When I was early on in building my personal brand, I was one of what felt like thousands or even tens of thousands of women trying to ‘make it’ online, stand out and be seen.

Frankly I found this situation to be outrageous, as obviously it was clear to me that I was the best, certainly top 5 or so, and that I should be in charge and running this thing.

How could everybody not know who I am? Why were they not listening to me? Why did they not know how damn powerful my message was and how it would shift them? Rude!

It really just didn’t make sense to me, also because I was pretty USED to being seen and known as the best, the leader, in charge.

My background in the fitness industry had seen me catapult myself to a position of being very well known as an unquestionable leader within health and fitness Australia. If literally EVERYBODY didn’t know who I was I didn’t know about that because to me it certainly felt like everybody did. Everybody who mattered! Everywhere I went!

I was looked up to.
I was asked to teach and guide others, both by individuals and by institutions.
I was one of the first within Aus to start doing anything online, and because I pretty much blind-flied my way to building a multiple 7-figure / year business online in fitness before anyone else even knew that was a thing, everyone started to ask me continually for advice and to teach and show them.

Side note ^^^ the reason I got to that point was because I knew nothing about online business and all I did was communicate, connect, converse! I built a legitimate relationship with my audience and I listened to their needs and wants and then created stuff accordingly for them, ONLY from a place of wanting to serve and inspire. The money side of it was such an after-thought – I expected it and knew it was available, but I was never trying to ‘get’ it if that makes sense.

It honestly was a shock to me when I realised I was making 30-35k a month selling these $99 and under information products!

But the relevant bit here is – why WAS I so accepted as a leader and a front-runner? Well … because (duh) I WAS; that was fact … but also? It was an energy thing.

And really? Which came first, the being a leader and ‘in charge’, or the energy? I don’t think it will surprise you to say it was the energy. From the time I became a personal trainer at 21 or so years old I was very focused always on getting to the top of whatever I perceived as being the top. Not in a cocky way. Just in a ‘why would I not?’ way.

I always expected to make the most money.
Be the most in demand.
Institute change, be the one who kind of directed the conversation.
Be put in charge.

And so it was. Slowly but surely I APPOINTED myself as a leader.

Of course energy was not the ONLY thing, action always went hand in hand with that. Where other trainers were only ever thinking about how to get their next client (and doing a pretty lame ass job of that if you asked me) I was always ASSUMING people would sign up with me – but absolutely I was backing that up by getting DAMN good – better – at understanding people and at selling – and then I was putting other stuff in place to be seen more.

I was always up to something.

Seminars in the gym or nearby church hall.
Brochures handed out in the shopping mall or placed on retail counters.
Pitching my clients to get me ‘in’ with the HR department at their firms.
Pitching the HR peeps to have me do team trainings, in house talks.
Pitching the fitness chain I worked at to have me create and present trainings for their trainers.
Pitching the trainers to help them get more of the results they wanted.

And on and on.

Just like how, since I was a small kid, I was always selling and coming up with new ways to be seen, I did the same thing here.

And bit by bit, because how could it NOT, and because it was abundantly clear to ME and to everyone else around that everybody should be listening to me, that is precisely what happened.

Also because I did the WORK, yeah?

So when I took my business online, initially just a blog in 2006 to support my in person business, it didn’t take long for me to start seeing the potential of this Internet thing-y, and I just ASSUMED people would listen to me.

WHY WOULD THEY NOT, it was how it was always meant to be, and besides – they just should. lol.

My actions therefore reflected my energy and my expectation.

It was an expectant but also ‘whatever’ energy. I wasn’t attached or needy or desperate at all. Sure, I wanted things to move faster at times, but when I felt that way I just knuckled down more, created more, listened more, kept going.

I had some major money issues through this time, but for whatever reason I was very good at putting that aside when I was in hustle mode. I dealt with that separately and didn’t allow it (except for on the odd occasion) to ‘taint’ my business activities.

Everything kept moving forward because I EXPECTED it too, my energy was that of being an expert and a leader and knowing I knew my shit, and I backed it up with aligned action.

Notably, I also did NOT listen to ‘gurus’ about how to make money online or build an audience.

This was a) because such gurus were not really a thing yet!, and b) I was pretty much head down and butt up just paving my own way, listening, making shit up, throwing it at the wall, and continuing on my merry way.


When I made the shift to branding under just my own name in 2012 or so, I did NOT bring the same confidence, certainty, badassery.

