I took myself on a bike riding date the other day, just me and a set of wheels I borrowed from my hotel in Santa Monica, and an hour or two in the late afternoon sun to cruise back and forth along the esplanade from the Santa Monica pier to the Venice Beach boardwalk.

It was beautiful, it was soul rejuvenating, it was FUN, and it was nearly something I didn’t do because, well, basically I kind of couldn’t be bothered getting off my ass to go on a bike ride JUST FOR FUN AND NO REAL REASON.

“If I was with someone, it would make more sense to do things like afternoon bike rides”, I thought.

But, I went anyway.

As I rode along I felt a little lonely seeing all the couples and groups of friends hanging at cute little beachside cafes and bars, and once again found myself thinking that if I was with someone I’d probably do things like just hang out and chill at a bar in the afternoon. By myself? Meh, I have no problems going places by myself, I regularly take myself to dinner or the movies alone, but I just wasn’t feeling it to go sit and have a drink alone that day and so I kept riding. I thought about how, even though I have a lot of fun in my life and also a lot of self care time, or time out time, it’s rare that I do anything outside of my normal hobbies, activities, and day to day-ness of my business, my fitness, and parenting. It’s pretty rare that I try something new … go somewhere new … embark upon an adventure or outing just with ME. These are the kinds of things you tend to do with somebody else. And I guess in a way the fact that I don’t speaks to the fact that I have created a life I love! So that’s something to be happy about.

But at the same time, I really did enjoy that bike ride SO much that it got me to thinking about why I don’t take more time to just do random spontaneous things. And I had to acknowledge that I definitely think that when I am again in a relationship one day I would probably do those sorts of things more then.

That may be true, however it’s that kind of mindset of essentially WAITING to fully press play, to fully live your life, to fully be you, which can stop you from EVER getting to live the life you want.

If you want to be in an incredible relationship with your soulmate person, have love and intimacy and fun and adventure and all the things just be a part of your day to day, then guess what?

Best you’d be making love and intimacy and fun and adventure and all the things just be a part of your day to day. Like … now! With or without anybody else being part of the picture! If for no other reason than for the fact that if you want to be interesting to others you’re gonna need to start with being interesting to YOU, but also because, well –

You deserve to have those things now.
Those things are available to you now.
And in not CHOOSING them now, you actively are PUSHING AWAY ever getting to a place where you have ’em at all.

After all, how manifestation works, how you get to ANY ‘next level’ place in your life, is through EMBODIMENT. You wanna be the person, BE the person. You wanna be at such and such point, go to such and such point, and do / be / allow / walk away from what would be true if you were already there!

You don’t get ANY place by waiting to be at said place. It’s just not how it works.

When it comes to business and money, this is huge. So many people are out there wondering why they’re not there yet, why money and soulmate fuck yes clients, and offers that just flow, are nowhere to be found, all the while not seeming to realise that every part of who they are screams NOT FUCKING ABUNDANT AND NOT IN TRUST OR RECEIVING.

If you want love … BE in love. Go to a place where you are IN love, within you, and where you are doing / being / trusting / living fully, without any sort of limitation or idea that you can’t ‘until’.

If you want to be in hot as fuck shape, with a body which looks and feels amazing, go to a place where how you move, how you eat, how you take care of yourself, reflects how you would do so if you were there.

And if you want money to flow in rivers like manna from heaven above, then for the love of God start to embody an abundance attitude in every part of how you live.

YEP, this may even mean letting go of your tight-fisted grasp over money, and spending a little, or certainly at LEAST saying yes to what soul would have you do with money rather than saying yes to FEAR, but it’s more than that.

So much more.

It’s the way you hold yourself.

The way you look around.

The way you expect life to show up for you.

The way you BREATHE even.

You either have an air of expecting life to support you and take care of you, and TRUSTING in the reality of abundance or, well, you do not.

Just as you either have an air of EXPECTING your body to work for you, and knowing you are safe to follow what feels right in the moment with food and movement, or, well, you do not.

Just as you either expect love, intimacy, affection, attention, fun and play etc to of COURSE just come along whenever you want ’em, or, well, you do not.

No matter which way you look at it there is NO denying the fact that your outcomes in life reflect your expectations. And you can argue all you like about whether or not it’s fair or whether or not you know how or are ready, but you just won’t become the person you want to be without being the person you want to be!

See, the things you don’t have yet are not there because you’ve not made space for them.

You’ve not made them part of your everyday, your expected and ‘normal’ reality.

And no, this doesn’t technically mean you need to make a list of things like ‘go on bike rides and to cute bars by myself’ or ‘go buy all the things I would buy if I were already rich’, (maybe it does though, sometimes!), it’s more about –

What energy are you putting out there?

Who are you stating and RE stating yourself to be?

And, in a practical sense, what WOULD be different for you right now if you were already there.

Look, I know it’s hard and that when resistance has got you and you just want the damn thing already you feel deflated, contracted, down, and just can’t manage to ‘even’.

But –

You can do it anyway.

You can recode at any time.

And no matter whether you like it or not you ARE ALREADY CHOOSING WHO YOU ARE –

Where you are –

And what you have.


How’s that working out for you, hmmm? And for how much longer would you love to keep waiting to live your damn life?



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