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Success Mindset


You’re not alone in not feeling good enough, some of the time and maybe a lot.

This morning I woke up early; a 430am start after a 1am finish, preparing to jet off once again to the US for a full 3 weeks of AWESOMENESS. I’ll be giving keynotes … running my own 3-day event … attending an awesome entrepreneur and creative getaway up on Powder Mountain … spending intensive time with clients … and no doubt posting on Facebook and otherwise social media-ing a lot of it, with added energy and rara on top!

The business I’ve created is one I am MASSIVELY proud of.

The fact that I have this incredible following of people who WANT to hear from me is freaking cool, and also: I know it’s what I was born for.

I KNOW my message is powerful.

I KNOW I can help people.

Yet at the same time, sometimes, I get this voice:

“Who the HELL do you think you are?”

“You’re making yourself look like a FOOL!”

“Oh my God! Just SHUT UP FOR A FEW HOURS, nobody cares or wants to hear all that stuff from you!”

As I got out of bed this morning I had this feeling of DISCOMFORT relevant to how much I post on social media.

I was thinking about some of the posts I did late last night, posting about how I was preparing my food for my flight today and how I planned to hack jet lag again, and I just felt like –


People probably just think I’m drawing attention to myself.

I AM just drawing attention to myself!

Why would anyone care, and I probably look like an overly excited DESPERATE LOSER.

That’s what my 4am brain had to say today!!

I pushed it aside, got up, started doing a bodyweight workout, thought about livestreaming it as I thought it was possibly inspiring and also helpful, but ’cause of the not good enough sh!t (and also, full disclosure, I was wearing boxers and nothing from the waist up whle doing the workout and couldn’t be bothered getting dressed!), I chose NOT to turn on the cam and livestream.

A lot of the time, when I have something to say, I choose not to.

I don’t do the livestream.
I don’t make the video.
I don’t write the post.
I don’t send the extra email.
I don’t make the offer.

I know that might be hard to believe considering how much content I DO produce, but honestly?

Same as anyone, I hold myself back at times.

I listen to the voices inside my head and sometimes they are freaking NASTY little bitches and they make me feel worried, or sad, or bad, or just plain old like I’m back in school not being cool enough and trying too hard.

Do you ever feel that way?

Like you’re trying SO DAMN HARD and everyone just thinks you’re an IDIOT?

Like you’re so self-important, when really you have NOTHNG of interest to say and nobody gives a damn?

Like you’re DELUDED to even consider building a business, let alone a personal brand and one based on what YOU have to say?


Not every day.

Not even every week.

But sometimes, yes.

And sometimes, it drags on.

Do you want to know what I do, when I feel that way?

Well, sometimes I resist.
And DON’T say the thing.

But mostly?

I get the frick over it.

I have a coffee, I grit my teeth, I square my shoulders and I get back to WORK.

I write this BLOG, even, rather than keep it to myself.

Because I have a MESSAGE.
I am a LEADER.
I was born with a PURPOSE.

And I’ll be damned if I’ll let a little – or a lot! – of self-doubt sway me from living into it.


And nor should you be.

It’s really not ABOUT you, don’t you see?

You have a message, you have a calling, you WERE born for a purpose AND YOU KNOW IT.

So get over your whingy-moany “I’m not good enough and maybe people don’t LIKE me” bullsh!t, and start showing up DAILY and doing the work you came here to do.


And you deserve to live a life on purpose.

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

KL FB pic March 2016 no background

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