Success Mindset


STOP! Playing small

Newsflash my kickass soul sister: there is no rule that says you can’t have what you REALLY want right NOW.

You do NOT have to be “ready” (whatever the fuck THAT is!) …

You do NOT have to take a certain step-by-step path, or ANY path …

And you sure as shit don’t have to know what on earth you’re really doing or even HOW to do it!

You just have to make up your mind WHAT you want, make up your mind that you want it NOW, make a CHOICE to believe you can HAVE it now and then, oh yeah-


Here’s the thing gorgeous –

The world will try to tell you that your dreams are not good enough, not timely enough, you’re not ready, the world is not ready, you haven’t paid your dues, you didn’t make a 5-year plan, that’s not how it works, you’re being duped or scammed, YOU’RE duping or scamming people, you have to model the way THEY did it, you have to follow the rules, you must, you can’t, you have to, NO, YES, GO, STOP, NOW, LATER, AAAAAAUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Can I tell you a secret?

All of those rules, and procedures and ‘ways that it’s done’?

Guess what?

They were invented by other PEOPLE!



So why on earth are you following THEIR rules for how you should create YOUR life? I mean, c’mon –

You say you want to lead not follow, create a new kind of normal, dominate your industry and rule the world, but yet you continue to move forward with the pace and elegance of a freakin’ snail, constantly asking someone, something, the Universe perhaps for permission to take one tiny step forward.

“Is it okay if I put my toe in the water?”


“I PROMISE I’ll be a GOOD girl!”

“I’ll do what I’m told!”

“I’ll do it the way EVERYONE is doing it, I won’t ’cause disruptions or rock the cart, I won’t, I’ll FIT RIGHT IN AND CREATE THE SAME BORING SHIT FOLLOWING THE SAME ‘TRIED AND TESTED’ (by whom?!) PATH AS EVERYONE ELSE”

“So is it okay?”

“Can I?”

PRETTY please?”

Oh, but that’s not you, that’s not what you’re doing, you’re bolder than that, you’re fearless, a leader, a visionary in fact!


Your stuff is boring and you are hiding the real you.

Face up to it chicky:

You’re running scared.


Oh, you’re trying, for sure, I get that! You know you have to stand out, be different, make a change! You know you need to let your personality SHINE! (Not quite sure how that works, maybe carry a mirror wherever you go?)

You know you have to PUSH THE BOUNDARIES!


And you really are trying, you are, you’re putting the work in and you are WILLING to do what it takes and you’re getting there, for sure!

Wanna know what I think? Okay, let’s be honest I’m going to tell you whether you like it or not –

Your ‘trying’ is just not good enough.

It is just not GOOD ENOUGH.

I don’t say that in a ‘YOU are not good enough’ sort of a way, I say it in a ‘you ARE GOOD ENOUGH SO WHY AREN’T YOU ACTING LIKE IT SORT OF WAY!’

That stuff you rant about to your friends, your mastermind buddies, your partner, in your head, the stuff that you REALLY think, the stuff that you see in your news feed that makes you roll your eyes or get pissed off or think ‘for fucks SAKES!’, THAT is the stuff the world wants and needs from you.

STOP running scared.

STOP being so freakin’ vanilla!

And start to CAUSE AN UPSET because when you do, a funny thing will happen –

You will START a revolution.

And if you’re ballsy enough to KEEP on saying in public what you normally keep private, and if you’re hard-working enough to then TAKE that ‘talk’ and turn it into something that you can teach, inspire with, HELP people with, you might just accidentally on purpose build an ACTUALLY BITCHING BRAND.

Or, you know, you can just keep on working on that next optin, ‘signature ecourse’, webinar, coaching program, and build ANOTHER BORING BLOG that helps a few people who mostly already knew and loved you.

And while we’re on the topic of you finally stepping UP, there’s something else I need to get off my chest-

You should be ashamed of yourself for the way you set your goals and dreams sometimes! I mean, really!

Deep down you KNOW you can go further.

You truly BELIEVE you are here to change the world, be a TRUE leader, a VISIONARY, make a HUGE DIFFERENCE and a FUCKLOAD of money.

You see yourself at the helm of an EMPIRE …

A leader AMONGST leaders …




With a reach that spans MILLIONS …

And your TRUE CREATIVE GENIUS brought to light …

But your goals say

“Make an extra 5k this month”


“Write a blog post every week”


“Save 10%!”


“Book that overseas holiday!”


“Write that ebook”


“Find a great VA”


“launch that signature program!”


“lose 2kg”


“blend into a same old world of same old sameness because I don’t really have the freaking BALLS or belief to think I could do anything different”

I mean SERIOUSLY, what the fuck is that shit?!

It’s ridiculous!

Show me your TRUE desires! Show me your true PAIN! Show me what you REALLY WANT and then STAND UP AND TAKE A STAND FOR IT!

Now. An aside. I do realise that if you’re new to me and the way I write you’re probably about ready to punch me in the jaw right now. “Who on earth is this fucking Katrina Ruth?!”, you’re thinking. “What a freaking BITCH! What makes HER queen of the world! How ARROGANT! Who does she think she IS?”

I’ll tell you.

‘Cause I’m friendly like that.

I am YOU.

I am YOU sister.

I am the scared, meek, ‘wanna be a leader and rule the world but too busy building a business and making a few k’ woman that YOU are. Yep, been there, done that for a LONG time and I can tell you – it ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.

I can tell you something else –

Where my business EXPLODED was when I decided to STOP PLAYING SO FREAKING SMALL and just start living my ‘one day’ life, now.

I packed up my family and belongings, including a 4-week old baby. Hit the worldwide road despite having only dollars in the bank at the time. Set an unknown return date.

Stopped churning out burning ‘how to’ posts and helpful articles and started just saying whatever the frick I actually thought, the stuff I already said in private but now just in public. Added a bit of chili spice to it just to REALLY get my point across.

Stopped believing that ‘things take time’, or ‘first this before that’ and just launched in a day the program I wanted to do to the people I wanted to work with at the price I REALLY wanted to charge (which in this cases was like 90% OFF what the coaching industry was telling me I SHOULD charge but that just never felt RIGHT or ME)

Decided not to wait anymore for the world to appoint me a best-seller, a leader, a visionary, a change-maker and decided to just ‘be’ all of that, now.

Decided to NOW just make what I really wanted to make every month, not to keep building my income in a linear fashion.

Decided to be in BETTER shape after 2 kids than ever before.

Decided to just stop putting in hours I didn’t want to do or indeed doing ANYTHING I didn’t want to do.

Decided I could launch that magazine, run that BIG event, meet the WORLD LEADERS of my field, become ONE of them, be KNOWN, have it ALL and have it all NOW.

And went out and just did all of that, took it all, made it happen.


And I’ll tell you something else –

Getting to where you want to go is NOT about linear progress. It is NOT about following the path set out by other freakin’ people! Who knows where THEY are really headed anyway! Do THEY even know?!

It is NOT about ‘first this, then that’.

It is not about what MAKES SENSE.

And it is SURE not about paying your dues, or being READY or knowing HOW.

[pq] You want to REALLY play all out at this dream business and life you SAY you’re creating?! Then just. fucking. DO IT! [/pq]


CAUSE an upset …

BE a firestarter …

SAY what you think …

DO what others won’t …


And when anybody wants to tell you what THEY think about your outlandish plans, dreams, or give you some sage advice?

As Sir Downey said best of all –

“Listen politely, nod and smile, and then do whatever the fuck you were going to do anyway”

You are here to change the WORLD baby.

So why don’t you freaking well change yourself first!