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It’s not going to be enough to have the vision firmly planted in your head, of where you want to go, and who you know you must become, of all the things you wish you had or feel you SHOULD, if you’re not also purposefully and with conscious / deliberate intent, taking action to move forward on these things.

The reality is that if you actually had the vision firmly planted in your head, if you fully knew and felt every bit of it, if you’d allowed it to sink into your BEING, become part of you, as really you MUST, then you’d also be naturally, automatically, and regardless of confrontation or challenge, DOING shit to get you there.

The person who is connected FULLY to what they are creating is also creating it! It’s pretty simple 🙂

Whereas the person who has a ‘somewhat’ idea of what they’d love life to be like tends to also take ‘somewhat’ actions towards creating it,

and even though they may well journal or affirm or engage in other forms of supposedly effective inner work, even though they may well spend a fairly impressive amount of time on such, in fact they could in a sense be BUSIER than those who are already out there doing and being the damn thing, they just never really change.


Because their entire approach to dream life creation is LED BY DOUBT.

It shouldn’t come as a shock or wake-up call to you when I tell you that the road to success is not paved by fear, and that doubt-led action takin’ ain’t gonna get you any real place of note, but tell me –

Are you embodying this truth?

If you’re honest with yourself, really honest, and I hope that you are, when you consider the way YOU are currently showing up to become and create and allow through all that always was meant for you, are you showing up with relentless purpose-driven determination, and ZERO availability in your soul for any outcome other than the FULL bringing to life of the vision or something even better –

Or is your approach more of a ‘I’ll hold back a little, because if I really went ALL in, and then I still didn’t get what I want, or believe I’m meant to have, it might MEAN something, such as that I’m not actually worthy!”?

As with all things like this, the answer is one or the other baby; there is no in between.

Should we also perhaps mention the bit of it in which a good chunk of the reason you don’t show up with all-in determination is because you are lazy as fuck, and haven’t trained yourself out of it?!

I think so!

Look, when you are ‘there’, when you are pressing fully play on the life you were born for, are meant for, were CREATED for, and have ABSOLUTE ACCESS TO NOW, in many ways it WILL feel like flow, like ease, like surrender, like BEING TAKEN CARE OF BY LIFE ITSELF. You will know that God has GOTCHU, and that faith will give you peace and reassurance beyond your wildest imagination.


when you DO have total peace and reassurance, faith that a thing is ‘done’, isn’t it true that this state of being FREES you up to then do the work you are actually meant to do; to be that most fully expressed version of you?

To create
To unleash
To tap into the great beyond
To dance with GOD himself, never mind life
To play and pour forth and just, well, to live!

Maybe for a very few people, the answer to what you’d be DOING if there were nothing you had to do, and your every soul-led desire was already taken care of, is LITERALLY nothing.

No creating.
No serving.
No reaching out.
No STRIVING, learning new things, overcoming.
And so on.

Sounds like a pretty lame life!

So why is it, do you think, that you still have this part of you that thinks what you’re working towards here is some kind of sit-on-your-ass and do sweet fuck all life?

Maybe it’s just the school kid within who is conditioned to believe that the word WORK is still a dirty word, and something we should be trying to avoid or wriggle out of, they told you it was a thing for you to NOT like or long for, and so you just ate that belief system up! Reminds me of when my brother Ash was about 3, and we were eating pumpkin for dinner, and he asked our Mum “do I like this?”

“Yes!”, she said. “You love it!”.

(he did not, by all accounts)

And so he ate it up!

What are YOU eating up without even thinking about it, and do you think that maybe now would be a great time to check yourself before you REALLY freaking wreck yourself, and get serious about what you WOULD be doing each day right now if you were being that truest you, who is living purposefully, and consciously creating her dream life?

Would you be paying more attention to your money, where it’s going, what’s coming in, and what actions you need to take to both energetically call in more of it as well as practically fucking ask for it aka sell?

Would you be more on the ball with your fitness, actually getting off your ever-expanding heiny when you say you will, and also refraining from using your mouth as some kind of infinite black hole, CHECKING yourself and making conscious and soul-led choices accordingly, no matter how tough or UGH they felt in the moment?

Would you be pressing pause before you text for that booty call again, asking yourself if this is actually the sort of action that’s going to get you to where you want to go?

Would you be getting the fuck over your doubts and insecurities and being relentless about your selling, your marketing, your messaging, your showing up for your business like you’re actually committed to it working?

Would you be maybe a LITTLE bit more intentional about where your energy is going?

Your time?

Your LIFE?!

Or would you be continuing to buy into the bullshit that just vaguely thinking or writing or talking about what you want, and sagely nodding your head at the idea that of course all things are possible, available, available for you, and now, is enough to actually get you there?

Word to the wise my friend:

Just because it’s available –

Just because you’re worth it –

Just because it’s meant to be –


Yes, you have a destiny, a purpose, a calling, and were born for more.

No, that has nothing to do with whether or not it will ever happen.

Wake the fuck up.

You’re either actively creating your dream life right now, or you’re actively moving even further away from it.

So if you’re on track and ya know it, awesome, well done, SPEED IT UP AND GO DEEPER INTO YOU; why not?!

But for most of you –

Course correct accordingly, now.

Or quit bitching about how long it’s all taking, when YOU are just not really choosing it.

Also, get ready for eternity looking back on the fact that you didn’t.



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