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Before you were conditioned – 

Before you were shut down – 

Before you learned that maybe it’s not safe, maybe you’ll be judged, maybe people will mock or scorn you – 

Before you knew that if they DO do that, it’s their own insecurities coming up; they’re triggered by you and the way you BEING you highlights and reminds them, like a God-damn mirror they can’t seem to get away from, that they’re not being THEM –

Before you knew that the judgement, the sneering, the shaming, the eye rolling or laughing had nothing to DO with you.

Before they told you what a ‘proper’ job looks like, no you CAN’T be a fairy princess honey (hahaha, isn’t she CUTE?), no you can’t also just ‘be a badass’, that’s not a thing!

Before they told you what being a proper grown-up looks like – 

Before they told you what being a proper HUMAN looks like – 

Before they told you that that’s not how it’s done in business.
That that’s not how it’s done when communicating with CLIENTS, look, let me show you the right way!
That that’s not how it’s done in LIFE.

Before they told you that it’s not that simple – 

That you can’t just … no, you need more of a plan than … no, just being ‘funny’, or bold, or commanding isn’t enough, you gotta trick it up, you gotta package it up, you gotta wrap it up, and don’t you know you need a FUNNEL?

Before they told you that before you can show up you have to PREPARE –

Make a plan –

Get organised –

And of course, get approved!

Before they told you that it wasn’t a bad thing to fail, and fail, and fail again –

Back when you would laugh at yourself in genuine glee if at first you didn’t succeed, because it meant you could just try again, try a different way, and really, what else was it but an opportunity to be even MORE wild and creative and free?!

Back when you never questioned –

Back when you KNEW it was your birthright to create, but also be seen, command attention, be heard, why WOULDN’T the whole world want to watch you; of course they would?!

Back when your craziness was CELEBRATED (even though it drove you mad that the adults would always laugh and call you cute; didn’t they know you were DEADLY SERIOUS AND ALREADY KNEW EVERYTHING?!)

Back when you DID know everything

Back when you believed

Back when your art just flowed out of you and through you and from you, and it was very hard to tell –

Where you left off, and it began

Back before there ever was an idea that there SHOULD be some kind of separation, between play and life, life and business, business and fun, fun and you, you and art, art and madness, madness and play, play and life, wait –

Back before there was ever SEPARATION OF ANYTHING in who you were, and who you are, and who you SHOULD be

Back before they told you
Back before you learned
Back before you were quietened
Back before you turned away
Back before you slowly slowly
Shut it down
Locked the door
And if not threw away the key to your soul, your art, your heart, your wild, your free – 
Certainly lost it

Way back
Somewhere back
Remember back?









Way back
Somewhere back
Remember back?

You never once questioned
That EVERYBODY should know your name
Listen to you
Watch you

And that you just being you
However it came out
However it flowed
Whatever the madness
Whatever the mess
Whatever the FUN
Whatever the REVELRY
Whatever the glory

Would shake the whole damn world.

Leave it breathless, and wanting, and asking –

When can we see her again?

Way back
Somewhere back
Remember back?

And then?

Motherfucking go back.

It’s still there, it never left, and it doesn’t matter why YOU left –

It’s time to return.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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