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This pic is my current desktop background, which I had my team make for me.

Something you might not know about my writing … I write to ME.Then I just edit it to be for you. So if I come off as telling you OFF? I’m kickin’ my own ass … and just more than happy to kick yours too while I’m at it. 

Here is today’s version!

Reality: life does not happen to you, you happen to IT. You have it within your power to create PRECISELY what you want, on your terms, NOW. And while that can at times be incredibly confronting, because hey – maybe you don’t FEEL like it, or maybe it’s not working despite your efforts, or whatEVER – it’s still just how it is.

Either do it, or don’t.

LIFE / the Universe doesn’t care whether you do or whether you don’t. Nobody REALLY cares whether you do or whether you don’t, because in the end the onus of responsibilty really only comes down to YOU. But just as life doesn’t care if you don’t create what you were born for and go ALL IN, life will also happily sweep you up in its clutches if you don’t.

Dragging you so far down the stream of normal that it really does become QUITE tough to work out how you’re going to get back up again.

But here’s the thing:

If you’re trying to change your life or achieve a big goal while still being swept along in all of the REASONS and BELIEFS relevant to why you’ve not yet done so, then you’re kinda fighting a losing battle.

An hour a day, a few hours a day, even a whole bunch of hours a day of ‘trying to take action’ stands no chance in the face of 24 hours a day of believing, thinking, feeling, FOLLOWING shit that doesn’t serve you and that keeps you mired in normal.

So if you do want to change, and you want BIG change, and you want it fast, there really is only one solution:

Quit being such a fucking martyr and become a fucking superhero.

You need to INSTANTLY change your beliefs – 

Your values – 

And let your actions, habits and OUTCOMES right away follow suit.

Think of it as though you’re walking around one moment as a normal and unidentifiable person and then you put your superhero cape on and are INSTANTLY transformed.

You look different.
You feel different.
You hold yourself different.
You ARE different, because no longer are you the normal, boring, stuck, scared person to whom life is HAPPENING but you’re a fucking SUPERHERO with superhero POWERS and you do superhero STUFF.

What WOULD you do, by the way, if you were a superhero…?

Just something to think about!

The truth is that even if you don’t consider yourself to really be a MARTYR about the whole ‘not where I wanna be’ thing, if you’re not taking ownership of it and doing the fuck something about it LIKE A SUPERHERO then sorry to tell you, but yep –

You’ve got martyr written all over you.

And the fact that you repeatedly claim the same bullshit reasons for not having yet done it / got it / got over it / made it happen … well. You really can’t argue with that, can you now?!

And I don’t say this because I’m trying to win some kind of point over you; I DEFINITELY martyr the fuck out of myself at times.

I can be a TOTAL martyr about how much STUFF I have hanging over me and how it’s not realistic to create all my content each day (highest priority!) plus also clear my biz shiz / admin / bigger projects.

On the one hand, I can very easily and very practically justify why this is TRUE. I can give you the rock solid reasons of time and practicality and being a Mum and whatEVER, but in the end it really is WHATEVER.

Either I want to change things, or I don’t, and if I do then being a martyr about how hard it is or how MUCH there is really just doesn’t serve any USE, so I need to put my superhero cape on and do the fucking work or else just STOP BLOODY WHINGING ABOUT IT and saying I want it to change.

You know?

I bet that if you’re honest you can think of at least ONE area where your whingy-moany excuses for why you’re not yet there are really just reflective of the fact that IN this area at least you at some point decided that YOU DON’T HAVE CONTROL.

That it’s just how it IS …

That you’d change it if you COULD …

What you’re really saying of course is that life is in charge of YOU, not the other way around.

Is that really who you want to be?

Is it really what you want to base your LIFE on?

‘Cause let me tell you … you ARE basing your life on it.

Today, I challenge you to get really fucking honest with yourself.

About what you want.

To then LOCK IT IN as a firm WILL HAPPEN intention.

And to quit being such a fucking martyr about it, put your superhero cape ON, and press play like you mean it.

And if you’re ACTUALLY fucking serious?


I’ve created a Tribe just for you.

It’s a Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders.

The CRAZY ones. The SUPERHERO women (and men!) who are ready to step up. 

The creators | artists | visionaries with a message they HAVE to shake the world with, and a refusal to NOT do it on their terms.


It’s THE Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders, and right now I’m opening the doors up for my Christmas Gift Special.

5 days.

Sunday December 6 – Thursday December 10.

50% off your first month.

NO requirement to stay if it doesn’t kick your ass PRECISELY into the action you know you need to be taking.

The LAST chance to get over $6000 of my current online products and programs FREE with your membership. I am CLOSING the Tribe to new members for 2015 after THIS THURSDAY and when we RE-OPEN in 2016 new members will NOT be receive all of the current free inclusions of my best-selling online programs. THIS IS THE FINAL CHANCE TO GET AND KEEP THESE PROGRAMS FREE, FOR LIFE, AS A TRIBE MEMBER.

A community of UNAPOLOGETIC AWESOME fellow leaders who will unapologetically hold you ACCOUNTABLE and in alignment and major ASSKICKERY.

AND me doing the same.

LIVE coaching.

NEW content exclusive for Tribe members every.freaking.month.

EVERYTHING you need to know, learn, and BECOME so you can have it all, on your terms, and make a fuckload of MONEY as well as a helluva IMPACT.


And this is fucking MASSIVE –

The BEST Tribe bonus I have ever offered:

An EXCLUSIVE online event –

For Tribe members ONLY –

Where I will PERSONALLY interview you live on your message –


And work WITH YOU, right then and there in the workshop, to work out EXACTLY what you need to be selling, HOW to sell it, and also what your KEY BLOCK TO WEALTH AND SUCCESS IS.

We will uncover ALL of this for you and you will know exactly what you need to do, exactly why you’ve NOT yet done what you wanted to, and exactly HOW to move forward from there.

This workshop will take place NEXT WEEK at a date and time to be determined. If you can’t make it live you’ll be able to have me go through it for you and RECORD it if you send in a form in advance. If there is enough demand I will run a repeat. Either way you WILL get my time and you will be BLOWN AWAY at how quickly we uncover what needs to happen to explode you forward. I am BRILLIANT at this, it’s why my clients shift their shit and start taking action so QUICKLY.


You will be able to attend my live ALSO TRIBE ONLY ‪#‎HAVEITALL‬ webinar this week, or receive the recordings if you can’t make it live.

My Tribe members will HAPPILY tell you, over and over again, how ridiculously epic the value of what you RECEIVE in this program is.

I’ve made the BONUSES for my Christmas Gift Special even MORE epic than normal.

And don’t forget the doors will CLOSE to new members after this Thursday and when I re-open for 2016 you will NOT receive my current $6000 INCLUDED library of my best-selling online products and programs free.

So if you’re fucking OVER your own nonsense about how you can’t –

Do it –

The way you WANT –

And the way you’re CALLED to?

And if you’re a woman OR a man who knows, deep down, that they were born to fucking RULE their own empire, be the 1% WITHIN the 1%, and create like a ‪#‎mofo‬?

Then join The Tribe.

And BECOME the Revolutionary Fucking Leader you were born to be.

NOW baby.

Remember …

Life is Now! Press Play.

Kat x

PS Join the Tribe, today. It’s time to BE the superfuckinghero you know you are. <— <— Last chance 2015.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Ready to create business AND life in a way that allows you to ONLY be more of you, expanded and lifted and lit up from the SOUL?

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Come play with me, here:

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