The Void Where You Say Yes To Your Truest Way


Your focus on your next money level is distracting you from deepest purpose.

Your continual asking of yourself, your God, life, the world, why you’re still not ‘there yet’ is exactly why you will never get there.

You are seduced from your truest beingness, blinded by the perpetual quest you somehow switched tracks onto, the quest to make more, be more, do enough to be enough.

In your truest beingness, you do not wake up each day and ask how you can make more, make enough, be safe, get sufficiently past the line to where you can relax and then … be.

^^ do you see?

You’re either in your truest beingness, or you’re trying to pass levels in order to be allowed to be there.

Levels the world thrust upon you, perhaps, but really – levels YOU decided. Levels you appointed as being more ‘you’, than you. Because only once you pass ’em, are approved by said levels, are you allowed to be.

That’s some next level bullshit. Speaking of next level.

Your focus on money, and proving yourself with it, being safe and relaxed with it, is a DIRECT SEDUCTION AWAY FROM PURPOSE.

If you didn’t have this continual drumming inside of you, telling you that you have to worry, or, a more subtle seduction perhaps, telling you that the point of your efforts is to better figure it (money) out, the way you’d create,


and BE,

would be different. It just would. There’s no denying it.

Maybe you’d allow the unfolding more time …

Maybe you’d have a softer slower dance with flow …

Maybe you’d LET yourself be more messy, all over the place, continually distracted here and there and everywhere, so fun! Instead of telling yourself that’s bad human-ing, bad entrepreneur-ing, bad leader-ing, bad successful person-ing.

Maybe what you’d be creating, giving your days for, your breath for, your life for …

would be something else altogether.

Like what, you ask? Well, how TF do I know. I haven’t been in the void where YOU say yes to your truest way.

Have you?

“Yes, Kat, of course. But I only had a minute, because I wasn’t going to hit my money goals otherwise, and besides, I had to think about how my being translates into money, accomplishment, acceptance, all those things”.

So, no.

Here’s the issue:

Not so deep down at all, but in a place where you repeatedly fail to look, because you forgot that courage is a choice, you know that everything that is meant for you is on the other side of you ALLOWING the natural flow of your being.

And even though you know this, you repeatedly try to get to true YOU-ness by thinking about what you’d do or who you’d be if you were there.

You try to experience what is in and on the other side of the void without ever setting more than a pinky toe into said void.

It doesn’t work this way.

So, maybe you would continue to do exactly what you’re doing right now, but in a more relaxed and flow-led state.

Or, maybe it would be something else entirely that would come out of you, if your focus on money, growth, accomplishment, and what have you, were surgically removed from you and you just didn’t have it anymore.

But I guess we’ll never know.

Because you seem pretty committed to refusing that level of flow.

To telling yourself that you don’t know who you’d really be anyway! So for now, you may as well keep working away at THIS. Whatever ‘this’ is. Hint: what you’re literally letting your life pass for.


you will never know ‘who you’d really be anyway’ when you continue to refuse to be.

There’s simply no way around it.

And as for ‘surgically removed’, well, wouldn’t that be nice. If it were just taken out of your hands and you had not choice but to be in the space were you have to find out?

Game-changer: the motherfucking surgeon is you.