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Success Mindset

Time to do YOU!

Smackdown! (2)

Admit it girl, you’re not like the other women entrepreneurs.

You see the way that others are working to grow their business, their success, their life, and to be honest it just … bores you.

Do you REALLY have to have the pretty website, do the same old same old FB ads, run a giveaway or summit, make fancy videos, network all the time?

You can totally see the benefit …

And why those things are SMART …

But the truth is you just don’t WANNA! You’re a rebel and you’ve always been that way, and as soon as EVERYONE starts doing something a certain way you feel the DEFIANCE rise up once more. You don’t WANT to conform. You don’t WANT to follow the rules. You are different goddamnit and just because something is a good idea doesn’t mean it is the ONLY WAY …

And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

You don’t see Tony Robbins jumping all over the screen with flashy editing on his You Tube channel …

You don’t see Oprah advertising her services with pictures of high heels on FB ads …

And your favourite NYT best-selling authors and world class leaders aren’t flogging off work that fits squarely into the zone of what they think people will buy rather than what they are called to DO.

This is not about you trying to be “the female Tony Robbins”, or whatever the latest goal du jour of big dreamin’ women entrepreneurs is.

[pq] This is about you realising that you can do YOU, and make it big. [/pq]

You can take a look around at what everybody else is doing, thinking, saying, BELIEVING, and you can believe it by all means if you CHOOSE to, but you can also say, “you know what? No. Not for me”.

You can make it big on YOUR terms.

You’re DIFFERENT from the other girls …

The way they think, act, the stuff they focus on as important? It just doesn’t mean that much to you.

You know you have a deeper calling …

A deeper PURPOSE …

That there is something GREAT to be unleashed from within you …

And that it’s about CONNECTION …


Speaking your goddamn TRUTH.

And that if you’re going to spend your time trying to look right, think right, act right online? You’ll be taking that purpose to the grave with you.

Because the truth is, your goals ARE bigger. Maybe even arrogant. They TRANSCEND all of this … fluff. And the idea of putting yourself out there in the way that the OTHER women are doing it? It just makes you want to squirm. In an EYE ROLL sort of way not in a ‘this is a good stretch’ sort of a way.

You’re different from the others …

You know that you were born to impact thousands, even millions …

You’re going to be a best-seller …

A world leader …

MAKE millions …

And it’s not going to happen while you’re caught up in worrying what your sales page looks like or whether you should guest blog.

It’s about tuning in.


BELIEVING what you already KNOW within.

Which is that you? You have to trust in what’s inside of you. You have to trust that just because others have a path they’re following, that maybe it’s not the path for YOU. You can beat your own way through this jungle. You can DECIDE whether to follow.

And just a clue here, whilst deciding?

Following is kinda not leading.

So I want you to commit.


To doing you.

Because you, you’re different …

You have a bigger difference to make. More money to make. A greater impact to make. And your own unique way of doing it.

You were born to change the world baby. You can’t do that while following in the footsteps of the other followers.

Time to go to the head of the pack.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


We’ve been waiting for you, not the somewhat you, not the nearly there you, not the ‘pretty unapologetic’ you, the you who takes her place with such CERTAINTY that we will instantly wonder how it is that she was never just there the whole time.

The you who is brighter, stronger, more turned on and turns the WORLD on with her magnetism, beyond what we even knew was possible.

The you who moves with grace, with calm, with soul certainty of who and what she is, what she gets to do in the world, how she WILL and DOES now play life, and also –

how life plays with her.

The you who has it all on her terms, and that’s REALLY just how it is, there’s no aggression around that, nothing to prove or ‘make’ happen, it truly now finally just IS.

The you who stopped trying,

and realised that the whole damn time she could go straight to the end zone, and now –

here she is

and so it is

and such is life, a life which delivers the ALL of everything she always dreamed of and always knew there WAS a way to just snap her fingers at,

and allow.

Are you ready?
Is it time?
I thought so 🙂

6 months gorgeous, you and me. Unlimited 1:1, because that is the only way that is fun and flow for me with the women who I support at this level. Mastermind alongside private mentoring. In person badassery and adventure. So much more besides.

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