Success Mindset


Your problem is you aren’t building the business you actually want right now.

Never mind the one you’re called to.

You’re hop skip and jumping all over the place, idea to idea, possibility to possibility, maybe to maybe, ‘is this the thing?!’, ‘maybe this is the thing’, ‘no look, it’s surely this!’

It’s nauseating.

Kind of like somebody desperately dating and every single ‘maybe but um HI sister I DON’T THINK SO’ they meet is now the one. PS the ‘Hi sister’ bit talking back at you is your spirit. Your inner knowing. Your truth. And what it’s saying (back to business now, or … apply wherever ;)) is –


Stop it!

What do you actually WANT to be doing right now?

What would light you on FIRE right now?

What would propel you all the way up, so fast and so certainly that there is no QUESTION that this is your vibe for THIS season. For who you are now. For what it is now. For what is just TRUE now.

By the way.

When I said ‘propel you all the way up’, I did NOT mean into instant marriage / millions / whatever it is your mind is clawing endlessly to try and get to right now.

I meant – well, what I said. The vibe. The certain knowing. The YES this is where I am meant to BE, and so all that is meant FOR me will just,


> It’s not true that you don’t know how to be the magnetic lit-up coach or leader you are.

> It’s not true that you’ve lost your mojo or maybe never really had it.

> It is POSSIBLE that you’re simply not looking at what IS, and so what you’re doing instead is running hither and thither in the hopes of getting to something that is already IN you.

So the question is …

What do you actually WANT right now, like REALLY really want; deep within you? (Delete surface wants which are more so reflections of trying to get to or be enough).


what is it just true that it’s meant to BE right now?

Apply this as broadly or as deep dive and into the particulars as you like.

But know this:

There is a place within you where you already know how to rock the whole freakin’ show.

Believe that that place exists,

believe it is possible for you to go there, and that you can decide to no longer be available NOT to,

and then GO there.

As a great coach once said to me when all technicalities had already been discussed ad infinitum in one of my sports –

“would you just do it somehow?!”

And then I did.

Your turn 😉

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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