I questioned whether I could really sell anything outside of fitness, or mindset work disguised as fitness at least.

I questioned whether I was good enough, cool enough or knew enough.

I questioned how I could possibly pave my way when nobody knew who I was, and it seemed so hard to try and stand out or be seen!

I questioned EVERYTHING.

As a result of this, and of not knowing what I know now, I basically struggled to make any sort of impact for a year or so. During this time I spent a fortune learning from the best sales and marketing people in the world and trying to ‘do it right’. I certainly learned a lot of great stuff in this time, and had amazing mentors who contributed greatly to me finding who ‘Kat’ really is as a leader, but it was all wrapped up in ‘this is how to sell / get leads / etc / do it right’.

Honestly? It drained my soul. I HATED it. Even though I loved making more money when I really did knuckle down and do endless sales calls and so on. But eventually enough was enough and I just didn’t CARE anymore if selling all day ‘err day on the phone was the ‘road’ to millions.

I opted out.

I reached a ‘fuck this shit’ point, after a very tough personal year during which I was told my rare pregnancy condition might kill me, and I had to live the second half of the pregnancy mainly in hospital, and I realised I just didn’t GIVE a fuck anymore.

I just wanted to write what I wanted, say what I wanted, and people could take it or fuck OFF. I was angry, but really I was angry at myself for buying into an idea that I had to be anything but me, and that I couldn’t make serious money doing what I love.

And so I decided that I would toss ALL ‘rules’ and ‘strategies’ I’d learned and I would just start doing ME.

Around the exact same time, something occurred to me –

What if I just DECIDED to be a leader in the female biz / life success coaching space?

I had the credibility.

I’d been helping people make money in business and be successful as THEM (ha, even if not letting myself be) for years! Well before I ever came online I was doing this.

And I KNEW my message was powerful.

All of a sudden it just became crystal clear to me that it was now just an ENERGY thing. There were a small handful of leaders who everybody sort of ‘looked’ to, and it just hit me that I could just DECIDE that now I was one of ’em!

A switch flicked internally that day. The curtain was lifted. And I admitted to myself that what I’d been trying to do was to figure out how to build the business I one day wanted to have, how to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’, when what I needed to do was to be responsible NOW to the empire I was seeking to create!

If I already had the empire –

If I already had the audience –

If I already had the LEADER status –

If I already had the SALES –

If my business and life and every part of who I myself am was all in alignment with what I wanted it to ‘one day’ be, well, then, I would be responsible, wouldn’t I?!

People would expect to hear from me.
Content, free and paid, that I dreamed of ‘one day’ doing would need to be created, consistently.
Selling would be something I just did and ASSUMED people would buy, because duh, it’s Kat.

I can honestly tell you I never looked back from that moment.

I just changed, in a heartbeat.

I started to act like I ran the damn thing … as it should be 😉

And within 4 weeks and extra 40k came in out of NOWHERE, like magic.

Within 8 months I was doing 80k months, and 10 months later I had my first 100k month.

Now my business consistently does multiple 6-figures per MONTH, multi-millions in revenue per year and has done for years now.

I never looked back, truly.

Yes, I have ups and downs.

Yes, we have lower cashflow months sometimes than others.

Yes, I even have launches completely bomb still from time to time!

I definitely still question myself.

I can’t always see my next steps.

Sometimes I wonder who the fuck I am or if everybody is gonna figure out I’m just making it all up as I go.

Occasionally I get scared it could all fall apart.

And definitely there are days where I feel like everything coming through me is next level boring ass bullshit and I should shut my mouth or I just don’t WANNA!


I do it anyway.
I do it anyway.
I do it ANYWAY.

No, I don’t mean I don’t listen to my soul when I need to step back, or away, deviate.

But no –

I do not allow my BULLSHIT to be bigger than my dreams.

Do you?

I am RESPONSIBLE, still, in this moment, not to the reality of what I think is ‘all’ that is true right now, but instead I am responsible to the empire I am CREATING.

Are you?

And most of all, I show up as the leader who I am and I do my damn job every day, sharing my message and putting my own surface fears and emotions aside. Being who I am at my CORE.


You can continue to work your ass off –

Forever and ever and a day –

You could be the hardest-working little hustler in the room, and follow ALL the dot-joining rules – !

None of this will net you even a single PERCENTAGE point of what is possible when you just say FUCK it I’m going to now be the leader who I am meant to be.


Are you willing to claim it?



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