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Success Mindset


Millionaires get triggered too you know. Thrown off their course … distracted or swayed from a path of alignment, of higher purpose, of truth.

That #bossAF powerhouse woman you look up to? She struggles with self-doubt just as much as the next girl.

She has days where she wakes up and doesn’t feel good enough, feeling like she’s DROWNING in unworthiness, wonders who TF she thinks she actually is, to be so bold, so audacious, so demanding, so unapologetic in the way she shows up, and holds space.

She has days where she doesn’t WANT to, she feels flat, or down, or disconnected, and wonders if she actually knows anything about anything!

Or if she’s just a big old fake, and at any moment now (to paraphrase the amazing Amanda Palmer, who so perfectly summed up a thing ALL artists feel) the Fraud Police are going to knock at her door.

“Hey you! We have evidence you’re not a real adult, you don’t know ANYTHING about what you’re doing, you’re just making it all up as you go, and WE are going to tell EVERYONE!”

Millionaires get triggered BIG TIME –

Maybe because somebody questioned who they are, or their way, or their intent –

Maybe because somebody boldly and audaciously stated something in opposition to what THEY preach – !

Maybe because the littlest thing brought up their DEEPEST and not-quite-released stuff –

Whatever the reason.

It definitely happens.


I know this, because I have BEEN a millionaire for some years now, and also I have several clients who are millionaires, and quite a few friends.

Guess what? They are human as fuck.

Maybe you already knew this … it’s hardly surprising, if you think about it LOGICALLY … but I think that there is still a hella lot of ‘pedestal worshipping’ going on in the world of entrepreneurialism and success and, maybe more so than anywhere else, in the so-called SPIRITUAL success world.

We look at other women, or men, and assume they are ‘that girl’.

SHE is so sure of herself!

SHE has her shit together so perfectly!

SHE has it all figured out!

She’s so conscious! So evolved! So in alignment! She always doing things SO DAMN GOOD!

The implication, when you entertain these thoughts, is that YOU are NOT she, and that you could never quite be like that, even if you tried REALLY REALLY HARD.

Well, you’re right.

You’re NOT that girl.

And even if you try REALLY REALLY HARD, you’re NEVER gonna be perfect, you will never have it all figured out, you’ll never be sure of yourself, and filled with confidence, all of the time!


And nobody IS,

‘That girl’.

Not the one we have idolised, tried so desperately to be like, continued to SEPARATE ourselves from, because we think she has magical superpowers that we don’t.

NOBODY is that girl.

She’s a myth, an evil fairytale really, one who casts doubt and fear and contractive energy into the hearts of so many, taunting us with her perfection, and our lack thereof.

Time to slay the mystical fucking dragon, no matter how beautiful she is!

Because here’s the thing –

If SHE who you THINK is so perfect is NOT in fact at all …

And if what she IS in fact is the …

(And like I said, I can promise you she is because I KNOW these women, and I AM one of these women!)

Then doesn’t it just stand to reason –

Kinda sorta LOGICALLY –


With your money?
With your following?
With your BOLD AUDACITY at sharing your message?
With your UNAPOLOGETICALLY EXTRA way of showing up, and showing the world who you are?
With your NAMING AND CLAIMING of the things which you desire, which come through you, which are shown to you, which you believe are meant to BE?
With your DESTINY?
With ALL of it?!

If SHE has allowed all of that into her life –


Then maybe this entire time the whole thing was just a choice,

And not a destination

And maybe that’s something to think about

Or just,


Just an idea!

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


I want to help you, for 30 days, and in actual fact beyond, but let’s start there, sure –

go beyond the place you first had to get to, in order to be there.

You’ve always known there would be a time like this.

You’ve always known it would COME to this.

I’m talking about that it was always clear the time would come when you no longer could AFFORD to listen to your own bullshit about not being there,

and you had to just flick the damn switch and GO there.

30 Days to Package, Position, and Sell TF Outta You

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I want to show you just how much more money you can make, right now, by showing up bigger for your soul peeps, being bigger than your own bullshit about why you can’t, or not yet, and just DECIDING to go all in.

Deciding? Plus adding some serious to the point effective mofo strategy which –

a) feels freakin’ amazing for YOU, a big fat fuck yes in your soul

b) results in mo’ money, mo’ money now, regardless of what you’re currently selling, how much of it, how big your audience is, or how far you still feel from where you’re meant to be!


Transcend the noise.

Transcend the uncertainty.

Transcend the ramblings and shriekings of your fear mind.

Transcend the not being there yet, the not good enough yet, the don’t know who or what or how your next level is yet.

To transcend the waiting.

Transcend the wishing.

Transcend the ‘one daying’.

Transcend complexity.

And most of all?

Transcend the idea that there is a single fucking thing you need to do right now before your are allowed to ALREADY BE THE DAMN PERSON. Your soul already told you long ago that you’ve got this … now we gonna BACK it.

Time to get your damn stability, yeah?

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