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This week I’ve come across at least five different situations I can think of, in which what I call the ‘yippity voices of the moany-woany ones’ (official term) are as a collective trying their darndest to throw somebody off path.

I’ve seen it with a few of my private clients.

With a couple of friends.

And felt it in a vague and round-a-bout way myself.

In some cases flat out hating / trolling, in other cases unabashed torch-wielding witch-hunting (so funny how those who most rant and wail about being persecuted for their beliefs are often the first to light the torch and charge after others), and in my own case the key offender has been (as is so often the way!) coming from IN me.

When I see people ranting and raging and wailing and moaning and summoning a mob of fellow outraged people, it’s hard for me to even absorb what they’re saying. Even if I want to. Even if I think there is some important stuff in there! It’s like when my kids shriek and scream and have a tantrum about what they want – I pretty much turn away, and tell them – “I can’t hear you when you’re shrieking like that. Only dogs can hear you right now. Talk calmly and politely if you want my attention”.

People who lose their shit online, it’s the same thing. Whether they’re furious because they think they’ve unearthed a ‘truth’ about somebody and JUST WAIT TILL EVERYBODY KNOWS, or they flat out disagree about what a person stands for, either way they way they come across is like a pack of yippity annoying dogs. You know – those little ones that are kind of pointless and just chirp like tiny irritating squirrels? Yip yip yip yip! They make no sense, and you can’t understand them even if you want to, but they’re also bloody persistent and at a certain point you just start to wonder who even brought ’em to the party, and for the love of God WHY?

And yeah – lol – I’m definitely referring to the voices inside of my own head at times at being like this! I think just yesterday I was rolling my eyes on my own livestream at the ridiculous yippity-ness that had been going on in my head the day before, on my 39th birthday, when I did my photoshoot.

Yip yip yip yip you can’t yip yip yip yip you shouldn’t yip yip yip yip how dare you yip yip yip yip did you SEE what she?!

And so on, and so forth.

There’s been a hella lot of yipping online lately too, hasn’t there? It’s felt extreme at times. It’s funny – as if I separated my news feed into all Australian or all American it would be WILDLY different. When I mention all the yipping to my Aussie-audience-only entrepreneur friends, they have no idea what I’m on about.

When I myself peruse most of it, I too have no idea what it’s all about, a lot of the time. I actively do NOT keep ‘up’ with every current affair, especially outside of my own country, and I also actively don’t get drawn into it.

All power to you if your message is to rail and wail, and build your community based on outrage; that’s not mine.

In fact, when I become aware of this stuff, which tends to happen only if somebody directly tells me, as is the way this week a couple of times, with issues I needed to coach private clients through, and also things that were impacting me personally in a couple of different situations, while I typically do consider the facts / situation as best as what I can – always a little tricky to do when you’re trying to make sense of yipping AND there are context issues going on – the main thing I come back to, is to remind myself of the following:

Eyes on your own path Kat. 

Don’t get me wrong – often times (not always) when there is collective upset there IS reason for it, and it should get to be heard.

But sadly the way it’s largely done is so distasteful, and also yippity, as well as coming largely NOT from intelligent discourse, and on top of all of that is irrationally and wildly skewed by non-contextual re-interpretation of, well, just about anything, that it largely means the only real choice is to turn away and go back WITHIN, to where the truth anyhow, of course, always lies.

I could choose to get outraged too by many things, and indeed I’ve often been that person in the past.

I could also choose to respond to anybody who has ‘something to say or imply’ about me, about a private client, about somebody close to me, and God knows I’ve been THAT person at times also. Indeed there are still times when it’s called for. But that’s the point – there are TIMES. Not every time. And the times in which it IS called for; that’s a response to soul guidance.

Any sort of upset, any sort of ‘hating’, any sort of controversy, any sort of trolling, any sort of mob backlash, any sort of yippity shouting on the internet, ALWAYS gets to be addressed from a place (I believe) of first stepping back.

As in business, where I often preach ‘remove emotion, do the work’, here it is – ‘remove emotion, take soul based action’.

And here is what I’ve found, and what I believe my greatest lesson has been, over the VERY many times I’ve had people jumping up and down and threatening to tell the world what kind of person I really am, or the VERY many times I’ve seen similar with clients and friends –

Not once.

Not ever.

Not a single isolated time.

Not EVER – 

Has there been any purpose or point in trying to convince somebody who is QUESTIONING you, what kind of a person you are.

