Success Mindset


Imagine that right now you already saw yourself as enough, and you knew that actually?

You’re kind of a big deal.

Imagine that not only were it the case that you KNEW you were enough, like – DUH. Why is this even a conversation?!

But that you also equally KNEW, and I mean KNEW –

You’re KIND of a big deal.

And when I say kind of /
you know what I really mean /
is a huge /
motherfucking HUGE /

YOU'RE KIND OF A BIG DEAL ALREADYNot “aw shucks, yeah, I guess I’m kind of something of a big sort of deal. Sometimes.” Cue shy little shoulder shrug and slight head tilt, followed by tinkly little laugh to demonstrate that you’re not REALLY, you would never REALLY call yourself that.

Because … that would be too much. Thinking TOO highly of yourself!

But babe –

what if you just DID?

And what if it were not weird to do so, but it were weird to NOT do so, because, um, HELLO –


– You’re a big deal in the way you continually look within, see the work that is to be done, and do it
– You’re a big deal in the way you take responsibility for your path, and all its ups and downs
– You’re a big deal in how you own your shit, where you’re not showing up, following through, operating from your BEST, your highest and truest integrity, and then you do
– You’re a big deal in the way that just how you have lived your LIFE is the damn preparation for the fact that whenever you open your mouth or put pen to paper, gold flows out
– You’re a big deal in how you CONTINUALLY hold yourself to a standard of growth, and soul certainty
– You’re a big deal in that it wouldn’t even OCCUR to you to not do the work, clear, and heal, and shift, and polish, and go DEEPER into what you came here for
– You’re a big deal in that you said YES to a life less ordinary
– You’re a big deal in how you know things, transmit things, channel things, see beyond what others would even think to look at, and then are willing to DO something with it
– You’re a big deal in how you show up for the message, the art, your business, your sales, your MOVEMENT, even when you don’t feel like it, or know how
– You’re a big deal when you let it be about more than just you
– And you’re a big fucking deal when you let it be ALL about you




Have something that people would travel the earth to find, only to come in to your space and realise that because of YOU they DID find it, where it always was, all along, WITHIN.

So when are you going to give yourself permission to find within YOU,
what always was?

When are you going to stop chasing enoughness?
When will you have done enough to accept you ARE enough?
What seventeen million mountains will you have to climb in order to say you know what? I’m a BIG DEAL.

My work is POWERFUL. What comes through me heals and CHANGES people. I transmit and translate down truth from the HEAVENS. I CAME HERE TO LEAD A MOTHERFUCKING MOVEMENT, AND NOW WATCH ME RUN THIS THING LIKE I KNOW WHO I AM!

The thing is –

you can be doing ALL the things of showing up,
putting a ‘Imma leader’ ring on it,
playing the game right,
and even delivering really FANTASTIC transformative work

but if your energy is “I’m not enough, I’ve never done enough, I’m really not that great, I need to DO more in order to BE more” –

you will always be chasing

and you will NEVER find what you’re looking for or trying to get to.

This stops when YOU stop it.
When you decide that now ALREADY you’re enough.
And when you lift your head up high the way it’s damn meant to be, and OWN –

Me? My work? What I’ve created? What I do? Who I AM?

Yeah. I’m kind of a big deal.


Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

I’m creating my new course, Big $ollar Energy, for the one who always knew she is here for millions,

to make it. To impact them. To create. And to LEAD.

Big $ollar Energy

The Money & Expansion Course for the Soul-Led Wanderer Who KNOWS It’s Time to Go All in on HER,

and Let the Damn Receiving Take Care of Itself. The Way it Was Always Meant to Be.

Which means?

Identifying and releasing everything that gets to go, from the way you’re thinking you need to do shit now, to the purposeless bits of the push or biz that it just don’t need to be about, to the hidden junk in your psyche that gets to go.

>>> It’s not about the do. The push. The win. When who you are when you only go within naturally PLACES you at the top,

but of the right fucking mountain.

The one that was always YOURS.

And then you finally WENT there.

Here’s the thing, for us, about allowing an expanse of RECEIVING.

And always was.

Class starts LIVE on Monday May 24, however early access + Big $ Energy vibes will open from Monday May 17 in our Telegram chat + join now bonuses are open already!

> it’s time.