Success Mindset


Yesterday in church I heard and received one of the most powerful messages that has ever come my way.

Here is how I interpret it when something comes to me that truly shakes me, wakes me, brings me back TO me:

it was already within me, I already knew exactly this, I’ve known it for all of time, it was planted in my consciousness before I ever even knew I WAS, and the reason it feels so game-changingly WOW for me is, therefore, simply because it is a reflection of me!

Kind of like when that perfect soulmate mentor comes in to your space, and repeatedly says things that leave you truly SHOOK with how FOR you they were. Of course they are for you! That person is simply saying what is in you, what your soul has known the whole entire time. And perhaps nobody ever said it aloud before …

You know?

All of which is just a reminder for you: at any point in time YOU can be the one who says aloud, and then claims and lives from, the truth inside your soul!

Just saying.

The message yesterday, the one which felt immeasurably and infinitely powerful and SO for me, which I think may just also be for you, was built around this verse in Romans, 4:17:

“God calls things that do not exist as though they did”.

God CALLS things –

names and claims them –

speaks to them as though they are already there –


things that do NOT exist,

as though they did.

Things that, through said calling, said naming, then BECOME.

The sub-part of this sermon, and a way of seeing it even more simply:

“God does not consult your past to determine your future. He sees it from what CAN be, not from what is. Whereas as humans … even for those of us who ‘get’ claiming, naming, saying yes to what we see inside of us and doing so FROM where we choose to be as opposed to where our past or so-called present tells us to be … we still tend to see through the lens of what we think we are NOW”.

After the service, there was an alter call around the prayer and intention of letting God NOW show you what he already sees for you, and in you. I was called to go forward immediately, and felt that familiar heart-thumping nervousness at ‘actually walking down the front’ when the call was given. Yep, even after an entire lifetime in the church, and too many times having gone to the front to remember, I still feel that. ‘Is everyone looking at me? What do they think?!’

I put it aside, and just dropped in to God’s presence. One of the senior pastors came and prayed for me, and the word that came through her for me shook me AGAIN! As if the sermon hadn’t already left me open and emotionally destabilised enough. But that’s so what our soul longs for, isn’t it?

To be opened. And for the old to destabilise enough to make way for the new.

Here’s the thing:

when you answer the call of your soul, to go somewhere, to do something, to say yes to something, so often you’ve no idea why. MOSTLY, you’ve no idea why. And many times … it would be so easy to say no. I don’t need to do that. I don’t have time for that. That isn’t relevant for right now.

It would have been so easy yesterday, to not go to church. We were running so late that it felt stressful to hustle and get there. ‘Let’s just walk on the beach, and have family time instead’, my mind said to me.

But my soul reminded me – you CHOOSE to live in God. Sunday church is a choice you make within that. You literally have the entire day for the beach or nothingness. Make the effort. How will you feel an hour from now if you DO go, or if you don’t?

Sometimes the vibe is to NOT do the thing, absolutely. But also, so much of what I’ve created and become in my life has been because I repeatedly choose to act FROM.

So, we went. Same thing with going down the front. So often I have felt that nudge and ignored it. ‘I don’t need to’. ‘I can just pray right here’. ‘God sees me anyway’. ‘I’m making it up that I feel I should go down’.

But what if we just never questioned our nudges?

Yes, of course God sees you whether or not you go down the front, go to church even, whatever! Just like your soul work and the true unfolding of your magic is there whether or not you put yourself in the space of letting it out.

But it sure doesn’t hurt to put yourself in the space!!

So, I went. And the word which came through Pastor Kathy was, within the first few moments – WHAT.

Because she spoke about seeing a rollercoaster. God giving her a vision of me on a rollercoaster. For anybody who has been in my space for a little bit, you might know that the vision God gave me late 2013, after my son was miraculously brought to us post a VERY scary and dramatic pregnancy, was one which changed the entire pathway of my business and my receiving.


So you can bet I listened and absorbed with even more belief than (let’s be honest!) I otherwise might have.

Thinking point, for you, for all of us:

What if we just listened with absolute belief? To God, to our own truth, to what is inside of us?

What if we allowed ourselves to BELIEVE WHAT DOES NOT YET EXIST.


To choose it.

Yesterday God spoke to me, through a powerful message and then through a powerful word prayed over me. And what He saw for me was this:

You’ve been anointed the whole time. You’ve had the ability to see beyond what is the whole time. You’ve created epic success in your own genius.

NOW, as of today, you are being anointed with the eye of the Spirit; His spirit. And you get to move forward in HIS genius for you.

God always sees more for us than what we possibly can. Our soul always KNOWS more for us than what our human self can articulate, or physically see. There IS always more for us than whatever the sum of who we are now makes ‘realistic’. No matter how badass who we are now is!!

The question is –

are you open to receive it?

Everything beyond what you’ve already chosen already exists. It has the entire time. But it can’t come in to play until you are willing to say yes beyond the now, and beyond this world.

Today, I urge you –

say yes.