WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? {It’s Time to Let Go}

In order to bring into your life what you really want, there will need to be a release of the things you’re currently holding on to and think that it has to be about.

This might mean a simple habit or belief or two, or it could mean the release of an entire relationship, your entire business, maybe even your entire life and everything you once thought to be true and right.

But if you’re not willing to let go of what’s right and even of what’s simply ALMOST but not QUITE right, then how do you ever expect to find a way onto the true and aligned path you were born for?

The reality is, you can’t.

You’re either on path, or off. A one degree deviation will result in a 100% different outcome.

So stop kidding yourself here, and stop fucking around as well; thinking that it’s not such a big deal this whole ‘not really on my true path’ thing and that you’re going to be able to at some point patch it up and pretend it was always meant to work out this way.

The longer you WAIT the further AWAY from your true path you go, and the harder it is to return. Eventually you’re so far gone that you don’t even know where it was you once upon a time dreamed of ending up, you sure as heck can’t see your way to getting there through the messy surrounds of the life you’ve created instead, and besides – you’re out of time.

One day, you’ll be out of time.

And you’ll look back –

At a life you pressed play on in so many ways.

At a thousand small choices where you THOUGHT it didn’t matter, where you TOLD yourself it wasn’t such a big deal, where you CONVINCED yourself it would be okay, you could make it work, or that the alternative was just too SCARY.

And you’ll wonder –

When did I forget to say yes to what I REALLY wanted?

And how the fuck did all those SMALL things stop me from doing the BIG things?!

And why on EARTH didn’t I just try?!

And you’ll realise:

Saying yes, saying you’ll try, gearing yourself up and getting READY TO GO ALL IN, all of that never meant ANYTHING and is perhaps worse still than not even knowing in the first place, because if you didn’t know you COULD have you’d be happy with what you DID have.

So let me ask you the only question that really matters here, and after it you can either keep reading and let’s do something about this, or you can stop and continue on the path you’re on, saying yes to what you already HAVE and are becoming, fully.

And the question is this:

Are you happy gorgeous?

Are you happy right now, with what you’re doing in your business, with what you’re creating, the work you’re putting out there and the legacy you’ll leave?

Are you happy right now, with how you’re taking care of yourself, with the way you treat yourself, with what goes into you and how you feel?

Are you happy right now, with the relationships you fill your time with, your soul, your heart, your life? Are they EXPANDING you?

Are you happy right now, with the choices you’ve made and the risks you’ve taken, not just to make money doing what you really love but to create a life doing what you really desire and one that MEANS something to you?

What I’m really asking is simple:

Are you happy with the path you’re on?

If you look ahead (and please take a moment, close your eyes, and do so) to the NATURAL outcome of the path you’re currently on – and don’t try and kid yourself you can’t see it or know it! – IS IT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?

Will you feel PROUD, ALIVE, EXCITED and RIGHT to get there?

Or will you look back, once further along then where you already ARE, and wonder –

When did I forget to create the life I actually wanted?

Of course the real question to wonder will be why was I such a fucking WUSS about refusing to NOT create the life I really wanted?!

You didn’t forget.
You’re not forgetting now.
The problem here is not that you don’t KNOW what you want.
It’s that you don’t confess to it and then refuse to NOT HAVE IT.

So today I want to ask you to confess.

To me, sure. But really to you.

CONFESS what you want in business.
CONFESS what you want to be known for.
CONFESS what you want to make money doing.
CONFESS what you’re sick and tired of.
CONFESS what you want instead.
CONFESS what it is you would so love to see happen by the end of this year and CONFESS what you’re committed to seeing happen by the end of this LIFE.

And if that’s too big, too scary, you feel like you’re not sure or you’ve answered these questions before and you just can’t really get clear or follow THROUGH, then too fucking bad.

It’s time to grow up.

And realise that what you put off today because it’s too big, too scary, you’re not sure will be BIGGER, SCARIER and LESS CLEAR tomorrow except that YOU will be older and further along down a path you have to fight your way back from.


If you had a blank slate right now –

And you knew nothing about anything about your own potential or what you SHOULD be doing –

And you had unlimited choice –

And you knew that you could HANDLE the outcomes of any hard choices you had to make about letting go, walking away, saying no, and that not only could you handle it but that you’d be better OFF for it, then tell me –

What would you be doing?

What would you create?

What would you say yes to?

What would you let go of?

And who would you be?

And then take another moment right now, even as your mind starts to wash over these questions and perhaps you actually pull out your journal and ANSWER them not just nod sagely and admit yes you DO need to acknowledge this stuff and then GO BACK TO YOUR CURRENT FUCKING PATH, but instead you DO something about it –

Take that extra moment and look into the future.

A year from now, two, it doesn’t matter. Some time far enough away that it feels safe 😉

And ask yourself:

Who am I now?

What do I have?

What do I do?

What did I release?

What is my life like?

How does it feel?

How do I feel?

What is EVERYTHING that’s going on for me?

And from there, take one last moment and look back.

Look back to that time, that day, that moment, that SECOND, when you made a decision. In the blink of an eye. When you decided that enough was ENOUGH and that you were finally – FINALLY – committed to finding your TRUE path.

That moment when you said a resounding FUCK IT to anything that wasn’t working, and wasn’t right, and wasn’t aligned, and you said the fuck it with love, perhaps, and with gratitude for what once was, but you SAID it.

And you stepped forward –

Into the abyss.

With no fucking clue what to expect.

But KNOWING it felt right.

And for the first time in so long – and perhaps ever –

You could breathe fully.

And though it might be scary you KNEW that you’d at last FULLY turned your back on the continued creation of a life that was never quite right and therefore always completely wrong.

The things you think are keeping you safe are trapping you.
The stuff you have accepted as ‘your lot’ is never going to fill you up.
The creating of a life that’s just not WORKING is never going to magically transform into the one you dream of.
And the choice to be someone who you’re not –
Bound by a million decisions or beliefs or ideals you once held –

Has nothing to do with who you can now choose to become.

It’s time to step into the abyss gorgeous.

That MOMENT is today and more than that it’s now.

NOW is the time when you need to rip the bandaid, say FUCK IT to ANYTHING you know you don’t want, and commit FULLY to what you know you do.

YES I know it’s scary.
YES I know you may well fall on your face, and often.
YES it’s going to hurt.

But what’s going to hurt more, really?

Doing what it takes to create a life you actually love?

Or living the wrong one because you were too scared to rip the fucking bandaid?

Rip the fucking bandaid lovely.

Now is the moment.