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Isn’t it just the most annoying thing ever when you have no idea what to say or sell, nothin’ is coming through you, the muse seems to have gone on some kind of unauthorised cocktails at sunrise sabbatical, and frankly you just don’t got time for any of it?!

You sit there and think wistfully of the days when the flow seemed to fall upon you like manna from the heavens, of how damn certain and confident and Queen-of-the-world-esque it felt, of how you just KNEW what you were doing was working.

You were untouchable, God damnit, and you should have appreciated it more!

You had the Midas touch and it seemed as though life itself was just taking you along for the bestest ride ever, granting your every wish along the way!

It was so EASY, being in that place, too, wasn’t it? Even if you experienced it for only the briefest of moments it was a feeling you’ll never forget and the truth is that everything you think you’re striving for right now, whether you recognise it consciously or no, is just a way of chasing that feeling again.

Frustratingly of course, the more you actively try to get ‘it’ to drop upon you, to receive that blessing of all blessings, to be once again granted permission to run at the speed of light and just KNOW the world is dancing right along side of you, it seems to pull back from you just a little –

And then a little more still –

A little more again –

And eventually –

You can’t even comprehend just how it was you were ever so deeply supported, how in tune with the magic you were, how connected to your TRUTH you felt.

Was it even real?

And, most importantly, how the fuck do you get it back again; howwwww?!

Without it you’re stuck in the most God awful of 2D / 3D worlds where you just have to (ugh!) THINK all the time, there seems to be this constant need to DO things, you feel mired in the quicksandiness of it all, it’s just all so HARD and heavy-making, and the resistance is operating at some kind of super-alien-probably-gonna-kill-you-any-moment level which you really REALLY just don’t know if you can take anymore.

Your ideas feel hollow.
Your sales offers fall flat.
SO much of what you’re doing seems pointless, while also managing to of course be ENDLESS.
And you can’t help but wondering if you’re ever gonna be able to drag yourself back up out of this place.

WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN FLOWWWWWWWWW?! Please God, bring me back the flow, let me sink and swim and BE it!

So here is what you do:


You stop trying to do SHIT. By definition when you are trying to achieve or receive something you are stating to your Self and ALL powers-you-allow-to-be (as well as all powers which damn well Be whether or not you allow it) that you don’t HAVE it.

Listen to Yoda baby; there IS NO TRY.


Name and claim it, it’s what I’ve always done when I’m in this place and it WORKS. Maybe not right away. Maybe sometimes there was something you needed to learn first. But eventually, as with anything you name and claim and KEEP on naming and claiming, it will click in. That’s just how LIFE works.

So write it out –

Thank you that the flow has come upon me. Thank you I’m FULLY in the flow! Thank you that I have the download of exactly what I need to say / sell / action / decide. And variations of these.

You do this every time you think about it (sometimes I like to put a timeframe on this order, such as ‘thank you I have the download for my next fuck yes offer by the time I come out of yoga class today’ … ‘thank you I NOW receive the knowledge of exactly what to my people’.


You LET IT THE FUCK GO. Again, as with anything and all manifestation, you simply must surrender. Hand it over. You don’t put an order in at a restaurant and then hover anxiously at the kitchen door trying to make sure it gets done or worrying whether you gotta do it yourself! So don’t do that with God, with life, with Higher Self.

Hand it over. TRUST. The order is in, it will show up! (Keep asking though )


Get the fuck on with whatever you’re supposed to be doing. Be present to the NOW. You can’t go quantum without being in the now anyway, so if you want to access from the superflow place, the energetic, yes, the quantum, you ARE going to need to be completely in the moment. All the more reason to not be worrying about how, and to let it go. Meanwhile –

What is this moment right now for?
And this next one?
This next one here?

TRUST, and follow that trust with immediate and unquestioning action.

IMMEDIATE is a big ‘un. Many of you are pushing away magic and slowing down ALL things flow because not only do you refuse to be present to the now but when you do receive soul instruction you take forever and a day to act on it.

It’s pretty simple –

– Do what you’re guided to do (if you think you don’t know, think again, you always do – maybe you gotta listen more often, but start with doing what you’d do it you did know)
– Do it without question, even if it makes no sense or seems not relevant to the thing you’re trying to achieve (are you God? Do you know how things are going to come to fruition? No? Okay, STFU then and do what you’re told)
– Do it right away

Finally, and I won’t say that this is fifth, because really this should be there the whole way through –


Believe that all of this works, that it’s real, that it’s available for you and that it is of COURSE coming. Why would it not? What, you think you’re somehow unworthy now and all good things are gonna be held from you forever, you’ve been cast overboard and have to now just go it alone for the rest of time? That’s not how it works.

God is always there.

Flow is always there.

Power and knowledge and creativity and truth beyond the physical is always there.

Support is ALWAYS there.

Not a single one of us is ever cast aside to go it alone. That’s not the human experience. It’s just not!

So if you feel as though it’s the experience you’re stuck in, then okay. Maybe there’s a reason you are choosing that. Maybe there’s some ego or pride to be dropped, about allowing support. Maybe there’s some fear to let go of, fear which is blocking you from being able to feel and allow and causing you to stay stuck in your head. Maybe you’re stuck on a hamster wheel of try try trying and you just need to kick your own ass about that, pry those clenchy fingers off. Maybe all of this is a massive exercise in you learning to let go!

So many maybes.
So much to figure out.
So much work and healing to do, and maybe one day you can be saved and free??!

Nah … fuck that.

All of the maybes are relevant. There’s always work to do. The releasing will never stop. That’s all true! But that doesn’t stop it from being equally true that at any moment you can also CHOOSE.

You can choose to let go.
You can choose to ask and intend with FULL trust and certainty that it will be granted to; of course it will!
You can meanwhile get on with whatever you’re being guided to do right now.
You can choose patience, and tenacity, to KEEP on asking and trusting until it clicks in.
You can wake up every day bright eyed and bushy tailed and fully EXPECTING the magic to come upon you.

Why wouldn’t it? It’s there.You’re here. At any moment the two of you will match.

This is how life works:

You get what you expect, and are firm about.

So quit your damn whinging. And get in the practice of expecting magic, and matching your actions to that expectation til it shows up.

And if you can’t do that?

Well then get on with your thinking and doing. Plenty of peeps out there who’ll join you in that.

But for those of us who believe?

Magic is a practice.

Guess what?

So is life.

So stop trying to be somewhere you’re not. And be here now. In the practice. In the trust. In the asking. In the expecting. And in the getting the fuck on with who you’d be being if you were already there.

And for the love of God – breathe out.

You are held.


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