It’s VERY tempting to do so. It can feel INFURIATING not to! For me, my typical reaction over the years EVERY time someone has not liked me (or worse!) has been that I’ve felt appalled, and want to go round to their house as quickly as possible to cook them dinner and explain how nice I am, how purposeful I am, how much I care, how deeply I come from a place of true passion, truth, service! How can somebody not like me, or think I’m bad, or think I’m about this, or that, or the other thing?!

It’s very upsetting to me.

Well, I’ll tell you how they can think that.

They might take one thing you said.
Or didn’t say.
Or commented on.
Or didn’t comment on!
Or actively let loose on.
Or stayed quiet about.
Or didn’t do at ALL but yet they decided you did.
Or they look at your fucking HANDBAG perhaps.
Or your confidence in your selfies.
Or who you’re friends with.
Or who you’re not.
Or how you do business.
Or how you do life.
Or how you bloody BREATHE.

And they decide –

AHA! WE’VE GOT HER NOW! She said this / did that / always _____ / never stops selling / liked that post / blah blah blah blah yip yip yip yip YIP!

THAT is the ‘how’ of why people might decide, often on a whim, often also, by the way, people who previously LOVED you – this is pretty damn common the more you own your own power and truth and simply forge forward on your path – that THEY DON’T LIKE YOU OR THAT PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU.

And then they yipping begins.

It’s annoying (if you let it be).
It’s irritating (if you listen).
It’s purposeless (at least as far as YOU are concerned, and responsibility and purpose begins and perhaps also ends with YOU).
And it’s also, actually, absolutely nothing to do with you and the path you’re on.

Even if there is something you wanted to address or change in yourself THAT would come about from STAYING ON YOUR OWN FUCKING PATH.

But let me tell you –

Responding, retaliating, or in any way trying to prove yourself or convince other people why they should like or trust you, is 100% purposeless and NOT representative of being on path.

I’ve been doing this ‘put myself out in front of the world’ thang a long time now.

And I’ve been given a lot of flack for a lot of things.

Some were absolutely based on truth about unpopular things I believe and stand for, in business and life, and people not caring for that, or being triggered and confronted by it.

A LOT – most – were misperceptions. Outrage over something that people had no fucking clue about and had attached meaning to.

In ALL cases, the people demanding an answer were not worth responding to or even acknowledging.

I don’t mean they’re not worthy people 

I mean – they had shown themselves to be not MY people. Thank you for showing me who you are!

If you’re getting pushback, and you’re trying in any way to smooth that shit over, you’re wasting your time. The RIGHT people would NEVER fucking question you, they know who you are, they’re also typically INTELLIGENT enough (unlike most yippers) to use their damn intuition / gut feel and SOUL truth to know who you really are.

People who like / unlike / adore / hate / loathe / wage war on you at the drop of a hat and based on whatEVER perceived slight, are people to let go of.

They were never your true peeps anyway, clearly.

I actually laughed out loud recently when somebody made a comment to me about if I was worried about ‘brand damage’. Brand damage? Wtf?! No … that would only be an issue if I was in the business of trying to gain followers, fans, clients, RELATIONSHIPS through convincing.

But, I’m not.

I’m in the business of being.

Being Katrina Fucking Ruth.

Whoever she is, with all her chaos and madness and mess.

Aren’t you? (In the business of being you?!)

And people will either accept and love and also ACCURATELY see us for who we are, or they won’t. Some will, some won’t, so what! Either way is fine. Either way – your MISSION, should you choose to accept it, if you’re committed to bringing your DESTINY to life, is to keep your eyes on your own path and that is the END.

Here is what it comes down to –

YOU know who you are.

And being in integrity with you and your God / soul / highest self is ALL that actually matters. Doesn’t mean other things have no import. Means, simply – all other things flow from being the you who you’re meant to be, and that is that! So if YOU know, then who the fuck cares who else does? The right people will see it, feel it, know it, you won’t have to prove shit to them, OR ever ‘sell yourself’ like THAT.

If you think that life is about trying to convince other people about that, even a little bit, I can tell you that you’ll find yourself repeatedly fighting that battle and also repeatedly feeling FRUSTRATED that you don’t get to live with that sense of absolute fulfilment and inner peace which can ONLY come about from BEING ON PATH.

I tell ya, I’ve tried just about everything in the online world.

I know all the tricks, and I’ve had a fair crack at most of ’em.

Same in life, in every area where I’ve sought success.

In the end, the only thing that ever worked, the only thing that COULD ever work, was following what’s inside of me.

And fuck the rest.

Really –

What is it you’re planning to live for? Truth, purpose, message, owning who you are and knowing that that is enough and you should NEVER need to explain or prove it?

Or the yippity voices of the 99.99%?


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