Success Mindset


Allow yourself to be obsessed with what obsesses you.

Allow yourself to acknowledge just how crazy wild your dreams are.

Allow yourself to lean in to the RIDICULOUSNESS of what is actually inside of you, and then?

Allow yourself to decide you are now gonna kick that butt of yours and do it.

Quit immersing yourself in mediocrity.

Quit telling yourself you are okay with less.

Quit nodding sagely at all the Kumbaya-arm-linking-floaty-skirt-preneurs that you will never be one of,

don’t wanna,

don’t NEED to,

and yet somehow have allowed yourself to use as some kind of example of who you ‘should’ be’.

BORED TO TEARS WITH ALL OF ITWhat? Do you still actually believe success requires you to be everything you are naturally NOT? Is that the pattern you’re running here? Because God knows the stuff … people … ideas … you try and mould yourself into rather than BE you don’t actually EXCITE you! So, it’s not that! Therefore, must be the whole –

‘If it doesn’t come naturally to me, if it’s not MY true state, then that’s probably the thing I should be chasing’.

Kind of a tired old pattern, don’t you think? Kinda boring, that you’re still stuck on that loop! Kind of TIME, wouldn’t you say –


So … admit it.

That you like crave need love and EXPAND with the push.

That you like crave need love and THRIVE on the chaos, the balls in the air.

That the mayhem, the TOO much, is a dance for you, and if we’re being brutally honest?? One you get off on knowing that YOU were born for, while others … couldn’t keep up if they tried.


Wouldn’t wanna, either!

And that’s the point, isn’t it? This is NOT about which way is better. This is NOT about ‘what should an entrepreneur look | sound | act like’, or a spiritual one, or a woman, a coach, anything!

This IS about –


(And by home,

I mean activated within your own soul, lit up and EXCITED by something. You remember excitement, right? The place where you let yourself … be).

SHOW me your bitchy side.

SHOW me what it looks like when you get angry, fiery, tear shit up, light up.

SHOW me the part of you that scares people, intimidates them, triggers them, makes them shake their head in woe. ‘She has no balance’. ‘So sad’.


WE DIDN’T COME HERE FOR BALANCE. This isn’t PADDLEBOARDING. And even THAT is more fun when you’re rocking all over the place and having to regain your core, laughing, falling in, climbing back up, repeat.

Life isn’t about pursuing BALANCE. You’re not a motherfreaking pair of scales.

Life is about going ALL.IN.ON.YOU.

Saying yes to who you ARE, not what they told you to be.

Not what you said you would be.

Not what you continue to play a broken record of pretending to be.

So … ADMIT it.

That you are obsessed. Too much. Too intense. Fixated. That focus and drive and push and balls in the air beyond what 100 regular humans could handle is … you just rolling over and opening one eye. Barely started yet.

And … admit it.

That you’ve become lazy. Bloated. Weak. Little by little, less of you, and BORED TO TEARS WITH ALL OF IT, because baby?

It’s not just that you like the burn.

It’s that you ARE it.

Light that sweet ass on fire today my friend.

And forget that the world ever let you think that just because they’ll never understand you –

you should therefore dumb your shit down and stop being you

Enough with the bullshit

Unleash the fire.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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