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When it comes to effective manifestation, there is a playfulness and a lightheartedness which you’ll find is essential.

Without it, you may well focus on ‘all the things all of the time’, indeed you may fixate, obsess, affirm over and over, and tell the world on repeat that this is what’s happening, it’s DONE, but actually?

Not so much.

You MAY even understand enough about advanced manifestation to know that in order to have or get or become a thing you must first BE the thing / person who has the thing, and thus it would behoove you to practice, daily, stepping into –

The beliefs
Thoughts and emotions
Aligned actions
Heck, even physiology!

– of said person.

You may have then DO this. Daily! Tuning in, determining who you would be, what it would look like, what TODAY would be about, and then diligently doing your very very best to live accordingly.

Well done you!

But still –

No cigar 

And WHY? WHY, you ask (with not a little bit of frustration!), is it that you are REALLY REALLY doing the work, all the work, YES the inner work too, and yet you’re still.not.there?!

This is especially infuriating when you see others who you damn straight know have NOT done as much work as you (DO you know though, DO you, REALLY? Anyway it doesn’t matter…) but who are somehow pulling AHEAD of you.

On a side note –

I’m not so sure about the idea of anyone pulling ahead of anyone, because at the end of the day you have YOUR path and they have theirs, so it’s actually not possible.

Back to the main point:

Manifestation is an ENERGY thang gurrrrrlllll, you know this already.

P’raps you forgot? That’s okay. Been there too. Done that. Got the “I journaled on it all year and I’m still right where I started!” t-shirt!!

And here is what I learned –

You can do all the things.
CLAIM all the things.
Affirm over and over and OVEr again.
Even practice BEING the person, inside and out, but if you fail to actually be carefree and la-di-dah high vibe / expansive / ‘I’m good either way’ about it, then it’s unlikely to show up.

Of course this is just another element of ‘being the person’; albeit one oft forgotten.

I mention it today because I noticed myself this morning dropping into a mild attachment about a particular area of my life. Where yesterday I felt free and fancy-footed (lololol, LITERALLY with my new Valentino’s but also energetically), a happy and girlish and playful vibe was oozing out of my every pore, giggles of freedom and joy just popping out willy nilly, all of a sudden this morning I felt –

The teeniest bit.
And ‘what if!’ –
But not in a good way.
And ‘I’m probably not good enough anyway’

You know these emotions and energies, I KNOW you know them.

Being in this state just earlier, I did what most of us DO do from such a state and I went rabbiting around the vortex of my mind (and the Internet … same same on occasion) for signs, for PROOF, for VALIDATION.

Now the me who doesn’t understand what I do now, and who had not yet purposefully created a from flow and soul and alignment multi-million dollar empire plus dream body / life / etc, would NOT have noticed this and would have probably gone deeper and deeper into it.

Attaching …
Fixating …
Obsessing …
Seeking PROOF …

While obsession and focus and fixation CAN be a part of effective manifestation, that TOO is an energy thing. There’s single-minded focus and “nothing will stop me!”, and then there’s clutchiness, a fear grip, a “oh my God if this doesn’t happen then it means I’m not worthy and MAY NEVER BE!”.

For example 

Needless to say, the latter does not typically result in the flow things flowing into your life!

The simple explanation as to why this is, is that you need to let go of the need to receive ANYTHING from outside of you and realise that you ALWAYS HAD IT WITHIN and that being happy / worthy / fulfilled, and so on, is ONLY an inside game, in order for the external things to then be ABLE to show up.

It’s just how it works.

I will be teaching more on this in my upcoming course (doors open in the next day or two) on Advanced Manifestation.

So. Because I know all of this and do in fact LIVE ACCORDINGLY, I caught my little grippy fear energy right away this morning.


(I said to myself)

I see what you’re doing there!

(And sent myself an internal winky emoji for good measure. It’s nice to make light of your own fears and insecurities … sometimes. And remind yourself that they’re all just made up ANYWAY!)

I find it amusing to observe myself going into these old patterns.

Patterns which, even a few years ago, would have resulted in days, weeks, months even, of inner turmoil, and PUSHING AWAY what I really wanted and was indeed divined to be mine!

(For the love of God people,
STOP SAYING DEVINE; it’s divine. lol. I’ve been holding on to that one for a while, it’s all over the damn place!)

Anywayyyyyyyy –

Here’s the thing, about something being divined, and ‘meant to be’. Yours; destiny!


And that typically means going a helluva lot deeper than just ‘what would she think / believe / do today’.

The ENERGY of the you who has the thing or is the thing is one of absolute CERTAINTY.

It’s … “what do you mean, I’m ‘so lucky’ to have / be / etc? I mean, I’m grateful, but duh – of COURSE I do. That’s just WHO I AM”.

And because it’s who you ARE, to live like this / love like this / make money like this / BE like this, you feel … light-hearted around it. Playful. Content. You actively are NOT holding on to it and ‘trying’ to keep it or make it work, because, well, why the heck would you do that with something which is a simple reflection of who you just ARE.

You are it, you don’t have to try to be it!

So when you notice yourself,

As I did this morning –

Going into fear and grabbiness and ‘what if’ and ‘maybe I CAN’T’, just pause.

Be the observer.

SMILE, at how the fear mind thinks it can have its wily way with you, with YOU! Ahhhh, how cute.

MAKE LIGHT OF IT because it’s NOT a big deal, you CAN shift it in a heartbeat, and also because a light or amused or curious energy automatically commands fear and grippiness out.

Again, be the observer.

“Ah, how interesting that I just started to grab on, hold on, try to FORCE flow! I wonder how THAT would work for me if I kept it up!” (chuckle chuckle)

And then?


Of the energy? Yes. But I mean even of the ‘thing’ which you believe is meant to happen, come into your life, take place.

Let go of the need to have or achieve or become or receive ANYTHING outside of you, because while it’s all nice to have and may INDEED be divined, it’s also not NEEDED.

There is NOTHING –
NO-thing –
Which you NEED.

This doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE it, for abundance is infinite and we truly can create our physical reality from what we see in our minds. To the extreme of the so-called impossible, and over and over again too!

But if what you see in your mind is fear
And “maybe I’m NOT worthy”
And “it couldn’t be THAT good!”
And “fuck! I better scramble scramble to MAKE it happen”

Well –

You’re just gonna have to keep on learning the same lessons over and over again I’m afraid.

Let’s keep it simple here:

A contracted energy state does not result in an expansive life.

That’s just bad math, it don’t add up.

And also?

The you who has it or is it didn’t get there by following the commands of FEAR.

She let go.
She gave in to the free-fall.
She leaned into FAITH.
She felt and saw the things inside of her and she KNEW it was divined, meant to be, destiny!
And with that the case – 

What in the actual fuck would there be to worry about or try to force?!

I’ll just be the me,
Who has it
Is it
Expects it
Knows it

Because really –

If I had to make it happen by trying to be anything other than JUST WHO I AM (of course being ALL of me … living in alignment with my soul, so no, this is NOT about not doing the work!) –

Then I wouldn’t want it anyway.

It wouldn’t fill me.

It clearly wouldn’t even be mine to have.

Success is a very simple thing, really.

All you have to do is let go of needing anything
Knowing that if you really knew it was yours you would have to do a SINGLE thing to make it work
While at the same time understanding that you DO have to give your life,
Every day,
Until you die,

To just be the you who you were born to be.

And if you can do THAT, then here is what you’ll find:

Firstly, from letting go of ANYTHING you can have EVERYTHING, and secondly?

The ‘being the you who you were born to be’ was the whole entire damn outcome anyway.

Stop chasing what’s outside of you,
To fill the hole inside.


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