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Before you were conditioned – 

Before you were shut down – 

Before you learned that maybe it’s not safe, maybe you’ll be judged, maybe people will mock or scorn you – 

Before you knew that if they DO do that, it’s their own insecurities coming up; they’re triggered by you and the way you BEING you highlights and reminds them, like a God-damn mirror they can’t seem to get away from, that they’re not being THEM –

Before you knew that the judgement, the sneering, the shaming, the eye rolling or laughing had nothing to DO with you.

Before they told you what a ‘proper’ job looks like, no you CAN’T be a fairy princess honey (hahaha, isn’t she CUTE?), no you can’t also just ‘be a badass’, that’s not a thing!

Before they told you what being a proper grown-up looks like – 

Before they told you what being a proper HUMAN looks like – 

Before they told you that that’s not how it’s done in business.
That that’s not how it’s done when communicating with CLIENTS, look, let me show you the right way!
That that’s not how it’s done in LIFE.

Before they told you that it’s not that simple – 

That you can’t just … no, you need more of a plan than … no, just being ‘funny’, or bold, or commanding isn’t enough, you gotta trick it up, you gotta package it up, you gotta wrap it up, and don’t you know you need a FUNNEL?

Before they told you that before you can show up you have to PREPARE –

Make a plan –

Get organised –

And of course, get approved!

Before they told you that it wasn’t a bad thing to fail, and fail, and fail again –

Back when you would laugh at yourself in genuine glee if at first you didn’t succeed, because it meant you could just try again, try a different way, and really, what else was it but an opportunity to be even MORE wild and creative and free?!

Back when you never questioned –

Back when you KNEW it was your birthright to create, but also be seen, command attention, be heard, why WOULDN’T the whole world want to watch you; of course they would?!

Back when your craziness was CELEBRATED (even though it drove you mad that the adults would always laugh and call you cute; didn’t they know you were DEADLY SERIOUS AND ALREADY KNEW EVERYTHING?!)

Back when you DID know everything

Back when you believed

Back when your art just flowed out of you and through you and from you, and it was very hard to tell –

Where you left off, and it began

Back before there ever was an idea that there SHOULD be some kind of separation, between play and life, life and business, business and fun, fun and you, you and art, art and madness, madness and play, play and life, wait –

Back before there was ever SEPARATION OF ANYTHING in who you were, and who you are, and who you SHOULD be

Back before they told you
Back before you learned
Back before you were quietened
Back before you turned away
Back before you slowly slowly
Shut it down
Locked the door
And if not threw away the key to your soul, your art, your heart, your wild, your free – 
Certainly lost it

Way back
Somewhere back
Remember back?









Way back
Somewhere back
Remember back?

You never once questioned
That EVERYBODY should know your name
Listen to you
Watch you

And that you just being you
However it came out
However it flowed
Whatever the madness
Whatever the mess
Whatever the FUN
Whatever the REVELRY
Whatever the glory

Would shake the whole damn world.

Leave it breathless, and wanting, and asking –

When can we see her again?

Way back
Somewhere back
Remember back?

And then?

Motherfucking go back.

It’s still there, it never left, and it doesn’t matter why YOU left –

It’s time to return.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



It’s time to return, it’s time to go back, remember back, somewhere back, WAY back?

It’s still there.

This work is about RETURNING TO ALL THAT YOU ALWAYS WERE, and then?

Putting motherfucking bells on it.


~ 12 Week Private Millionaire Internship with me, Katrina Ruth!

Work With Me 1:1 For 12 Weeks to Learn and FULLY Implement Every Single Part of the Daily, Weekly AND Inner Game Hustle of Growing a Multiple 7-Figure Online Empire, All Based on Doing Your Purpose Work and Unleashing the Next NEXT Level Badass Leader You!

{Apply / get more deets via PM; places extremely limited and selling now!}


> Defining, Packaging, Monetizing Your Message
> Selling to the Disciples AND the Masses
> Crafting and also Launching Your Funnel (or next funnel!)
> Effective Facebook Marketing
> Millionaire Daily Hustle, defining YOURS, and getting it locked down and done, daily
> Creating Your Own Fame, exactly how I do it – from flow only! – and how you can do
> Finding, Building & Leading a Soulmate Team Who Can Read Your Mind… even if you’re just getting started!
> The Daily Inner Game of Being a Purpose Driven Multi-Millionaire 
> Daily Messaging Flow
> Daily Sales Flow
> Being Maximally “On” with Energy, Motivation, Confidence, Drive
> Excellence, Automated, In All Areas (Body, Biz, Money, Relationships, Lifestyle, Life)
> Signing Up High-Ticket Soulmate Clients with Ease, on Repeat
> Scaling Low-High End the Flow Way 
> Continual Launching with Ease and ZERO “list burn” Issues 
> How We Add Minimum 30% to All Launches, Week in and Week Out!
> ALL copywriting, marketing, sales and branding shiz that I do; how to apply to you 

