I don’t help my clients to achieve anything that wasn’t already inside of them

There are plenty of people who have approached me wanting to ‘go all the way’, be like the clients of mine who have become extremely famous and wealthy within this industry, because they found out I mentored that person for years, have privately mentored dozens upon dozens upon dozens of the most successful online entrepreneurs for years. (And, less famously, plenty of not-online ones)

But … I can’t teach you how to be rich. Known. Seen. How to create extraordinary work. How to change the game, or write an entirely new game. In fact I can’t teach you how to build or achieve ANYTHING. Unless it’s what was already in you.

I’m the identity activator. THAT is what I do.

My clients who are the most incredibly successful, known, applauded, are the ones who had it in them. Were already doing it. Were already gonna KEEP doing it. It’s just that they saw something in me which their spirit recognised and guided them to for the purposes of deep, often shocking, always transformative, ACTIVATION. So … maybe they got there faster, more fully, because they came into my space.

But they didn’t get any place they didn’t already KNOW. You know?

So … don’t come along to me asking how you can get results like such and such person.

Come and tell me what you WILL do, what you ARE already gonna do, what nothing is gonna STOP you from doing, and then tell me about the part of you which is already activated by me,

what you wonder and notice and feel in what’s coming up in you,

and why you know it’s time to say yes to more of that. To all of that. To all of what dropping in to YOU would mean.

I just work from my true beingness to activate yours. Can’t activate what’s not there. Can’t activate for YOU what ‘she’ or ‘she’ or ‘they’ did in my space. That was their fire unleashed. I was just part of what sparked it, helped them see how not NOT to.

My clients have become things I’d have no freakin’ clue how to do for myself. So why TF do you think I can tell YOU how to do it? lol. That’s some weird ass logic.

My clients come back to me again and again after mentoring with other coaches, year in and year out (or simply stay for years in other cases), because in my space they become fully THEM. And … even the most fascinating and wonderful coach in the world is not gonna be as magnetic as your own you-ness fully expressed. So … they don’t come repeatedly to me because of me. They become because they ‘need to be in my energy’ … which is to say because they are magnetized by THEIRS.

Have I said it enough different ways now?

I can’t make you something you don’t already know you are.

Come tell me who you are.

And I will SHOW you, through REFLECTION of what is already IN you, the way to fully being that.

Ready, know it’s time?

Programmed to Upgrade, 25 Days 1:1 with me, starts this week.

Message me now to tell me who you are, and what you’re ready to become, as we drop you into the activation your spirit can no longer pretend away from. Your future is exactly what you claim it to be …