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Live Your Passion


You do know, don’t you, that if you’re not in the VIBE of awesome, you’re just going to make it so much damn harder on yourself??!

Quick reminder:

Business is SUPPOSED to be fun. Exciting. Easy. Rewarding. Hard fucking work, ALWAYS, for sure, but easy because you ENJOY the work, you enjoy the doing of the work, you enjoy the push and the stretch and even the pain, but also because your emotional state and how you feel about it all and what you bring to it?

Baby it should rock and roll and RULE!

I can tell you flat out that if your approach to getting your shit done or hustling online is one of frustration or angst or you just LET it feel TOUGH then you’re fighting AGAINST FUCKING NATURE.

You can’t FLOW when you’re trying to run away inside! It just doesn’t work.

And here is what else:

When you’re in a high vibe state, when you LET yourself feel like it’s fun and exciting and that even the things that don’t work all FORM part of the journey and you choose to LOVE THE JOURNEY …

You make more money.
More people follow you.
You DO get better results, in all areas, and that is REGARDLESS of the actual deliverables you’re putting out.

Plain and simple? People can FEEL your vibe. Your energy shines through the ENTIRE FREAKING INTERNET. If I go on your page –

If I read your stuff –
If I watch how you act and what you’re putting out there –

I flat out know who you are. I also know how you’re FEELING right now. And sure, I’m pretty damn intuitive but the truth is EVERYBODY can feel that shit, on some level!

And I know for sure that even if what you’re saying, teaching, putting out there, selling is the BEST STUFF IN THE WORLD AND EVERYBODY SHOULD BUY IT –

I ain’t gonna buy it if I don’t want to get in your AREA. If I don’t want to be AROUND you. If I don’t want to FEED OFF YOUR VERY SOUL, aka – I think you’re cool and fun and inspiring and I just like the FEEL of you!

You know?

You know.

And your FOLLOWERS, or those you would HAVE follow you damn sure know as well.

We can FEEL it when you’re upbeat, when you believe in what you’re doing, when you ENJOY what you’re doing, and when you’re actually living what you preach and teach. We can also feel it when you’re letting it all be hard work, too much, STRAINED, and you just desperately NEED US TO BUY.

We won’t buy like that.
We won’t FOLLOW you for that, no matter how awesome the promise.
And sooner or later we just won’t even SEE you, because do you know what happens to mopey grumpy angry stressed out people?

Everybody around them –
Fades away.

So in a very real sense your vibe DOES attract your tribe and it also absolutely dictates your success. This means it is a RESPONSIBILITY for you to feel and look amazing, and let it shine through! It is completely self-indulgent to feel like shit, mope around like shit, even to look like shit!

And you simply can’t afford to behave that way.

You wanna be rich, you wanna be famous, you wanna be SUCCESSFUL on your terms and have it all, well you CAN, but you’re going to not only have to DO the work you’re going to also need to BECOME the OUTCOME of that work!

You can’t try to sell people on how your stuff will help them be more successful if you’re not SHOWING that you’re getting to live the end result of that success! And what is the end result people want? What do your people – your #culttribe – REALLY want?

YES they want to ‘achieve’ that, or ‘improve’ this or ‘learn’ that, etc.

But what they really want?
What we ALL really want?

Is to live an epic awesome life, in whatever form that means to us.

I don’t know about you, but I want to go through my days feeling like I’m on purpose, living my passions, that I get to work from a place of flow, that I’m having FUN, that life is COOL and EXCITING and REWARDING!

I bet you want some version of the same, and I bet your community do too.

So if you’re finding that things feel HARD … get an attitude check, and get over yourself.

You get to choose how you show up. It doesn’t matter HOW valid your reasons for being flat or tired or what-the-fuck-ever ARE, if you want results you’re going to need to be the person worthy of automatically achieving those results.

And if part of those results are you want people to follow you, refer to you, buy, and REPEAT?

Then be somebody worth following, being referred to, bought from, on repeat.

Long story short, as the Fonz would say?

Be fucking cool, dude.

Remember –

Life is NOW! Press Play.


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