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This is the stuff I wish I knew, way back when, way back when I’d never even heard of internet marketing, way before I basically blind-flied myself to figuring out how to make millions each year online, way before I lost my way once or twice and went SO far off path it was like I didn’t even know there was a path, way back before, well, before I was Katrina Fucking Ruth, way back when I was just a girl with a blog –

Who was falling back in love with writing –

And who had a vague idea that probably you can make money with this Internet-y thing.

Here is what I wish I knew. Or what I would tell that me, if I could go back in time. Or what I’ll just stop yabbering on about and tell you, right now.

Shit That Will Make You Money:

1) Get behind it energetically or get out now:

It doesn’t matter how good of an offer it is, how much value you’ve included or how good the deal is, if YOU are not behind it energetically selling is going to be a motherfucker. Being behind it energetically should NATURALLY happen based on the fact that you wouldn’t – right?! – sell shit you don’t believe in, love, adore, and passionately know in your soul that EVERYBODY should buy!

But sometimes fear blocks and clouds us even when we do feel that way about our offer, and so we have to consciously CHOOSE to get behind it. When you are caught up in the next level awesome-ness of your thing, people will feel that and they will BELIEVE you.

Of course for this to work, and result in sales, they need to be sold on YOU. More on that to follow.

2) Listen to the mayhem and madness, act on the genius as it comes through. NEVER question the genius:

Your first instincts are always right. The mad and weird and ‘not relevant’ stuff that tries to blurt its way out of you, or coax you into bringing it to life, this is the stuff to PAY FUCKING ATTENTION TO. You might be on a live training, or writing a sales post, or creating some content, and all sorts of random shit would come through if you’d let it, but no no no – you gotta be PROFESSIONAL. No girl, you gotta be YOU. Get in the habit of ALWAYS letting the mayhem and madness out, it paves the way, it REVEALS the strategy you never could have thought of, it can also add a hefty dose of entertainment – which is one of the 3 things people really will respond to and buy from – and ultimately it means you’re fully accessing genius and creativity, rather than just trying to recycle other people’s supposedly effective marketing ideas.

3) Content content content, message message message:

If you’re in the business of being you, or even if you’re not, people will connect to the MESSAGE of your brand more than they will connect to anything. Nobody gives a fuck about the details, what they want to know is ‘do I align with this brand’. ‘Is these people my people’. ‘Does this FEEL like me’. ‘Is my soul saying yes to what I’m hearing or seeing here?!’. Things like that. Once somebody has decided a particular brand is ‘them’, they will fight to the death to protect that brand, even if it is technically inferior! Which we know of course that yours is NOT … but you get my point.

So, how do you connect people to your brand? You LET THEM SEE AND FEEL THE SOUL OF IT. One of the VERY best uses of your time is to share your message, in the form of content of various kinds, consistently letting them see and feel your soul, and say yes to it. >>> this only works if you obey point #2. Otherwise you’re just another person posting boring and mildly irritating shit on the ‘net.

4) ‘What else, what is all I could be doing today?’

Get in the habit of being honest with yourself about what is ALL you’d be doing today if you were fully showing up for you, for your business, for sales.

No, this doesn’t mean do all the things, all the time! It’s not ‘he or she who hustles more makes more money’. But it IS true that you need to BE true to doing fully you. If you were being that ‘next level’ self who unapologetically claims his or her place as a leader, a WEALTHY one, a soul-led and purpose-driven one, what WOULD you be letting through you today? What else? What would you be telling or showing people to direct them to buy? What else? What would you get TF over yourself about and just get done? What else? It’s not about pre-planning it all, it’s simply about being IN TUNE with your own truth and then taking action accordingly, not listening to your fears or excuses or letting them guide the way you’re creating your empire or NOT.

Action: at the start of the day, write out (as intentions) everything you feel you might do today if you fully showed up. Through the day, keep checking in on what your higher self would be gettin’ on with right now. Get on with it!

5) Program your damn mind

You can be the most show-y-uppy person in the world as far as doing the do, selling, PRODUCING, but if your mind is programmed for lack then guess what? (#shocker) YOU WILL GET LACK. So, as much as you do gotta do the work, be soul led and spirit-guided, TRUST in what’s coming through and use that to form the foundation of your content, your strategy, all of it, you DO gotta also work on your mind.

Discipline your damn mind, bitch!

ReCODE that shit, back to the you who you were actually born as, who BELIEVES:

I get to have it all.
On my terms.
And it could never be any other way!

You will ALWAYS get what you expect; what you perceive as being normal. So, a surefire way to increase your ABUNDANCE – financial and otherwise – and to generally just create the life you dream of – is to elevate your perception of normal, dial up your expectations of what is ‘of course’.

How to do this? Freakin’ practice. Daily you can ask – what would be true right now if I were living like THAT, making money like THAT, being that next level me like THAT? When you ask, consider what your beliefs would be, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and also the aligned ACTIONS would be true. You only need to concern yourself with the actions of the NOW, what is true right NOW. There is no other time, after all … and you will create the correct next moment when you listen to what this one is about.

6) Tell ’em why to buy, tell ’em again, tell ’em in all ways possible, tell ’em TIL they buy

^^^ that.

DO THAT. Do it relentlessly, unapologetically, as though you ACTUALLY FUCKING BELIEVE YOUR SHIT WILL CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES!

When in doubt? This >

7) Remove emotion, do the damn work

It’s not about you.
It’s not about you.
It’s not ABOUT you.

