy you had when you first got into it?

7. The best thing you can do to 10X is to get your life right.

8. Solving problems has become a commodity; it’s not enough. If Google already has the answer then what can YOU offer? – the iPhone didn’t solve a problem, it introduced a new aspiration to us. What is YOUR aspirational message?

9. Note: if you’re fatigued in your industry it’s because you’re solving problems not creating aspirations.

10. 10X your methodology: how well does your audience actually know and care about you? Share your stories, your struggles, your strengths – often. Express humanity. Be raw, and real.

11. When it comes to success, and what you’ve achieved, show your gratitude not your arrogance.

12. Who you BE and what you COMMUNICATE will dwarf every marketing campaign you could ever do.

13. Customers must be taken through an onboarding process, not just ‘thrown in’.

14. The Secrets to Success are – Humor – have fun and be okay with criticism in your business. Have a good model that works FOR you. Be different – what’s your point of distinction?

15. She who dominates their niche is she who has the most strategic content.

16. It’s easier to blame fear then yourself. Fear is NOT the #1 problem, sustained motivation is the #1 problem.

17. The moment you become great is the moment that ease and comfort are overcome by the desire to communicate and contribute, combining creative expression and challenge.

18. Motivation is when you turn your fears into choices based on your aspirations.

19. Motivation is – sparked by something (ambition and expectancy) – sustained by something (attention and effort) – amplified by something (attitude and environment)

20. Ambition is not a dirty word! It’s okay to want more!

21. Expectancy is the internal belief and faith that we can activate a desire – if you can’t see it in your mind you won’t even begin!

22. Ask: is this an INTEREST for me or is it a MISSION for me? Only the latter should matter.

23. Focus on the struggle. It is not EASY, but it is worth it. Honour the struggle.

24. Remember: people need to know that what you teach them will stick.

25. Ask: what would make me love it more?

26. 3 phrases men should know 🙂 Tell me more Sorry honey. that’s so hard Honey, I’ve got your back. I’m with you.

27. 3 phrases women should know 🙂 You’re so smart.. Honey, I need your help; you’re so smart. Do you want sex?

28. When you knock on the door of opportunity, do not be surprised if it’s work that answers.

29. Entitlement is the opposite of responsibility.

30.Develop frameworks for what you teach. Ask – what is it about me that makes me an exceptional person that people would want to follow?

31. You’ve been through enough. It’s your time.

32. The thing that’s stopping you from going to the next level is that you’re obsessing about it because you’re good at it and it’s easy – get over yourself.

33. It’s not ego to know your strengths.

34. Know why you’re exceptional and be able to articulate it.

35. Know the power of the reveal – and use it.

36. When considering products – What level of people do you want to work with? What do you want to change? What would you have to build? Who would you have to be? What would you have to create? What do you want YOUR lifestyle to be about? Ask people what they’d need to know. And reverse engineer the above.

37. It’s not about what you COULD create, it’s about what you SHOULD create.

38. Protect your lifestyle.

39. Simplify everything.

40. Never build yourself a job without testing the waters.

41. Check your emotion about your business – anything you slather with hate cannot grow.

42. If there is a skill that is critical to the development of your business to the next stage then get over your fear and learn it. You should not be outsourcing stuff you can’t understand and manage!

43. Any dream that lives in someday never sees the sunlight.

44. The ultimate skill is becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable: what’s your gateway to a million dollar business?

45. 5 Rules For Life Have vision for your life Believe in your ability to figure things out Have fun achieving your dreams no matter what Be patient but always persistent Respect and love other people also playing this game of life

46. If you don’t get excited about your message and philosophies, slow the f&*k down and go figure out who you are again.

47. (These next few are from Jeff Walker who popped up mid-3-million-dollar launch to share a few nuggets – We all get sick of our marketing before our market does.

48. People will come for your content and they’ll stay for the connection.

49. It’s not about being perfect with your messaging, it’s about sharing from the heart.

50. When you’re tired, and the tech stuff makes you want to scream, or you’re about to create a message. stop first and reconnect to your higher purpose.

51. (Back to Brendon) The time to have the map is before you enter the woods: know where you’re going.

52. Just because people complain does not mean you need to comply.

53. Challenge! What can you automate right now?

54. To extend beyond your capabilities you need to CELEBRATE: Stretch Growth Fatigue Overwhelm Uncertainty Struggle

55. If you don’t challenge people, you won’t have influence with them. Without challenge they won’t move into aspiration, growth, or lifelong fan status. Challenge character, growth, excellence.

56. To stand out and drive people to action, focus on the potential of people not on their fears and problems.

57. On clients expressing their fears: “I hear you. Shut the f&*k up, Let’s go”

58. Focusing on limiting beliefs as a coach will limit YOU and your growth because you believe in and focus on limiting beliefs! Believe in the STRENGTH of humans.

59. Don’t be another problem maniac: if your brand is challenged stop limiting and start challenging! It’s the difference between saying stuff like ‘you have a problem with focus’ vs ‘grant me the strength to focus’.

60. The next level is always consistency and momentum.

61. There’s no traffic after the extra mile.

62. That little space between reaction and intention is when you consciously design your life.