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If you really desire to let life be easy for you, or, more to the point, let life show up for you how you dream of and kinda sorta know it just SHOULD –

You know, where there is no need for continual relentless struggle –

Wading through quicksand –

The never-ending feeling of STILL not having what you want looming over you day after day as you desperately look here, there, and ALL around –

“Why isn’t it here yet?!”

“Why isn’t it working?”

“Why don’t I have what I WANT yet?”

“Why is it working for everybody else and still not meeeeeeee?!”

It’s insufferable, outrageous, infuriating, and just plain SAD-making!

And you wonder –

“Will it EVER be my time? Will I EVER break free? Am I actually good enough or worthy at all; maybe I’m just NOT!”

– well,

I’ll tell ya –

You’re going to have to drop the damn chasing of dreams and abundance baby.

Chasing is out, in fact it maybe never was in; even though it seemed a cool idea at the time, but did you ever actually think about the wording? By definition when you are chasing, you do NOT –


By definition when you are chasing, you are in a state of NON-HAVING.


Maybe that’s fun! For a little bit! The thrill of it! The rush of it! The will I / won’t I / WATCH me of it!


I understand! I’m with you and ALL over the whole will I / won’t I / WATCH me thang! But what we’re talking about here is not that sort of chasing, is it?

What we’re talking about, and what is SO out, is the chasing which is contractive.

Which says –

“I don’t have and maybe I never will!”

And so you try try try to get get get and you decide you will MAKE shit happen, you will be the hardest working lil hustler in the room, you’re gonna get your skates ON and you’re going to do ALL the things, every day, and then some!

– You will message the most
– You will market the most
– You will sell the most
– You will tick all the boxes, dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ and!

I mean …

There IS a time and a place where this approach is effective … but that time and place is TRULY only if that is what is flowing through you to do. If you’re responding to the charge inside of you which says ‘do all the things, do ’em now, do ’em harder, faster, better than ever!’

And so you whoosh, and you whirl, and you twirl, and you merry-make, and GOD SEES THAT IT IS GOOD AND IT ALL JUST UNLOCKS.


Is a whole vibe! And one that of course people will respond to the magnetism of like WOAH … because you did all the things, NO. Because you said yes to soul, you followed the flow of where you were being guided and directed, and you allowed life to step up for you, YES.

That is how it works.

That is ALWAYS and ONLY how it works, don’t you see?

Our role in every area of business
Every area of life
Every area of self

Is to let life come to US.

Name and claim it with me baby – !

I let life come to me.
I let life show up for me.
I let life STEP up for me.
I allow myself to receive.
I am MORE than patient to wait, to be in the space, to ONLY take action when guided to do so, as opposed to because I think that being BUSY results in a result!

I apply all of this with business.
I apply it with money.
I apply it with dating.
I apply it with LIFE.

For women in particular,

we MUST learn to wait.

Be patient.

Be IN receiving … and remember that that also means being in the space where receiving has not yet kicked in, and you are waiting for it, preparing for it, READYING yourself for it.

The question is –

ARE you?

Are you effectively readying, creating yourself into the version of you who is READY to receive, and naturally therefore begins to do so –

Or are you so damn flustered and flurried that you wouldn’t know abundance or love or fuck yes showing up even if it came and smacked you in the face?!

And –

Are you PUSHING AWAY all that you want because of how graspily and needily you try and grab at it, get it into your life?


You KNOW you gotta stop doing that!


Here is what to do

How to know the flow to go to

Here is how to show up

And how to ALLOW yourself to receive

Firstly –

For the love of God, STOP.

Stop just doing things to do things.
Stop auto-repeating what you’ve always done, or what others have always done, unless it’s that you’d like to keep auto-repeating the same outcomes
And most of all,



Is what it’s really all about.

You need to learn – and be in the practice of – tuning in ALWAYS, continually, as an art form, as a way of life, to HEAR what God –

Soul –


Is saying to you.

The reality is that the pathway to your MOST desired outcome is there right in front of you, and always has been.

You can literally unlock everything you’ve been dreaming of in an INSTANT.

But it won’t happen when you’re chasing it.
Not looking.
And trying to force something which only ever wanted to flow.

So let go baby

You were born to receive

You were born to fly

You were born to fucking FLOW

And let life?

Sit back.



Ask yourself what, if ANYTHING, you need to do right now.


And then?

Let it come to you.

It’s been waiting the whole damn time.


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