Success Mindset


I just overheard someone saying ‘it’s not worth it’ about flying business class, for ‘just 6 hours’. I’d like to contest that not only is it WORTH it to ALWAYS respond to whatever you feel called to do (and fuck the so-called cost ’cause the REAL cost is energy), but that it’s worth it even if it were for 6 MINUTES!

And not just ’cause I get into higher vibe creative and money-making flow as a result, but because of who it means I choose to BE!

Let’s get real here, about how to actually RECEIVE:

It’s astounding to me, at times, that so few people understand and also LIVE by energetic cost.

Energetic cost?

The carry-on effect of the choices you make, what those choices say about how you choose to see yourself, money, the world, and how those choices AUTOMATICALLY and unfailingly impact how you get to live and who you BECOME.

Here’s the thing, and the reality which they don’t tell you in school when you learn about 1+1 = 2 and all that nonsense:

The true price you pay for something is never money or time, or any other such 2D-type resource, but instead it’s energy, and how that energy vibrationally shifts you.

Certain choices will energetically and vibrationally shift you UP, into greater abundance, alignment, flow, etc –

And other choices will energetically and vibrationally shift you DOWN, into contraction, scarcity, fear, and naturally, as a result of all of that, LACK.

It’s a vicious cycle which shrinks you further and further in, further and further AWAY from being able to receive, with ease, whereas those choices which EXPAND you, even though they may ‘logically speaking’ be a silly or reckless choice, shift you further and further INTO flow, INTO abundance, into receive EVER more, with ease.

Can I ask you a question?

You DO want to start receiving more, with ease, right? I nearly asked if you want to be ABLE to receive more, ever more, with ease, but then reminded myself that of course you are already ABLE.

It’s just that you’re quite likely choosing not to.

And it’s quite bizarre, really, isn’t it?! How we do what we do here … how we DELIBERATELY hold ourselves back from stepping in and simply ‘yes please-ing’ on all that’s available to us?

I’m conscious that I at times still do the same, which is why I say ‘us’, but I’m also happy to say:

I am REALLY good at receiving.
I get better each day.
More and more abundance flows to me, automatically and effortlessly and with ease, from multiple places and WITH flow, and for the greater good and higher purpose of myself AND of other!

As a result .. I’m EXTREMELY abundant and wealthy, in all senses of the words, and I’m fast becoming one of the wealthiest women IN the world. In alignment, baby!

And so it is 🙂

Just getting a little side-tracked with my affirmations (ahem, TRUTHS) there … where was I??

Oh yes –


It is cr-cr-CRAZY that with all we now know about how success works, how MONEY works, how reaching our GOALS and becoming who we dream of being works, that we would in any way continue to make choices based on what we think is right from a LOGIC or straight-up math point of view.

Personally I made a decision some time back that I would act as who I CHOOSE to be (and therefore get to be) and ALWAYS follow what FEELS right. Prior to making this decision I noticed that I often felt pulled or called to do something more ‘first class’ (for example) but that I would tell myself it wasn’t reasonable, that I couldn’t afford either the money or the time and that I should therefore do what was REALISTIC for right now.

And there’s that word … SHOULD.

There’s a basic rule of life which, if you care about success, you HAVE to understand and also live by, and that is that there There simply CAN’T be, as to believe in should would be to say NO to following inner guidance and alignment, which would mean –

– You believe there is a right and wrong way to do life, and it’s based on things outside of your own leanings or callings
– That there are rules
– That if you don’t figure them out and follow them you’ll basically fail at life and have bad hair to boot!

Whereas if you believe in alignment and flow, you believe:

– We each get to choose our own path
– There is a right or a wrong way to do life and it’s based on what FEELS right, what we know INSIDE of us is right
– We create our own reality
– Wealth, health, happiness, and indeed EVERY thing we might define as success can only occur when we follow.the.flow

Which do you believe? I believe the latter group of ideas WHOLEHEARTEDLY and I think you probably agree with me or else you wouldn’t be here, but I can tell you THIS:

You can’t have one foot in each camp baby. You can’t say you believe in alignment and following the truth INSIDE, whilst also in even the SMALLEST area making decisions that are NOT aligned, because you think you SHOULD do something against what you’re called to.

I don’t care whether we’re talking about buying a multi-million dollar home or a fancier bottle of water, REGARDLESS of the investment (money or otherwise) if you go against what is speaking to you then you LIVE against truth.

