Stop avoiding loving on or living for the things that matter to you most.

Stop letting the fact that these deeply held energies of not feeling fundamentally loveable or of value are still in there, rule how you actually show up.

You don’t have to FEEL belief, certainty, readiness, or even worthiness in order to begin operating from that place.

And whilst it’s certainly a helpful thing, or can be, to do the work to understand and shift those types of beliefs and energies, the ones which tear you down and pull you apart from the inside if you let them … you also don’t have to have shifted them in order to stop letting them.

More often than you think, the work is the cure.

More powerfully than you realise, you become the person who feels a certain way about herself when you take a deep breath and take her actions.

More wholly than you’d ever think had you not done it, deciding to live for what you know matters most can override years or even a lifetime of shame, of ‘could have but didn’t, of ‘maybe I’ll never come to anything, of ‘maybe I don’t really matter at all’.

The answer was not EVER meant to be figure out your shit and then go be the person.

The answer was not EVER meant to be heal and clear and override your shit and then you can live.

The secret was ALWAYS:

Start living, today, for what your life was given to you for.

Take a deep breath, TODAY, and admit what you value.

Not what you may have valued once upon a time. Not what your actions have been clearly demonstrating you value (eek). But truly – what you value today.

The relief and release you seek is in the place where you exhale and admit that yes. This is what it’s about.

The sense of pride in yourself, and belief, is in the place where you then take the first next step forward and act on that thing or those things which it’s about.

Even though you don’t know how.

Even though you feel shaky in your uncertainty.

Even though you are so so scared that maybe you’ll find out you don’t deserve the life you dream of, and that you aren’t really worthy of any of it.

You can’t keep letting day after day pass you by in which you refuse to run wholeheartedly into the life that continues to be shown to you, that continues to simultaneously haunt you and magnetize you. It is draining exhausting and depleting every last PART of you to continue to give so much energy and time to everything BUT these most precious things.

And you’ll never find the certainty you seek without being brave enough to set out on the path without it.

So, take a deep breath today.

Make an admission to yourself today, about what really matters to you and what you just want.

And make today the day you set out on path anyway.

Committed just to planting your foot after you now finally pick it up and move it forward?


And to every step after that, until you truly know,

you are done.

This is the peace you seek.

This is the you who it’s time to let free.

And today is the day,

you just changed your life.