Success/Success Mindset


I realised over the last few days that I am SCARED of doing things I’m not good at and know I can rock.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you’re SO USED to being a freakin’ rock star that you don’t want to risk NOT being one?

Last weekend I went snowboarding for the FIRST.TIME.EVER!! I was SUPER nervous as I am the ‘chick who is always in control’ … which is precisely (humph!) why my friend Rob suggested it would be a REALLY good idea to step outside my comfort zone and make this happen.

Nothing like someone telling you you’re being a pussy to get you motivated and into action … at least for me, that is! It may or may not work for you.

So I set out to hit the slopes, TERRIFIED (let’s be honest), and the long and the short of it?



Okay so as expected I fell down about 45 million times, and spent the first 20-30 minute literally quaking in my boots and unable to even 10% stand up but then something magical happened:

I decided to stop being scared.

I was sitting on my ass in the snow, having fallen down before even getting up for the 25th or so time, legs trembling and seriously wondering how on EARTH I’d make it ever to the bottom of that slope in one piece and it just hit me:

This time I’m going to get up and not be scared.

And I did.

And then I coasted down the mountain like a freakin’ GAZELLE. Thinking about how ELEGANT and GRACEUL and BEAUTIFUL I must look and imagining all the empowered lessons I was going to share with you from it.

And just so damn PROUD of myself. Not believing how easy it was to suddenly just go with the flow, you know?

So I decided to make a video narrating my journey down the run (stuck the phone down my sports bra) … narrated like a BOSS with poise and wisdom, then realised the freaking phone was pointed at my chest! And I gotta tell you I was FLOATING on that first one Goddamnit!

But the second one was NEARLY as good narration wise PLUS you can see …

Watch it here:

Only problem was of course that in the midst of sharing how empowered and FREE I was I fell over about 40 more times on my ass and got my comeuppance (and BOY did I get it over the course of the next 2 days!) but you know what?

Despite the MANY bruises to my coccyx, head, and ego, this was hands down one of THE best things I’ve done in the last 10 years.

It made me realise how rarely I step outside my comfort zone. I’m so used to being “amazing” and a total gun at everything I do and the truth?

The truth is I’m scared to not be good at something.
I’m scared to get uncomfortable.
I’m scared to look vulnerable.

But also? If THIS sort of empowered feeling of OMFG I did it (even if I then fell on my ass AGAIN!) is the outcome then baby I will get WAY outside my comfort zone every day from here on out, and twice on Sundays!!


On a NOT so side note and the REAL reason I’m writing this post – my instructor Rick really HAS to be one of the best undiscovered motivational speakers out there. Military and cop background, FULL of stories, lives on the mountain and just the

Here are X things I learned from Rick whilst falling on my ass, getting back up again, and eventually learning how to ALMOST stay up for an entire run.

Aka: what I learned having the best freaking experience of my adult life that I can remember in recent history:

PS, just a SMALL side note: this dude is seriously I may even hire him to come in and do something amazing for our community!! I wrote these notes down on my phone straight after getting off the slopes on Day 1, and decided to just leave them as is.

I think you can see the connections to business without me trying to make them for you … okay I will add a few little notes.

1. It’s not that you can’t do it its that you’re hesitating and second guessing, doubting yourself

2. Point / look in the direction you want to go (UM HELLO!!!!)

3. Commit fully: Rick was saying this relevant to staying on my toes or heels as I kept freaking FACE planting (or ass planting lol) and I LOVED the concept of COMMITTING FULLY

4. You had it then you relaxed too much so you fell over- maintain control … I loved this as I know I’ve had so many times where I’ve felt I am OWNING it then I kicked back and then shit fell apart. So, you know – own it but also keep.on.focusing! And stay in control!

5. Just get up and slide – YEP. ’nuff said!

6. Decide not to be scared anymore. I wrote about that before but honestly this seemed MIND BLOWING for me (and still does). When I decided not to be scared anymore – I wasn’t!!

7. It’s not about how it’s about confidence that you CAN.

8. You have to be able to move control balance as you go – NO STAYING STILL AND EXPECTING THINGS TO PROGRESS!

9. It’s like a dance – get into the flow and enjoy it

10. If you’re going too fast pull back – get back to CONTROL, but don’t stop!

11. Don’t stop scared for something that’s nowhere near you or possible to go wrong – there was this one point where I fell over on my butt (for a change) freaking the fuck OUT that I was going to go over the edge. Rick pulled me up and asked me with this really serious earnest face: “where is the edge?” … I looked and, well – there was no edge. Interesting …!

12. You have to unlearn your previous fears and replace them with a new expectation: you need a new default of NOT backing down when you’re scared but instead realising I can stay up. YES YES YES!!

13. Staying up is a choice. Decide to stay up. Make it your default.

14. You don’t have to pull back or stop when things are going well!! (!!) (!!!) (!!!!) (!!!!) (OKAY THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ME AT ALL!!)

15. Every time you fall down get right back up again (RIGHT UP AGAIN, no pause!)

16. When you’re burning out pay attention step back and rest.

This stuff is all DIRECT from what Rick said to me … I was seriously trying to pull my phone out of my inside pocket every time I fell over and take notes on this shit. In fact (just quietly, as Rick doesn’t know this!!) I recorded the entire 2 hour session on my phone audio on my second morning on the slopes … yep I loved it so much I got straight back into it the next morning. PUSH THROUGH THOSE BRUISES!

I know I’m getting a little carried away with this post, but honestly and as I said to Rick:

This experience was hands down on of THE top experiences of my adult life. It was eye-opening, confronting, and also a little sad to admit how much I’ve held myself back from doing new things because I’m so used to being that in control chick who always.fucking.wins.

So … you have my word for it.

I’m DOWN for trying new shiz! Hit me with your invites and suggestions! But also – try something new for YOU, yes?

And now, I’d love to know: which of the above tips from Rick most spoke to you? And also: HOW MUCH DO YOU WANNA PAY FOR THAT AUDIO ‘CAUSE IT IS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GOLD!!