You say:

“I don’t actually believe I know what’s best for me … even though I preach alignment I DEMONSTRATE that really, I’m scared I might be wrong. I might get it wrong. So I better follow the rules. Just in case!”

And you wonder why you’re not getting the money or success results you want!!

Don’t you get it? You either stand FULLY for what you stand for or you WILL fall for everything else.

It’s a fucking DISCIPLINE to follow flow, it’s not just about doing it when it feels easy or ‘allowed’!

And here is what else:

There are quite a lot of instances, where following flow will feel FLAT OUT AGAINST THE RULES and where other people will NEVER get it, and judge or disdain upon you.

Quite a lot of instances?

Pretty much all of them 🙂

Take flying, for example. Sometime back, several years back, I committed that I would now ONLY fly business or first class … internationally, of course, because who the fuck needs to fly biz or first domestic? THAT would be over-indulgent, reckless, unnecessary, etc! Right?

Well, at the time, that WAS right and aligned. It was aligned for me to start traveling business class … it took about 6-12 months to lock that in … we did it once but it was kind of a ‘sub-tier’ business class, from Bali to LA, with 4 or us, but it was still SO badass and fun to have that experience for the first time. At the time we were traveling permanently, living location-free with 2 kids (I was still with my husband then) and basically the whole biz class thing didn’t ‘stick’ right away. It felt freakishly expensive to travel even sub-tier biz class with 4 people, and so we’d do it sometimes, or with points.

Fast forward a few years later and there was zero question – biz and first class ONLY was the ‘new normal’, and just how it is. But domestic flights were another story. I continued to fly economy.

At some point, early last year I think, it started to grate on me. I didn’t LIKE flying economy. It wasn’t just a diva thing (nothing wrong with that!!), it was starting to not FEEL right. I had a visceral sensation of MIS-ALIGNMENT from check-in right through to boarding and on the plane.

“Don’t you get it?”, I felt like screaming –

“This is not who I am!”

Of course the only person I needed to say it to was ME, and the answer was SIMPLE:


Domestic flights in Australia are often under $100. Biz class? Nearly 1k, and we’re talking usually a 2 hour flight or less!

I fought it VALIANTLY, based on logic and reason and SHOULD, told myself to suck it up and not be ‘silly’.

And perhaps you agree with me …

But here’s the thing:

The ONLY reason why it would be SILLY to spend that extra money would be if I believed that money was LIMITED … that there are (external) RULES … that the way to create wealth or success is to FOLLOW those (external) rules …!

That sort of mindset uses LOGIC and REASON and SHOULD.

It’s the mindset of the world, isn’t it? And I don’t know about YOU, but I find I’m not much for this world as far as its typical MINDSET!! Can’t say it seems to be working out too well for people!!

And when I look back, here is what else –

EVERY time I go AGAINST logic and instead into FLOW, following INNER truth, it works.

It soon became obvious: the only ACTUALLY logical thing to do would be to FOLLOW THE FLOW, because flow says:

– Money is just energy
– I create more energy and every representation of it by simply choosing to
– When I respond to the INNER call I send a powerful message to myself and the world of ‘THIS IS WHO I AM’, and the ENERGETIC RETURN of that is infinity-times beyond whatever the supposed MONETARY cost might be!

Don’t you see?

I could ‘save’ $700 or so on a 90-minute flight (x2, this morning, actually, as I traveled with my daughter Alyssa from Melbourne to Sydney before hopping an international flight in about 20-minutes to Bali) … pat myself on the back for doing the ‘right’ thing, just like every passenger BEHIND us obviously did, biz class being EMPTY aside from us, no doubt because it IS only a 90-minute flight …

Or I can ALLOW myself to receive the energetic return on STAYING TRUE TO WHO I CHOOSE TO BE, and to what I am CALLED for.

And I gotta tell you:

The energetic RETURN I get from stating, on repeat, in EVERY way called, that ‘THIS IS WHO I AM’, is a helluva lot more than $1400.

Don’t you agree?

So here is my point, if I’ve not made it:

If you say you BELIEVE …

If you say you KNOW you get to create your own reality …

If you in ANY way preach alignment or flow or claim to LIVE by it …

Then don’t you think p’raps it might be time to go all in on this shit?

I can tell you that whilst you might get SOME sort of minimal return on ‘sometimes’ or ‘when it’s safe’ following flow, you’re blocking 99.99% of it and probably more.

Open up the floodgates baby.