PLUS, as part of the Millionaire Internship, not only will I be by your side kicking your ass (into alignment and massive upleveling of the fucking work!) AND holding your hand daily, you’ll also get:

* Access to my team of 13 badass ninjas 
* Full behind the scenes on everything we do at The Katrina Ruth Show – ask anything, see anything!
* Unlimited 1:1 access to me over my private client channel: daily conversation and asskickery
* Day to day prompts and overviews on exactly what to do and exactly how to do it, day to day check in’s
* Templates and swipe files on every possible thing
* My teams and my insight and personal feedback on how to apply it to your biz, plus support / feedback as you do so!

Ready to rev this shit up, and want to work privately with me at the highest level? PM now, I’ve never done anything like this before and have no plans to again; places are moving fast!

PPS In no uncertain terms, this is about returning to ALL of you. Yeah, we going deep into each and every element of the building, the strategy, the HOW, but really what all that is built on? Going deep back into you, and then letting THAT baby out. I can’t wait 



10 Days of Live Soul Transmissions, to Help You Find and Follow the Messages Within

Day 1) Trust

Day 2) Certainty

Day 3) Self-Belief

Day 4) Empire Creation

Day 5) Your Deepest Message

Day 6) Following Soul Guidance in All Areas

Day 7) Faith vs Fear

Day 8) Accessing Flow, and Superflow

Day 9) Expanding Time

Day 10) Expanding Money

Every day will be a LIVE soul led transmission.

This will take place on Facebook video, held at a variety of times in order to account for varying time zones, and scheduled only once we have begun. Our daily soul transmissions will be guided from MY higher self and directed from and for YOURS, to help you find and FOLLOW the messages within. The messages of your spirit, your consciousness, of the who you’ve always been and yet have managed quite well to cover up a lot of the time.

This is about stripping away –

And getting back to the CORE.

We’ll dive day by day into the above mentioned areas –

And you’ll receive all content and bonuses to keep for life.

There will be daily spirit prompts which you’ll receive after each training.

And plenty of time opportunity connect with me throughout, receive transmissions direct to YOUR questions, and absorb more even than what comes through on the trainings, via the energy we’ll create in this collective!

It’s very rare for me to know in advance exactly what is coming through day to day.

I certainly don’t have the details of each day’s content. But I know that these areas have been on my heart to talk about, in particular around belief, around certainty, around living from FAITH.

We know that exactly what is meant to come through for you WILL, and then some. And that if you intend and allow for it to, it will change, most likely before we even begin, due to your energetic commitment, the direction of your LIFE!

Meaning: direct it back to absolute soul alignment.

*** NEVER Seen Before Bonus! ***

As part of this, I’ve been guided to offer a NEVER before seen bonus … one I feel super vulnerable about sharing!

It’s the exact journaling I did to allow the download of THIS offer through. How I allowed the idea to bubble up. You’ll see my doubt, uncertainty, annoyance. You’ll see what I discarded. How I went through the layers. And how I KNEW, this was the one.

I’ll ALSO add in copies (screenshots) of my conversation with my COO Ash, where I was talking through the idea and allowing it to come to life.

I want to show you the exact Idea to Launch process!

This bonus alone is EASILY worth the cost of this program, particularly when you hear the mindset side of it, in terms of STAYING THE COURSE and refusing to back away from my self until the idea showed up!

I refuse not to create!!

AND, when you register for EXPANSION today (and how could you not?!) you’ll also receive early access to the Pre-Work. This is ALSO never seen before, and brand new just for you – and it’s a guided meditation on remembrance, to help you connect back to deepest self and the most certain truth of your destiny, before we even begin.

Perfect priming, for when we expand RAPIDLY into all that is coming through in this work!

Of course I could now go on and on here, about what I could or should have charged for this, and what it’s actually going to be …

Or about all my accomplishments on line and off, with money, with purpose, with passion, with flow …

I think you know all this anyway. Even if you just me! Your soul feels what matters. And that’s ALL that matters.

But I will say this:

You’ve always known it’s supposed to be about ALL that is inside of you. That it’s meant to COME from a place of purpose, passion, and SUPER super flow. And that if you just.freaking.trusted, and showed up FULLY from that place, you’d be living in a different reality already.


If that’s true for you right now, then LET’S GO CREATE THAT REALITY.

Right now

Press play for regular, (super fuck yes!!) upfront or payment plan


Press play like a VIP, and receive the full course, plus 10 days direct photos or screenshots of my ACTUAL personal journaling, so you can see how I create and expand my life, PLUS a VIP only follow-on live Hotseat, where you’ll receive a personal transmission just for you, if you’d like one! Payment plan also available.


We start Monday 17 December, US time!

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