Get TF over yourself, drop the damn ego, and be RESPONSIBLE TO THE WORK THAT’S INSIDE OF YOU. You CAN choose to be fear-led and self-doubt guided, taking action based only on your surface ‘feelings’. Orrrrr –

You can choose to do the work the way you’d be doing it if you were already ‘that person’, and owned the power of what is in you and what must come through.

Reminder, just to hammer it in:

😎 When in doubt, launch or sell what you would if you were already ‘that person’

There is ALWAYS another little thing you can add or say or do or show up with, if you tune into the energy of being the you who is always there. If you put aside fear, or sales shame, or whatever your thing is, and you just press on! If you act like you are willing to go ALL OUT TO BAT for your message, your truth, your products, your offers, your higher self.


This doesn’t mean you gotta do shit all day ‘err day. I’m not implying it’s about relentless DOING. But it is about relentless being aligned to being the you who you’d be if you were, well, you. The highest expression of you.

8) Practical shiz niz: always offer extra ways for people to give you money

When in doubt (or not!) just give people extra ways to give you money.

Extended payment plans, VIP upgrades, upsells, downsells, cross-sells, follow up sells. These things make me and my company as much as 30-40% extra cash money every month. Just because we ASK. I’ve often thought that one of the reasons I make more money than everyone else is I just ask for the sale more!

Speaking of asking for the sale:

9) People buy on emotion not details. Get over your ‘how to sell’ shit.

We already discussed that people connect to the energy and truth of the brand. Relevant to that, you REALLY don’t need to get all hung up on HOW to sell properly. You’ve been selling since you were born, it’s who you are! We are all born with the storyteller, the performer, and the ability to convince people to do shit for us. Did you get yourself fed as a baby? Okay then.

Let go of the idea that you don’t know how to sell, or to sell more, or to sell with ease, just decide that that is not a thing now! And if it weren’t a thing, and you just KNEW you’re the fucking man, woman, badass extraordinaire, THEN what would you say to people about your thing, about why you’re in love with it, about why they can’t not? What would you say if you were explaining it over coffee?

Say that. No holds barred. No apology. And like you’re actually here to convince and help people. No pussy-footing around like a little wimp hoping for a few pennies to be handed out, that is NOT leader energy.

10) There is not a single sales strategy you ‘SHOULD’ do, or HAVE to do. Question everything, find what is right and fuck yes for you.

No, you don’t gotta do sales calls. Videos. Facebook ads. Fancy funnels. Webinars. Etc. Yes, you can do any of these things. No, you don’t have to do ANY of them. What would you be doing if you were showing up fully for you and AS that ‘already there’ version of you who didn’t give a fuck because she didn’t NEED to because she is Katrina Fucking Ruth, or whoever you’re gonna be.

Yes, maybe you need to get over your sooky la-la fear or resistance around certain things, and test ’em out. Decide they get to be ease and fun and flow. But no. There is not a single thing you HAVE to do to get the sale. I sell up to 100k offers on a 2-minute FB messenger chat! Just as one example, for all those people who say you gotta do sales calls. Oh and BY THE BY I STARTED DOING THAT WELL BEFORE I WAS KATRINA FUCKING RUTH AND COULD ‘NOT GIVE A FUCK’.

You get to being that ‘you’ by BEING that you. Now.

11) The ultimate sales strategy

The ultimate sales strategy is you just being you, but baby girl ALL of you.

The lit up expanded livin’ and lovin’ her damn life you.

So let’s assume you’re a celebrity within the world you wanna move in and lead in and rule.

Assume they wanna to know everything about you and can’t get enough of you, and act accordingly.

And assume that your shit is so sorted that of COURSE you are living your best life and having the best time ever, every day.

That your business, and selling, is just an extension of YOU, not some sad or sorry thing you gotta tend to so that one day you can live your life.

When YOU are taking care of you, and doing what you need for you to know you’re actually pressing play on the life you were born for and the one that lifts and lights you up, and you’re having ALL the fun doing it, PLAYING life, you will have a magnetic energy that just can’t be made up for by ANY damn sales offer or strategy. People will gravitate to you because they want what YOU have. They want to tap into the essence of you!

A mentor of mine said to me long ago, ‘you have something that only a few people have Kat. It’s very rare, but you do have it. You have that thing where just your BEING shifts people. Your presence. The essence of you.’

He is correct.

I have always known this.

My business works like woah when I am being all of me, but more than that, it’s when I am JUST being. Not trying to be plus do do do. I automatically do do when I am being! The question is therefore what WOULD I be doing right now, if I were ONLY being.

When I create my days that way, even though it often makes NO sense at all, or seems irrelevant to business, or SO random, crazy, unprofessional, odd, that is when things work.

When I follow the flow of life and of me being me.

Maybe you’re not like me though. Maybe your pathway is you have to join all the dots and cross all the ‘t’s’, and dot all the ‘i’s’ in order to create success, and that you being you could never be enough to magnetize people or propel them to change or to action including BUYING from you.

But maybe that right there is the biggest crock of shit ever and it’s time for you to own who you really are.

And do the damn work of playing life accordingly.

And if you’d like my help in bringing all of this to life, in understanding how to apply and implement all of this stuff in a strategic and SOUL-LED-ONLY way that makes you a fuckload of money, on your terms, doing the biz and life you came here to do, and being fully you?

Look what I made ya.

We start Monday. All new live course and content.. Pre-work is ready for you now (and is HOLY fuck yes). And the Facebook group is already open!


Get your place, and say yes to making money and life as you know it’s meant to be, with my help.

^^^ Enough pussy-footing around. Your time is when you claim it.

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