Success Mindset


This is what God wants to say to you today, call you forward with, lift you up from, as you say yes.

It’s time to extend the time you make available for visioning and prayer.

It’s time to deepen and lengthen the space to dream.

It’s time to lay down before him,

starfish on the floor if you like,

and just – let go.

God is reminding you, gently, but with certainty, of what you’ve already suspected. Which is that you have become weak in your faith.

You know that great things are available, wilder than even your wildest imagination, and yet you repeatedly do not REALLY ask, do not REALLY expect, do not REALLY submit to faith, nor receiving, and instead – you worry, and you try to do.

Your worrying is weakening you.

Your over-thinking is making you brittle.

And your continual ‘what should I do!’ focus is diverting you from what you WOULD be doing, if you were truly in faith, in allowing, in Him.

And what you would be doing is this:

Taking as much time and space as is required, until it is complete, every day, to go into God, into his Word, into prayer, into truth, and yes into SEEING.

Seeing beyond the physical.

Seeing beyond the circumstances you’ve defined as ‘reality’ and ‘just how it is’, and which you continue to define as such and thus continue to CREATE.

Seeing into the vision and dreams which have been placed on your heart and which you LONG for, and which?

EXTEND THE TIME FOR VISIONING AND PRAYERAre 100% entirely possible, available, available now, available for you and just WAITING – for you to say yes.

God wants to perform miracles in your life, but He isn’t going to do it without your say so, your request, your CHOICE to have faith and to allow yourself to really dream and picture what could be.

Perhaps the problem is that you don’t trust yourself to dream the right dream, maybe you think you would just be ‘making it up’, and that it wouldn’t be of God, or it wouldn’t be for the higher good, it would just you be being selfish, demanding, spoilt, or lazy.

But … God Himself has told us we get to have dominion over earth, and all things in it. God Himself has told us we can’t dream anything close to the dreams He has for us. God Himself is also waiting to be able to do HIS work in you, and to activate dreams and visions which will allow Him to USE you beyond your own satisfaction or joy!

So … stop making it about ‘am I allowed to have or be that, am I good enough, do I deserve to, do I dare ask for that, and shouldn’t I work my BUTT off for it, for ever and ever, to prove I did enough?’, and …


Let go.

Remember that God WANTS to bless you, but you do have to ask, you to have to be specific, you do have to be willing to SEE, lean into, and truly BELIEVE in the vision and dream of what could be, and then allow HIM to be the life-giver bringing it to be.

If you’re worried you’re not going to be shown the right dreams, or that you will accidentally be asking for things that are not really about your deepest purpose or path, or not coming from the right place … well, honestly – duh. Just spend more time leaning in to God. Learn to listen. Hear. Know. But at some point, like any relationship – trust yourself to trust. Better still, remember that it’s not your job to figure out how to trust or know. You already do. It’s a gift you’ve been given. Accept!

Accept, dare, listen, lean in, make the vision bigger, greater, more ‘impossible’, dial it up even further, make it the thing you ACTUALLY DEEPLY LONG FOR AND JUST ‘WISH COULD BE’ AND WOULD ASK FOR IF ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING AT ALL WERE POSSIBLE.

Make it that the MAJORITY of your available time and space and energy and focus for ‘doing’ goes instead into dreaming, visioning, being with God, being with what He has laid on your heart, and let faith and the Holy Spirit ‘do the work’.

Yes, there will always be something for you to do; don’t worry! But, what if you truly trusted and believed and went IN to that connection, vision, dream, and accompanying prayer … you know I mean daily … and didn’t come out ’til it was done. And only THEN did what you were led to do. Then what?

Do you think you could dare to say yes to faith like that?

Better question –

do you think you can dare to not?