Success/Success Mindset

RICH, HOT, SUCCESSFUL, FREE – It’s All Just a Choice. Stop Bitching and Moaning

EVERYTHING you want or dream of is within reach, and you can start making it happen now.

EVERYTHING you think you have to wait for, prepare for, become worthy of is within reach, and you can make it happen now.

EVERYTHING you label as not for you, not real, obviously a lie or just a marketing ploy designed to woo hapless folks into buying shit is ACTUALLY WITHIN REACH and you can have it now.


The stories on Facebook of 7-figure lifestyles and hot sexy cars and hotter sexier guys and gals still are REAL.

Sure, I bet they’re not ALL real. But so the fuck what? Plenty are. I personally know a TON of people who live a dream fucking life, making an insane amount of money and doing as they please, all while traveling the world in fine style.

The pictures you see of the women – even the Mums! – with the fine ass or carved abs are REAL. Sure, I bet some are photoshopped, but so the fuck what? Plenty of ’em are real. I have personally SEEN plenty of RIDICULOUSLY hot sexy bodies, at all ages, pre or post pregnancy, etc etc.

The stories where people speak of having it all, living life on their terms, having the AUDACITY to not only make a lot of money and maybe even dare to LOOK HOT AS WELL WHILE THEY DO IT, and also to enjoy an insane lifestyle of travel, adventure, meaning, fun, THOSE STORIES ARE REAL.

Sure, maybe not all of them, but so the fuck what? Plenty are. I actively have cultivated a friend and peer circle of people whose EXACT LIFE I JUST DESCRIBED and I can tell you, when I go out for dinner or drinks with them – invariably in some shit hot location anywhere awesome in the world – they are real people.

They answer when spoken to.
They breathe.
The move.
They fuck up and sabotage at times too.
They hustle their SWEET asses off everyday.

And they are.real.people.

“Oh sure”, I hear some people reading this think –

“But I bet they DON’T EVEN HAVE A SOUL! They’re scam artists! Or they’re SELLING THEIR SOUL, making sacrifices just for money or a hot body!”

Well, if it makes you feel better about YOUR lack of commitment and action, your failure to decide what you actually want and then go the fuck after it with FULL determination, then sure.

Keep on telling yourself that …

Keep on telling yourself that just because YOU haven’t got off your ass and made shit happen that must mean it’s NOT ATTAINABLE, not POSSIBLE, and that (poor you!) you DON’T EVEN HAVE A CHOICE.

What a horrible world you live in, if you don’t have the power of choice to choose how you look and feel, how much money you make, whether you do it on your terms, whether you get to live your whole LIFE exactly as you choose!

Whatever works for you, but me? I could NEVER choose to live in such a world!

And here’s the thing:

I don’t.

I live in a world where if I want to make millions, I can.
If I want to do it on my terms, I can.
If I want to make it by following my calling and doing what I LOVE, I can.
If I want to do it by working ONLY with the exact awesome kickass‪#‎superwoman‬ clients I wanna work with, I can.
If I want to do it while having epic amounts of fun at the same time, I can.
If I want to do it with a HOT FINE ASS and exactly the body I want, I can.
If I want to travel first class, I can.
If I want to be exactly the kind of mother I want to be, I can.
If I want ANYTHING I WANT, I can have it.

Because I live in a world where I HAVE THE POWER OF CHOICE TO CHOOSE and where I CREATE my own reality.

First in my mind.

And then all around me.

Does this mean I have EVERYTHING I want right now?

No. I screw up at times. I sabotage. Lately I’ve been mainlining sugary Paleo treats (pretend Paleo!!) like they’re going out of fashion. I’m a few pounds heaver than I want to be.

Guess what? I’m not bitching and moaning that I can’t have a fitness model body anymore ’cause I’m a 36-year old mother of 2 who runs an online empire and I don’t have time!


I got to where I am now, the good, the bad, the awesome and also the UGH, and it’s up to me to choose whether to change it.

Which I will, in this case 🙂

With money –

I have a million $$ business online. TOTALLY doing what I love and having an INCREDIBLE impact on my DREAM clients. Everything I ever dreamed of.

And guess why I have it?

Because I dreamed of it. AND THEN I DID THE FUCKING WORK.

Through pregnancies.
Whilst working 60 hours a week in my previous business at first.
Through 20 weeks living off and on in hospital WHILE pregnant the second time.
Through the MANY failures, so many I can’t even remember them all!
Through nearly going bankrupt.
Through being over 100k in debt.
Through not being at times able to afford food even!
Through having NO freaking clue how to monetise my passion.
Through 8 YEARS of online work so far.

Through TAKING FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY for my outcomes and then doing the work until I made it happen!

Which by the way I at first made happen by working every hour God gave me at LEAST twice and sacrificing health, free time, sleep, being the kind of Mum I wanted to be, ETC, and do you know what I then did about it?

No I did NOT bitch and moan that you can’t make money doing what you love or on your terms or whilst also having an awesome life of freedom and choice?

I TOOK FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY and got to work making it all happen the WAY I wanted it to.

Sometimes, still, I do silly things or I’m lazy and don’t put the work in, or I mismanage my money, and I go through a slump. This does not mean business is harder now or that I tried everything or that I CAN’T explode shit up.

It just means: I need to choose again. And then do the fucking work.

It kind of breaks my heart when I see people buying into the bullshit that they can’t have the business, the money, the body, the life, the lifestyle ALL of it that they want.

You CAN have it all.
You can have it ON YOUR TERMS.
And you can have it now.

All you need to do is decide what you want and fucking WORK for it, and refuse to settle. You will ALWAYS get what you believe in.

So if you don’t WANT the 7-figure biz …

The body of a fitness model …

The travel lifestyle and glam …

That’s fine. You don’t have to have it. There’s no rule that says you have to want ANYTHING!

But make no mistake:

The stories are real.

The fantasy is possible.


Because they’re working for it.

So choose what you want to choose, but don’t for a second bullshit yourself that it’s not possible.

ANYTHING you can conceive of in your mind’s eye is possible.

It’s just up to you to go and get it.

Me? I choose being rich, hot, free and having an epic fucking fun time doing so. While being exactly the kind of Mum, woman, me I wish to be. That’s just the BASE LEVEL STANDARD, the bare minimum I want for my life.

Sometimes I’m there. Sometimes I slip away. Then I get my ass in gear and get back on it! Either way, I get to choose what I create and who I am and what I have and how I look FULLY.

So why the heck wouldn’t I choose exactly what I want, and then simply make it happen.

What do you choose?