There’s a very good chance you are already doing most EVERYTHING you need to be doing in order to accomplish every single outcome you still have up on a shelf, carefully out of arms reaching, telling yourself you can’t yet have.
Okay, fine. Many of you are not at all doing what you need to be doing, and you know it. Wake up! Get to work you lazy bitch! Go be who you’ve been waiting to be and stop one-daying your dreams!
You ain’t gonna create that legacy and ALL that purpose work while you continue to uh … talk about how you’re gonna create that legacy and all that purpose work, all the while posting soulful selfies with a single slowly falling tear and a little post about how you just had another breakdown and breakthrough.
It’d be believable if all these breakthroughs actually led to you doing something different … laying down the law at a higher level for yourself … being the person who you’ve for damn near decades now been saying you’d be!
In the end, it’s gonna be a real simple fact check kind of a situation:
“Did you do what you were supposed to? Options to respond include ‘yes’, and ‘no’. No, no, no, STOP talking. There is no ‘this happened’, ‘that happened’, ‘I would have but’, and there also is no ‘I wasn’t ready’, or ‘I didn’t know how’.
Fuck your confidence issues!
You think I am so sure of myself, confident, think I’m all that, always feel on? Fuck you! Not even HALF of it. I just got really good at choosing it anyway. Understood that that was my responsibility. That I can feel ALL of my human shit (and do), and I can still do my damn job. And DO.
You deal with that shit separately. You STILL have the ability to just choose to be the person, and you can do that alongSIDE clearing your shit. You may very well find that the work is the cure.
Now for SOME of you.
A very few.
And maybe this is you.
(But even if so, there is DEFINITELY still another layer of truth and raw real YOU to drop into) –
you ARE already doing everything you need to do.
You’re creating.
You’re unleashing.
You’re soul shifting.
You’re getting ALL up and down and all over the place honest with yourself about where you’re full of shit, and you also make new moves accordingly!
And let’s be honest – as a result of just who you are and who you’ve ALWAYS been, how you’ve lived your life and fed your heart / mind / body / soul,
gold and fire pours out of your innards and all over the world (kinda messy like, but cool!) all day every day on repeat.
What in the actual fuck do you think you’re doing imagining to yourself that there is any other freakin’ thing you have to do each day in order to get to where you want to go?
In order to accomplish the outcomes you tell yourself you’re still gonna get to?
This makes no sense!
You already BEING,
the you who you’re meant to be.
Shouldn’t that be enough? Doesn’t it get to?
Sure sure. There’s always more you to step into. As already stated. There are worlds within worlds within worlds you’re still to create!
if you think that the creating of these things, or the getting to of any outcomes, depends upon you … uh … figuring out how to get it / make it / do it / be it, and then workin’ a plan that doesn’t somehow integrate into your BEINGNESS,
you’ve got it backwards as fuck.
What if you just trusted that, as you continue on your YOU path, you would become even MORE you?
What if you just trusted that the additional things you’re here to create or do will just happen?
What if you knew that all you have to do is choose them,
and choose them now?
What, do you ACTUALLY believe the bullshit that says you can’t ALREADY do <<<< insert big ass dream or purpose work >>>> now?
YOU are already being precisely who you need to be for that outcome to be created as a FLOW on effect.
Just gotta nail down that flow on effect bit.
Aka: decide you’re doing enough.
Decide that who you are being NOW can already create those outcomes.
What if your life, or somebody’s who you love, DEPENDED upon you just ‘having’ to do it, this week?
Do you think you’d find you’re capable of a whole lot more than what you’ve been allowing?
I think so.
Now get to fucking work.
The work of being the you who you’re broken record AF about saying you will.
And as you do?