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Live Your Passion

I Don’t WANNA Have to Run a Business No More!

I’ve been a bad BAD entrepreneur.

I’ve been avoiding, resisting, hiding out and basically flat out REFUSING to do the ‘must-do’ tasks that grow my business.

And as much as I know I really shouldn’t be telling you this, I have to admit –

*I can’t stand answering emails (even though I like reading the nice ones. Hypocrite!)
*My heart sinks when I see a gazillion Facebook notifications (even though it’s fun to chat in my forums, and on my page)
*I’d be THRILLED if I never heard the word funnel again (despite ‘knowing’ that building funnels is what will create mega AUTOMATED income)
*I often don’t get back to people who are helping me right away … even though I asked THEM for help
*I love to learn what’s working and what others are doing and then BLATANTLY IGNORE it or even go in the total other direction
*I do not give a flying fuck about building a platform across all forms of social media, even though I know it’s hurting my brand not to be active on ’em all. I haven’t even logged in to Twitter since 2011 and I am HAPPY about it! (Note: my staff do auto posts there for me; copy my FB stuff basically, which is the only place the REAL me does hang out)
*Sometimes I daydream about deleting my entire list and just starting over, seeing who REALLY wants to be there! My entrepreneur friends freaked the fuck out at this idea, even saying it sounded like a sabotage but really? It sounds very freeing.

In short:

All I wanna do is write, (and no NOT with a freaking content plan thank you very much, but just based on whatever I FEEL like writing about), speak (again NOT with a plan OR with any ‘set’ frequency, but just whenever the hell I please and HOW), and hang out online with kickass chicks and have kickass conversations about business and life. As and when I please not because I feel ‘obliged’ to answer messages just ’cause Facebook or Gmail let me know about it.

That’s really it.

Or, to put it another way:

I really really REALLY don’t wanna run a BUSINESS, I just wanna hang out and be me, and talk about the stuff I like talking about, making create some cool trainings on it, and just keep on doing my thing!

And as much as I KNOW I am short-changing myself not following ‘processes’ (you MUST have processes, don’t you know!) to market and sell anything I do create I honestly don’t WANT to have to ‘SELL’ stuff, I just want my stuff to sell because, it, well, does. Because people who like me see it, like the sound of it, and therefore go ahead and take it.

Not because they got ensnared by an optin and a funnel and a PROCESS and decided that my thing made from me who they’d never before heard of was obviously EXACTLY WHAT THEIR LIFE WAS MISSING UNTIL THAT POINT.

Sometimes the whole online world just makes me want to hurl, really.

And I include my own antics in that as well.

I do FEEL, at times, as though I’m just another minion following the rules, trying to Build a Business.

One that I like a whole lot, for sure.

But it still seems to be more about the Building of a Business rather than the Being of Me.

And the funny thing is, there was a time, when I first really started ‘killing it’ online, when I didn’t have a process, I didn’t have a system, I barely had a platform, I really had no CLUE, and yet I was doing multiple tens of thousands per month in sales.

‘Cause people who liked ME say what I was doing and thought it was cool.

Not because I was selling.

Wanna know what I did, back then, to run that business?

*I blogged a fair bit. At least 2-3 x a week plus some good solid Facebook posts.
*I shared pretty openly about my own stuff, my ups and downs as well as what I was doing in my own fitness journey (it was a fitness site back then)
*I opened up about my past screw-ups and areas of mega vulnerability
*Whenever I sold something it was because I’d asked people what they wanted and needed, they told me, and I cobbled it together. Very DIY, very raw, very from the heart just me sharing what I knew.
*Usually the WAY I sold things was via a Paypal link on a blog post, or even on Facebook!

Funny thing is … even though I’ve since made more MONEY in a month, by a long shot, it’s never been as effortless or as fun as things were before I learned How One Must Run a Business.

And I could be wrong but I SUSPECT that if I had have just kept doing my thing back then, and failed to ‘grow up’ as an entrepreneur, I’d have accidentally built a hell of a biz, and brand, had the 7-figure income anyway, and had a helluva lot more fun doing it.

Don’t you sometimes wish that you didn’t have to do all of the STUFF we’re supposed to do online?

That you could just, you know … show up and do YOU, and that’s it?

My business got to over 30k a month doing things that way.

It was continuing to grow, month by month.

I thought the path to uplevel faster was to grow up, act proper, and do what the big folks were doing.

Well – that’s one path.

And it can still allow authenticity, alignment, and all that.

But if it comes at the price of having to spend even 20% of your time doing Big Girl Work? Well I’m not so sure it’s the path I want to keep taking.

I don’t have any answers here!

Right now I don’t see how it’s possible to just … not … DO all of the STUFF that seems to need to be done in my business.

Gosh, imagine the chaos if all I did was just show up, write, speak, hang out and chat online, and create cool stuff based on what you ask for, then sell it via a simple ‘here it is’ process.


Imagine …


Actually sounds pretty awesome, don’t you think?

I guess it’s the difference between Building a Business, whereby one of the underlying premises is that you must market as far and wide to your niche as possible, and Maximise All Growth, vs just being YOU and GRADUALLY, even in a one by one sort of referral type way, attracting in your true peeps who you can just hang out and have fun with, and help.

Some would assume that if you want to go MEGA big (and I do) then you have to Have a Plan, Know Your Stuff, and Market the Shit Out of It.

Others would consider the fact that the more energy you spend on THAT the less by definition you’re spending on just hanging out, doing your thing, creating your art, putting more of it out into the world, and therefore ALLOWING your biz to grow.

It’s the difference between manufactured pop star and underground Indie revolutionary.

And baby?

As much as I’ve been at times acting like one? I ain’t no manufactured pop star. Plus, we all know how THEY end up 😉

Your thoughts, for you? I’d love to hear ’em.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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