Success/Success Mindset


At some point if you really really ACTUALLY want to achieve the one day big picture stuff you talk about, dream about, can’t and won’t shut up about, you’re going to have to get off your ass and actually get to work.

Oh, what’s that now? You’re busy, you’re focused, you’re getting yo’ shit done, already?

I don’t think so.

Running towards your dreams is not about being BUSY baby, and it ain’t even about getting a ton of shit DONE each day. I mean sure – good for you, great for you, AWESOME for you that you know how to check tasks off a list, that you hustle, you grind, you work your way THROUGH where so many others would rest, stop, or not even begin at all!

YAY for being an efficient machine!

Because let’s just be honest here: if your claim to fame and achievement is that you get shit DONE, then the truth is that no matter how fast and focused you are in doing that ALL you are really?

A productive freakin’ machine | femmebot | manbot or just ANOTHER boring as fuck stepfordprenenur who decided not to live the normal life and so ‘oh! I might just do that whole make money online or work for myself thing instead!’

I mean look –

If your GOAL your MISSION your PURPOSE your VISION is simply to grow a business, build a brand, sell a product or service, make a buck or even a million then SERIOUSLY:

Yay for you and I mean it, but I will also say this –

THIS? This community right here? This REVOLUTION right here? This tribe of DRIVEN #HighVibin’ mofos right here?


Because WE did not COME here to achieve.

We did not COME here to make freaking MONEY and then sit back and be done.

We didn’t COME here to build a business –

Or even a brand –

But instead?

We came here to build a fucking life, and it is a life of purpose and calling and creating and stepping INTO the destiny we were born for.

We came here to lead.

We came here to shine.

We came here to change the fucking WORLD, is the truth of it.

And so when you sit there –

Day after day –

And you THINK that your mission for the day | the week | the month | your LIFE –

Is to get shit done, pay your bills, create something ‘nice’, maybe even get to where you can live the VIFuckingP life –

You have SERIOUSLY forgotten who you are and what this was ALWAYS meant to be about.

And sure –

Maybe you just ARE that person who simply doesn’t wanna get a normal job and that’s really the whole story and if so then leave leave leave because I can’t HELP you I don’t GET you and also?

I don’t want you; you bore me.

But if you are that person who KNOWS –

Deep in your heart your mind your soul your very CELLS –

That you were born for more.
That you were NEVER going to live the normal life.
That it was ALWAYS going to be about leading
A revolution.
About creating –
A legacy.
About changing –
The face of the WORLD.

Then baby –



It’s time to stop talking about | journaling about | dreaming about.

It’s time to stop excusing your own BULLSHIT with the argument that you ARE busy, you ARE getting shit done, you ARE perhaps even more successful than those around you because here is what I’m going to say to you about that:




You’re either chasing the true dream you KNOW you came here to fulfil –

Or you’re just very good at filling up your life.

There is no in between.