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At some point, you’re going to want to opt out of the idea that you don’t have enough time or know-how to become who you were always meant to be.

It’s pretty fucking simple: if you were shown something, it is yours, it’s available, available now.

What, do you actually think that God, higher self, soul, LIFE, would have a plan for a dream life all dangled in front of you but not actually AVAILABLE for you?

It doesn’t work that way.

And you need to decide to opt out (unsubscribe! thank you! good-bye!) from any story that tells you otherwise.

Perhaps as you grew up, or at some time in a conformist part of your adulthood, you bought into the story that there are great and wonderful things in the world which YOU DON’T GET TO HAVE.

That life is hard…

The struggle is real…

‘Other people’ are the ones with the money, the opportunity, the luck, the know-how.

This shit is insidious. You may think of yourself as being a positive thinker, all love and light and namasfuckingste, but the truth of the matter is either you’re claiming and therefore CREATING all that you dream of right now, or?

You’re full of bullshit baby.

Right up to the gills with it, gross.

And walking around everyday DOING stuff, but yet still so far from where you want to be and knowing it, meanwhile actually being as basic in your operations (we KNOW your soul ain’t no basic bitch) as to believe that you’re not ‘there’ yet because you don’t have time, or know-how, or that there’s some other kind of block stopping you and it’s not your fault!

It’s your fault.
100% of the time.
You’re welcome!

And the story that you just can’t keep up, there’s so much to do, shit ain’t working anyway when you do go all in, it’s too relentless, blah blah blah, well you know what?

It’s tired, it’s done, and it’s motherfucking time to quit that nonsense.

You can CHOOSE whether or not you have enough time, space, knowledge and also SUPPORT FROM ABOVE AND FROM LIFE ITSELF to get everything done that is necessary, and also to be shown along the way what that everything is!

You’re either going to continue to move forward full of all sorts of shit about how you couldn’t get what you want or be who you were always meant to be because of blah blah blah,

Or you’re going to acknowledge that it’s ALL JUST YOUR STORY WHICH YOU GET TO CHANGE.

rn baby
always, rn.

Look –

your intentions and choices create your reality. What you expect is what you’re gonna get. Whatever you see as ‘just how it is’ is what’s gonna roll on in.

So start at the beginning, start by deciding to BELIEVE different, start by tuning the fuck in to which beliefs would actually serve you, and then?

Get fucking decisive with the actions that follow.

Be relentless.

Do what it takes.

Refuse to back down.

Sit your ass in the damn chair and face IN to your resistance. Kick that motherfucker’s butt!

Oh, you need clarity, and certainty, and a sign from a rainbow coloured unicorn first? Don’t make me laugh.

You get that shit when you get started anyway.

Your dream life is waiting,

Don’t make it curl up into the foetal position and hafta cry itself to sleep until it dies.


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