Fuck the formula, fuck trying to get to their pain points, fuck the box that THEY say you’ve gotta fit in, WE are not like the other entrepreneurs and we never will be.

Ugh, who’d wanna be?!

Not us!

We do business from the soul, not from a script, and we’re not here to fuck around.

We KNOW who we are.

We KNOW what we came here to do.

We KNOW we were born for it, so while we appreciate the feedback, the confirmation, and yep even the VALIDATION of our awesome, it feels niiiiicceeee, the truth is we already know just how damn good we are and how POWERFULLY we’re here to impact the world. BOOYAH.

And whilst there might have been some sort of testing of faith along the way, and maybe still is, beneath the story and the bullshit and the sometimes frustration of still not BEING there, the truth?

There was never a shadow of a doubt in our minds, WAS there?

WE CAME HERE TO RUN THIS THING, and while we’re at it? We ARE gonna build it too, create the entire world around us and completely on our terms, so BUCKLE UP BABY ’cause this badass beatch?

Is here to ride ALL the way.

I was thinking about all of this this morning, thinking about it in a half of a second as it flashed through me, thinking about it as I bent over in the disabled toilets of one of the Gold Coast’s more genteel towns, to put my shoes and socks on.

I’d just finished washing myself in the sink. LIKE a badass.

I’d been at my 1:1 Muay Thai lesson (SO GOOD!) and was sweaty and stinky like a motherfucker, not to mention all STICKY from that shit drying on me. In a few hours I’ve gotta hit the airport again for my next trip, but I won’t be going home in between, and there’s no shower at the fight club.

Meanwhile, I had a hair appointment and didn’t REALLY want to sit down in the cold aircon of the salon in my wet gym gear … never mind I was tryna figure out where on the coast I could grab a shower, or should I just wait for the airport lounge?

Frankly I thought it was pretty ingenious of me to come up with the idea of washing in the toilets. Inspired as fuck! I always know exactly what to do, and everything always works out perfectly for me …

As I finished my ablutions, using my sweaty Muay Thai singlet as a washcloth after having wrung and soaped it out (so fancy), my Nike backpack flung on the floor and Chanel handbag sitting on top of the diaper change station, I had to stop and laugh at myself –

I SO don’t fit the mold.

I’m cruising around in one of the most top model Mercedes, designer shiz all over my person, self-made Millionaire and abundant as fuck lifestyle an ACTIVE part of my brand marketing, but I’m also still just that chick with a backpack, rushing slightly late everywhere, all sweaty and messed up because I would NEVER say no to squeezing a workout in just ’cause there’s nowhere to shower afterwards … and figuring it’s totes fine to wash in the toilets if that’s all there is around.

Before then hopping back into mentoring my millionaire clients, maybe from somewhere as civilized as a SEAT or something, but half the time, honestly? I’m probably sitting cross-legged on the floor somewhere, crap strewed out all around me. The amount of street curbs I’ve stopped and sat on all over the world, arms waving madly in the air as I mentor one of my high-level clients or just do a spontaneous FB live. lol.

You can take the girl out of the gym and all …

And it occurred to me, how much I LOVE and am proud of this contrast in myself. I shook my head and smiled as I thought – ‘God. I certainly don’t fit the mold, do I?!’

But then, hang on – ‘of COURSE I don’t fit the fucking mold. I AM the mold baby, they ALL wanna be like me, but just when you THOUGHT you had me all figured out, I changed the whole damn game again 


It’s always been that way.

I break the rules before they finish being laminated, then re-make new ones, and just as everybody is quick-stepping into line to be like me I take a too-fast-to-even-notice side-step to the left, and boom –

I’m gone again. Catch me if you can, AND you can’t. (shout out to err’body who died their hair red last year )

You too, this is how it’s always been for you, they try to be like you but you’re already 14 steps ahead of them and in an entirely new world which you just dreamed up this morning?

Thought so.

It’s just how we DO, isn’t it? #smugface

The best part is that it’s so EASY, right?

Sometimes almost boringly and too predictably so. The amount of times I’ve had people model my ‘system’. Sometimes other people come and tell me – ‘such and such person is ripping off your content’, or whatever. Which I appreciate the intent of, but honestly?

Try all you like honey, I got that being Katrina Fucking Ruth shit DOWN, and not-at-all-sorry to tell ya, that I AM going to win, I already HAVE won, you are NOT gonna beat me at being me.

I know, I know, it’s upsetting to have to face up to, but there there, you’ll be right, have a cup of tea and a blanky and a marshmallow, and oh – how about this for an idea?!

HOW ABOUT YOU GO BE FUCKING YOU, ain’t nobody gonna beat YOU at THAT!

But also –

YOU are not going to win at life if you don’t be you, ALL of you. I mean, really … who the hell else was it you were thinking of being?

I said it’s easy, and I don’t just mean that now my life is SO freakin’ easy and ALL bout dat superflow, the days of not being me or money fear and so on being over, that’s all cool, but what I really meant was it’s so fucking EASY to just be you, all of it, and never again have to think about how to do ANYTHING.

What should you say online, how should you message or share? I dunno … maybe just say whatever the fuck comes out, and share that?#doh

HOW should you present yourself to the world so that they see you and like you and buy? Umm … just present yourself as who you fucking are …?

What should you sell, and how should you package and deliver it? Well … why not just sell what you can’t NOT, and package and deliver it in whatever which way it freaking comes out!

There are no rules.
There is no formula.
There is no ‘right’ way to communicate with your soulmate people, or call them in.

And YOU make the damn mold.

Imagine if, in finding a soulmate partner, you were worrying about how to present or position yourself, what to say or do in order to be accepted or loved?! Well, a lot of people clearly DO do that. But, honestly – IT SOUNDS FUCKING STUPID, doesn’t it?

Not to mention exhausting to have to try and keep up with …

Not to mention that if you managed to build SOME sort of relationship that way it would be BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF BULLSHIT.

But yet –

This is how people do business do love do LIFE.

And then they wonder why they’re not happy or they never get there …

Here’s the thing though –

I know you’re scared that maybe deep down you’re not good enough, cool enough, people wouldn’t like or ACCEPT the real you, and how would it work, and besides, surely there’s a ‘proper’ way to do things online?!

Well –

Go deeper.

I URGE you.


Because even though those fears are in there, I KNOW that if you go ALL the way deep to your core, you do fucking know –

Who you are
What you came here to do
How fucking COOL and BADASS you are
YOU just think that if you admitted that yes even to yourself you’d be too FULL of yourself!

GET FUCKING FULL OF YOURSELF! Fill right UP on that shit!

You KNOW that your success, fame, transformative impact on the world is inevitable

You’ve always known this …

Which brings me to a question –

When the fuck do you think you might wanna just say yes to it?

I GET that you’re scared
I GET you think it’s not that simple
I GET you feel like you can’t afford to leap

Well –


You want this life, or no? You want to ALLOW to life all that’s inside of you, or no? You ACTUALLY FUCKING BELIEVE, or no?

You KNOW you are the damn mold, and you KNOW you have what it takes, but the deal is this –


Can’t be half pregnant
Can’t be half Christian


Today, take a good long hard look in the mirror –

Who are you REALLY, beneath the stories?


It’s time to stop being the Loch Ness Fucking Monster of your own life. Where ARE you?

Either you’re ALL the way in.

Or ALL the way out.

It’s just how it works.

So –

Which is it then?

Don’t just hell yeah on another of my posts on the internet.


SHOW me who you are.


I’m never gonna know you even existed.

Just how it is baby –

Wake up.
Slap yourself in the face.
Pour a bucket of cold water on your face.

Be fucking you.