Success/Success Mindset

And she suddenly understood how life works


Line in the sand.

She just DECIDED.

She had enough.

Or she just suddenly understood.

And she DECIDED.

^^ suddenly understood??


And how it works is this:

I ask. I choose. I BE. And so it is.



One of my private clients asked my brother yesterday,

in conversation with him about our marketing whatnots, but also conscious of his relationship to me and the fact that he was THERE, before my money breakthrough (and indeed he was doing my accounting at the time),

“when you saw Katrina change, what happened? What was the transformation?”

“It was just a huge mindset change”, he said.

“She became unapologetic. About her new reality. It just – BECAME real.”

And it’s true. (I thought to myself, as I listened to my client share this with me). I just –

flicked the switch. It was like I suddenly realised how life worked. Ohhhhhh – I can just choose this. Because on some level I already am it. And so if I just be it –

life, and other people, and money, and everything, will respond to that.

And so I did.

And so it WAS.

Money flow. (huge)

Soulmate client flow. (SHOCKINGLY aligned, shockingly ‘out of nowhere’ in terms of how they signed up)

‘The’ empire and impact and badassery. (beyond what was remotely realistic or reasonable or even with the scope of what a natural shy girl who was always on the wrong side of dorky should have ever dreamed of!)

All of it on my terms. (DOWN TO THE DOT POINT).

It all just happened.

On the one hand you could say I prepared my entire life for all of that.

But on the other hand? It happened in a heartbeat. In a matter of moments. With the physical ‘blowing up‘ of the business and money and aligned clients occurring within weeks of said moment.

And to this day, there is not a single thing I could point to and say – that happened because of what I DID.

The DID always followed the deci-DID.

And the did was always irrelevant. In fact, often times (and often with the biggest things) there LITERALLY was no ‘did’.

The decision was the only shift that was made, and then the thing showed up. Got taken care of. Paid for. Etcetera.

Everything I have that I or anybody else once deemed as impossible is a product of the fact that at some point? I became unapologetic about it. Drew the mofo line in the sand. And JUST REALLY MEANT IT, THEN WAS DELUSIONAL – FAITH-LED – ENOUGH TO ACT AS THOUGH IT WAS NOW TAKEN CARE OF.

Make no mistake:

Life responds to the lines you draw.

And it already is.