Success Mindset


You don’t need to clear shit.

My journaling this morning; a reminder to self:

I get the results I decide.

I get the results I decide.

I get the results I DECIDE.

Every result I have achieved has been because I decided, and then did not take my eye off that ball.

NOT. Because I cleared it, understood my ‘shit’ around it, shifted said shit.

(This is exactly why, in my courses, I focus only minimally on ‘clearing your shit’. And, I teach it for an entirely different reason than the so-called – fake news! – reason of ‘you have to or you won’t have the result’).

EVERY thing I have achieved has come about due to a daily or near to daily tuning in,

dialling up,

whether or not I felt like it.

And MOST big things that I have achieved, created, called in, have come about when I STILL DID NOT FEEL WORTHY OR GOOD ENOUGH ON SOME LEVEL. When I still had so much ‘shit’ or ‘blocks’ around it. When I still had all sorts of triggers and mirrors and reflections!

– I did not clear my shit in order to become a multi-millionaire, I did not deal with all of my money blocks, I also still did not feel good enough on some level, and I didn’t ‘feel’ myself being it before I became it. In fact, even years after having maintained and grown on that income milestone I at times still wonder “is this really true?!”

– I did not clear my shit before I made MASSIVE leaps and uplevels in my money sitch to purchase my multi-million dollar dream home. I COMMITTED to the purchase – decided! – with no freaking clue how I would come up with close to 900k cash for the deposit in a matter of a couple of months after having only just before that cleaned out ALL my cash purchasing another (investment) property. Even now as I sit here in said house, I think – “wow! Is it true? Did I do that?!”

– I did not clear my shit, feel confident, worthy, ready, unstoppable, in order to become one of the most well-known female leaders online. I just decided. Planted the flag. Started acting from a place of deeper faith and trust and fuck yes as though it were already true. It became true.

– I did not clear my shit in order to become mentor to some of the most successful and badass women in this space. I gave myself an asskicking around it some years back, decided to claim it because I knew it was what was meant to be, started writing letters to this ideal client, still felt like a silly little girl. Still do, a lot of the time! Still shake my head in wonder that these sort of women want to mentor with ME!

– I did not clear my shit to become a parent! I committed to the damn outcome, decided, and then, well – too late! (And imagine if you did everything that way, and there were truly no opting out once the ball was rolling).

– I have not cleared my shit around being worthy of true love, mad love, crazy love, once in a lifetime love, and everything beyond what I would even dare to dream … and yet … hmmm … shhh

The idea that you need to clear your shit,

own all your triggers,

or that every freakin’ thing that does or doesn’t happen in a situation with your money, your biz growth, your dating or love life, etc, means that you yourself must not be owning that part of you,

or that you need to better embody this or that or the other thing,

or that clearly your mindset is not dialled to receiving,

is bullshit!!

Certified and laminated bullshit!

I mentioned that I do teach this sort of stuff in my courses, and I do.

– I teach dialling up your ability to receive
– I teach noticing and shifting ‘blocks’
– I teach digging in around what part of you doesn’t own it yet, hasn’t given permission yet, and so on

So –

What gives?!

>>> I teach and recommend the work for its own sake. Not because you need it to get to an outcome. <<<

Watch my lips:







We could chuck away this entire industry. If people just learned to decide better (aka … fully!), and then keep on deciding, relentlessly, no matter what, I believe there would actually be NO OTHER WORK TO DO.

The deciding, and what occurs through it, would take care of the other work.


If I want to draw closer to God, is it more effective or smart for me to explore all the reasons why I can’t, why I shouldn’t, why I may not be worthy, why I’ve stopped myself til now, and so on?

Or is it better to just,


ding ding ding ding, we have a winner!


I write this as a piece of my life falls into place which I dreamed of, prayed for, longed for, made … ‘interesting’ life choices around many times … wanted so.damn.bad, wondered why I haven’t experienced yet, ‘what’s wrong with me?’, what do I need to shift or clear, handed over a MILLION times, and surrendered that I may never have even as much as faith still held true somewhere within, REFUSED to compromise on, not even a little bit, and now .. come what may, I can already say:


Once again.

Magic is happening in my life and I have not cleared all my shit.

Once again, something is coming along that a part of me absofuckinglutely does not feel good enough or worthy of!

Once again, it showed up and I STILL HAD NOT DEALT WITH MY TRIGGERS! Had not embodied this or that or the other thing. Did not do special rituals or practices or clearings or what the fuck ever. Did not consciously and carefully align every possible bit of myself to!

But I did trust, somewhere under all the wondering.

And I did keep my eye on the ball.

And I did pray it | ask it | DECIDE it, daily.

And I did, in doing so … and this is a BIG missing link with decision, and why it doesn’t work for many … I did hand it over. Every damn time. Surrender, baby, like a mofo.

I want what I want so bad it made me scream and cry and wail at times. And? I was FULLY PREPARED TO LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT IT. And not a single part of me would entertain saying yes to anything other than a FULL God certain yes.

So when you decide …

Do you decide and KEEP on deciding?
Do you decide with your eye on the vision of what you see inside of you no matter how much ‘shit’ comes up that is ‘proof’ you can’t have it yet or be ready?
Do you ONLY clear said shit or do the ‘work’ on your inner self if you feel guided to for its own sake, or do you do it because you believe you have to ‘or else’?
Do you, in deciding, have absolute firmness around a refusal to settle, sacrifice, compromise, no matter how much you want the damn thing? Do you mean it?!
Are you willing to give your life for deciding, praying, asking for, and also SURRENDERING this thing?
Or are you willing to hand it over, and know that, as much as you long for it and also believe, deep down, that it is ‘meant to be’, that you will be quite fine – more than! – without it, and that no matter what, you are taken care of and will live your best life?


do you buy into every possible idea out there that you’re not there yet because there’s a missing link of aligning or clearing you still have to work on?

Are you in the ridiculous story that most of the online world seems to be in that if something hasn’t shown up it’s due to an unhealed or unrecognised or unaccepted or un-owned part of you? “Ahhhhhh” (wise face) “It’s a reflection of what I haven’t given myself”.


I’m sorry.

I call bullshit.

Give your damn self the shit your self needs and wants FOR THAT REASON.

But don’t make it the magic bullet that’s gonna get you to the holy grail.

How you gon’ get to the holy grail?

You woke up one day and decided to.

And then kept on deciding.