Live Your Passion


Are you willing to begin seeing yourself as ‘the’ must watch / read / listen to person?

Are you willing to put aside your human shit around whether you should really take that stage (squirm!), whether or not you’re accomplished / badass / shiny / whatever enough?

Are you willing to get over your BS which STILL – after all these years! – shocking, really! – tells you:

You shouldn’t say that.

Go on and on so much.

You can’t now talk about or teach on THAT, as well.

Keep that thought quiet.

Shut that idea down.

Save it for later.

It will be fine.

And it’s already not.

You, who were born to lead, to message, to spout righteous fury on occasion, to compel, to show UP, to serve, and to inspire an entire mofo revolution of like-minded souls to say YES,

and yet you’re still not saying yes.

>> A born for it badass who is doing the damn thing of saying YES, does not allow her ego to reverse fuck her out of fully showing up. <<<


You allow yourself to almost feel self-righteous about HIDING. Playing small. NOT staking your claim, or painting that flag. Because some part of your sad little conditioned mind is telling you that it’s better to be a bit coy. Not big note yourself too much. Play the underdog, even. That you’re showing people they can relate to you.

And you convince yourself that it is VALID to think you should first … ‘x’. With ‘x’ being whatever it is you’ve decided you have to be or do or have or prove, and THEN you can really take the stage.


You are letting your ego trick you into believing that your human AF doubts, insecurities, and ‘stuff’ …

matter more than letting the message and the art out, and being responsible to bringing what is inside of you to life.

So instead of it being true that you are ‘not too full of yourself’ to be THAT audacious, what is true is that you are SO full of yourself that you let THAT be what the world gets to see. Or not see, as the case may be.

Instead of your truth.

Which is really just straight up SUCKY of you. Stoopid, too.

Solution? As it always was and always and only CAN be:

Get TF over yourself. Go do the work you are here to do. ALL of it. NOW.


Admit you came here to live a life swimming in your own bullshit, and letting it spill out of you too.


Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

I’m creating my new course, Big $ollar Energy, for the one who always knew she is here for millions,

to make it. To impact them. To create. And to LEAD.

Big $ollar Energy

The Money & Expansion Course for the Soul-Led Wanderer Who KNOWS It’s Time to Go All in on HER,

and Let the Damn Receiving Take Care of Itself. The Way it Was Always Meant to Be.

Which means?

Identifying and releasing everything that gets to go, from the way you’re thinking you need to do shit now, to the purposeless bits of the push or biz that it just don’t need to be about, to the hidden junk in your psyche that gets to go.

>>> It’s not about the do. The push. The win. When who you are when you only go within naturally PLACES you at the top,

but of the right fucking mountain.

The one that was always YOURS.

And then you finally WENT there.

Here’s the thing, for us, about allowing an expanse of RECEIVING.

And always was.

Class starts LIVE on Monday May 24, however early access + Big $ Energy vibes will open from Monday May 17 in our Telegram chat + join now bonuses are open already!

> it’s time.